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Referees News 2015

Posted 18th June 2015
European Regionals Paris Exams - June 2015 Report

I am pleased to announce that from the recent European regional championships and exams that we have 3 more European referees, qualified to B level, Brian Jarvis, Tony Dent and Nigel Blood. Passed up to Referee A was Peter Bibby, which makes him a karate Referee in Europe a fantastic achievement and joins Brian Noble, Billy Brennan, Steve Coupland, Vince Parker and myself. Unfortunately not everyone passed and proves how difficult it is to achieve a European qualifications even with the amount of commitment the English candidate's put in. There were not many passes this year in Paris ,so I am over joyed with 4 referee passes, because some countries did not get any. I was there at the championships in a Tatami role and it was good to see the English candidates standing out on the tatamis.

European Regionals Paris Exams - June 2015

However, we do not rest on our laurels, and with this year's and next year's referees program, we will be pushing for even better standards at home and in Europe, with the view of bringing more new candidates through the system.

Again well done to the 4 who have passed and your hard work, time,and investment has paid off.

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

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