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Referees News 2013

Posted 12th June 2013
Chief Referee's Report 11th European Karate Championships for Regions Montenegro

In attendance: Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Peter Bibby, Tony Dent, Gary Hoyle, Brian jarvis, Paul Gunn and Nigel Blood

In attendance: Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Peter Bibby, Tony Dent, Gary Hoyle, Brian jarvis, Paul Gunn and Nigel Blood

Day 1 Wednesday

All arrived at different times during the day/evening for our nights stay in Cavtat, Croatia.

Day 2 Thursday

Taxi mini bus arrived to pick the 8 of us up to travel across the border into Montenegro to our next hotel in Herceg Novi
The 6 candidates then registered and paid their fees at the HQ hotel, which took several hours with a total from european countries of 133 taking Kumite and 56 taking Kata were allocated their respective numbers for the forth coming exams that night and the next few days.

Nigel, Paul, Peter, Tony were taking Kumite qualifications , with Gary and Brian taking both kumite and kata. Billy was told he would be part of the examination board / commission for the weekend.

11th European Karate Championships for Regions Montenegro

Day 3 Friday

Early morning the theory exams for both kata and kumite were held, and then the practical part of the kata examination commenced , followed by the kumite practice early evening, then into the referees briefing for the next days allocation for the competition. I once again was on the appeals jury and tatami chief on area 5.

Day 4 Saturday

Competition starts and all the England officials took up there respective areas , ready for the practical part of the examination.
Looking from my area the England "boys", looked sharp and precise and in control, "but you never know".

After a long day , it was back to a de-briefing , and the finals were allocated, with me being involved in 5 out of the 8 , with Billy being the tatami chief and also me his assistance.

Day 5 Sunday - Finals and result day

With the results not being given until1pm, We kept the England officials busy with involvement in the finals by doing the tasks of checking Gi"s, accreditation's, keeping coaches and competitors organised.

Then the wait was over for the Results to be given.

New candidates Nigel and Paul ...passed to Kumite Judge B, Gary to Kata Judge A, Tony and Peter Kumite Judge A, and Brian passed to Kumite Judge A and Kata Judge A.

Fantastic result, and what a team!!

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