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Referees News 2015

Posted 18th June 2015
Baku European Olympic Games June 2015 Report

Well... Karate took one step further to getting into the full Olympics by being showcased in the 1st European Olympic games in Baku.

I had the privilege of being selected in the 20 European Officials from Europe representing England and GB to referee at the championships over the 2 days.

When we arrived we had our new uniforms made to measure for the occasion, very smart indeed...

Baku 2015

Day 1

The Referees were split over 2 tatamis, with the kumite groups on each area , with each weight section competitor having 3 fight to determine who the group winners were. Each match was like a final, with 3,000 spectators and TV coverage, the pressure was eminence.

For the semi finals and finals it was cut down to 1 area. I refereed semi finals, bronze finals and judged on finals.

Day 2

Same again, but Kata was on first , then more of the kumite sections later, then again with the finals in the afternoon, where i judged, refereed kumite semi finals, judged on kumite finals, the Ladies Kata final and both the bronze medal mens finals.

It was well organised, ran smoothly and I hoped this came across on T.V.

My only regret is that there was no GB/ England competitors there to compete.

Hopefully, in 4 years time, it is not only me that experiences what the Olympic atmosphere feels like.

I sincerely hope that Karate gets what it deserves and gets into the 2020 games and hopefully my small contribution goes towards that dream.

Baku 2015

Baku 2015

Baku 2015

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

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