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Referees News 2015

Posted 20th November 2015
Chief Referees Report: World Junior and cadet Championships Jakarta

In attendance : Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan and Gary Hoyle

Approximately a week before the tournament begins, Gary attended the referees/Judges examination course, with the the aim of gaining a qualification. I am pleased to announce that Gary was passed to Kumite judge B. He now joins myself, Billy and Brian Noble with a World qualification from England. Well done Gary, all the hard work has paid off!!

After along journey and watching several movies on the plane[twice], myself and Billy arrived in Jakarta. There are a few rules to learn The first being, traffic, driving ,cars and scooters..there are no rules..lol.

I recycled the kumite exam, and then we attended the referees briefing and we were allocated our areas and groups which seemed to take an age.

Day 1 of the championships

There seemed to be a good atmosphere with all the different nations being in attendance. Myself and Billy were put forward for finals, but there seemed to be a lot of confusion as the majority of referees A's were around the final area, trying to find out if they had been selected. We diplomatically took a step back from this and let them get on with it.

Day 2

We were all involved on our respective areas , with myself refereeing a semi final and a 3rd place. At the end of the day Billy refereed one final and judged on another.

Rule 2 started..make sure you are close to the rest rooms...lol.

Day 3

Another busy day , We we all involved in crucial bouts , semi finals and 3rd placed bouts. Billy got to Judge on another final..well done.

We then attended the de-brief and slight rule changes for 2016 were mentioned [and will be talked through on next years referees courses] Gary collected his certificate from World Chief Referee Roland Lowinger [picture below].

Day 4 Last day of the championship

Only myself involved on the tatamis, Billy area was closed all day and Gary did not get selected to Judge on his area. The guys sat all day in waiting in hope to Referee, Judge or score keep, but to no avail.

New would be candidates from England next year or in the future will have to prepare for this as this happens sometimes.

Still on day 4, journey home and 24hrs later and on reflection , what a great result and fantastic achievement Gary , which makes up for the disappointment back in June at the regions in Paris and for the referee department this year in general in Europe or the world"s it has been very successful.

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

Gary collected his certificate from World Chef referee Roland Lowinger

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