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Referees News 2013

Posted 13th March 2013
Chief Referee's Report from the Premier League Championships Dordrecht, Netherlands. 9th/10th March.

Brian Noble, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Donna Marshall, Brian Jarvis, Gary Hoyle, Nigel Blood, Paul Gunn, Steve Coupland

In attendance and photograph order left to right: Brian Noble, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Donna Marshall, Brian Jarvis, Gary Hoyle, Nigel Blood, Paul Gunn, Steve Coupland.

A strong attendance at this years WKF Premier league championships in Dordrecht, Holland, from the Referees department. The day started at 8am with a Referees briefing by the Wkf Chief Referee Roland Lowinger , this involved a explanation of the new kata rules and advise for Judges in a kumite match, the role and support

Areas were allocated, with myself being put in the role of tatami chief, and on the appeals Jury and also Brian Noble being made to assistant tatami chief on area 5.

The day went fast, with all the England referees acquitting themselves with flying colours, all getting crucial matches in kata and kumite..also on my area it was good to see Emma Lucraft, coming though the Kata rounds, and making the finals.

The finals did not start until 9pm...with myself, Steve, Gary, Tony, and the two Brian"s all getting Finals both in kata and kumite...and also watching Emma winning the Kata final... well done!!.. finish time 10.30pm... what a long day.. but enjoyable
Day 2, start time 9am , and a move around of tatami chiefs, kumite only.

Today the new officials were given the chance to referee, this gave Donna, which was her first WKF premier event, the chance to show her skills, always a hard task in front of other international officials , but was handled well by Donna. Nigel and Tony were on my area and again both proving that they could handle any situation that arrived. I did not see Paul, Gary,Steve and Brian Jarvis, but must have done a good Job also because they got picked for more finals along with Brian Noble. Brian also got picked to referee a invitation match between Holland and Argentina, Holland went on to win.

Finish time 3.30pm

A very positive Job done by the English officials and much needed preparation not only for the European championships in Budapest , but also for the Referees taking exams at the regions in June.

Dale Gamble
Chief referee

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