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Referees News 2015

Posted 10th February 2015
Chief Referee's Report Junior, Cadets and under 21 year old European championships Zurich

in attendance : Dale Gamble, Nigel Blood, Billy Brennan, Gary Hoyle, Tony Dent and Donna Marshall

We arrived safely at Zurich airport on the Thursday and after taking various buses , trams, trains etc., we went to the head Quarters hotel to attend the briefing, prior to that myself and Tony , did the theory exams for kata and kumite as part of of our "recyle" every 2 years. In the briefing before the competition the coaches attend as well as the referees., A presentation was given by the European chief referee , with all the changes explained not only about the kumite,i.e. grabbing, pushing, ties etc., but also on the changes to katas i.e. excessive breathing and slapping, styles [all of this will be implemented at Ekf courses and at the nationals in April]

To my surprise I was on the referees list as tatami Manager for this championship and Billy was put on the appeals Jury, Gary, Tony , Donna and Nigel were allocated to their receptive areas

Friday: Kata was first and "their seemed to be no confusion over the new bowing rules",thankfully!! The kumite then followed in the afternoon, and then the finals later. Myself and Billy were put forward , with Billy doing 5 and myself doing 4, and in between watching the 2 finalist from England, it was a long day starting at 8.30am and not finishing until 9pm

Saturday: Team Katas , followed by the kumite, again Billy doing 4 finals and myself 3, then the briefing which the topic was the contact and the awards of the referees pins, the return of the reverse punch and better cleaner fights

Sunday: kumite for the under 21yr olds and again myself and Billy getting picked for finals, which made our total up to 20..fantastic!!

In reflection all England officials went about there duties , no matter what task was asked in a professional manner conducted and acquitted themselves well

Monday : home first thing!!

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

in attendance : Dale Gamble, Nigel Blood, Billy Brennan, Gary Hoyle, Tony Dent and Donna Marshall

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