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Referees News 2010

Posted 28th February 2010
Chief Referee's report - Izmir, Turkey February 2010

Overall everything went really well, I retook my theory exam without any problems and Tony Dent was also in attendance at this event.

During the referees briefing on Thursday evening, the chairman of the referees commission for Europe, advised everyone that a new zero tolerance ruling had been brought in regarding alcohol for any official at a European or World event. Anyone found in breach of this will have their qualifications withdrawn, not just at this event but all future ones. Also, we were informed that a strict check of gi's would be carried out by the arbitrator at the beginning of each bout, this was in regards to length of trousers, sleeves and the Gi top. Additionally, a change had been made in regards  to attempted throws, if this manoeuvre is attempted and fails, this is now classed as a category one penalty.

Day 1

Today was really cold in the sports stadium, brass monkey weather! Tony Dent and I both judged Kata, I also refereed and judged Kumite which included refereeing one semi final and two bronze fight offs. We both managed to watch some of the England fights and could hear the strong vocal support they were receiving.

Day 2

Sadly, today was no warmer, but I was feeling a bit better as I was armed with my trusty long johns, Tony was a bit envious! I refereed two semi finals and one bronze fight off, I was not as involved as much today due to there being some really good England perfomances on my area. Tony and I watched some of these bouts with National Coach Wayne Otto OBE, and was impressed by the high standards and results the fighters were achieving.

Day 3

The long johns were in action again! Once again, due to the great performances of the English fighters, I could only referee when an English fighter was not involved in the ensuing matches on my area but, I did  manage to get picked to judge on the bronze final. Tony was also picked to judge on a Kata bronze repecharge event.

There was the referees’ debriefing and the Commission were pleased regarding the small number of injuries at this event, there was no protests received and they were quite pleased with the behaviour of the coaches around the areas. Chico Mbakwe (from Wales) announced that this would be his last championship in Europe or at a World level and everyone stood and gave him a round of applause and he was presented with a framed picture.

Overall a good championships with some excellent results from England.

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