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Referees News 2014

Posted 7th May 2014
Chief Referees report European Championships Tampere Finland

Chief Referees report European Championships Tampere Finland

30th April to 4th May in attendance Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Vince Parker, Gary Hoyle and Tony Dent.

Wednesday - Referees Briefing

Main topic of conversation was the introduction of video review for points for kumite, which would be used on each area during the championships, with the coaches being given a red or blue card, and if the coaches thought there was a score missed they could appeal the decision, if successful they retained the card, if not then it was taken away and only introduced for the finals.

Elections were being held for the Referees commission , and we had nominated and put forward Billy Brennan as our candidate from England. Unfortunately he just missed out on the 3 places that were available and came 4th.

Thursday - 1st day of the competition ind. events

The first thing that struct us about the venue was that it was cold, with most of the time having to wear our coats to keep warm especially sat judging the Kata events, but warmed up later with the kumite sections.

The video review did put extra time onto the day and each section as the bouts were stopped many times and although I welcome the idea, of the system a lot of cards were used simply just to be used and were rejected. We all had turns at the tables and learned how to use the technology.

Friday - Team kata and team kumite

Only Referees were used on this day for kumite, Tony Dent and Gary Hoyle concentrated on the Video / lap tops and were selected as the Video annalist operators for the Medal reviews for the next 2 days.

Saturday and Sunday - medal finals

Billy went to do the commentary for the TV company You Tube and WKF, and I got selected for 8 finals.

It was good to see England winning a gold medal with Jordan Thomas"s fine effort in his kumite event...well done!! from the referees dept.

Highlight of my day on Saturday was judging on the Mens kata final , a 3 to 2 split from the judging panel, with me in the 2, voting for the Spanish contestant

Sunday , there was some good bunkai from the Kata teams and a terrific kumite Mens final to finish the competition off.

Although we were disappointed about the result for the elections , we went about at the championships professionally and acquitted our-self's on any tasks that we were given, showing great team work from the English Referees dept.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

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