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Referees News 2015

Posted 27th March 2015
Chief Referees Report European Seniors Istanbul March 2015

In attendance Myself, Brian Jarvis, Steve Coupland, Billy Brennan, Ivor Thomas and Peter Bibby

All arrived safely from various different airports for the briefing on the Wednesday night before the competition the next day, and also peter reclying successfully on the kata theory exam. We were allocated to our tatami, but the attendance was high from the European nations, with 40 per area, so there was going to be a lot of sitting and waiting for your turn.

Thursday, individual events. .A long day, with the sections going on longer with the video review in place, plenty of good matches and controversy in the 2nd to last match on the day, "which I was the Referee ", between Russia and Turkey. .A protest was put in, but was thrown out by the referees appeals jury, as everything was in accordance with the rules

Friday Team events..Peter got his first chance to referee at a European championships . We seem to forget to referee at a major european championships is such honor and means alot, but is also a nerve racking experience, but he aquitted himself well..well done!!

All the English officials were involved in matches in various roles as referees or judges

Friday's night briefing and selections for finals

Billy took his role as commentor for Wkf live stream tv , this role should not be underestimated, as it's screened globally

The top 30 referees are only picked for the finals over the Saturday and Sunday , which I was included in

I was lucky to judge on 2 bronze medals kumite finals, and arbitrate on one final, and judge on 2 more finals before I refereed the women's under 55kg final between Austria and france. Earlier in my report I mentioned the video review, but in this match it came into its own, because there was a fast kick on my side, with one judge support , video card was issued by the coach, it was reviewed by the panel, "Yes", and the 3 points being given, thus being the winning score in the match to the Austrian competitor

Finals were finished late Sunday afternoon, so a trip into Istanbul centre to see some sights and a meal before the early start back home Monday morning

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

Dale Gamble, Brian Jarvis, Steve Coupland, Billy Brennan,  Ivor  Thomas  and Peter Bibby Istanbul 2015

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