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Referees News 2014

Posted 17th November 2014
Chief Referee's Report World Senior Championships Bremen, Germany 2014

Myself, Brian Noble and Billy Brennan attended the World Senior Championships at Bremen, Germany. All three of us have retained our qualifications for another three years,we then attended the referees briefing which was followed by the referees awards which were presented by the president of the WKF.

Chief Referee's Report World Senior Championships Bremen, Germany 2014

To our surprise and delight Doug James was awarded his certificate of appreciation in recognition of 20 years of excellence in refereeing and loyal dedication to the growth and development of the WKF. As Doug was not in attendance himself I felt deeply honored to have accepted this award on his behalf as Doug was my mentor and I would not be where I am today without him. I feel very proud that I will be able to present this award myself to Doug at the National Championships in April 2015.

At the championships all three of us were involved in a lot of crucial matches, and as usual these events have very long days with the first day having a 23:35 finish, the use of T.V replays for the first time at a World Championship seemed to exasperate this fact, with cards being used for tactical reasons as well as for points not scored. During the debriefing we were informed of some new rule changes for 2015 which I will be briefing out as soon as possible.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

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