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Referees News 2010

Posted 5th June 2010
8th European Regional Team Championships - Warsaw 27th - 30th May

Attendance; Dale Gamble, Brian Noble, Terry Pottage, Peter Bibby, Ivor Thomas, Steve Coupland

8th European Regional Team Championships - Warsaw 27th - 30th May

This is the only chance for prospective candidates to take exams in Europe either moving up qualifications of just starting out, the candidates were myself going for Kata judge A, Peter Bibby going for Kata judge B and Kumite Judge B, Steve Coupland going for Kumite referee A and Ivor Thomas going for Kumite ref B. After registering on Thursday afternoon which took 3 hours and our wallets 250 Euros lighter per exam ,we went to the theory briefing which took a further 3 hours.

Friday morning theory papers for Kumite and Kata were passed successfully by all of us, myself and Peter then went to the Kata practice which involved Kata been taught by the European commission members including our own EKF commission member Terry Pottage, who showed Annan. Then later that afternoon the practical exams began, we were joined by Rab McQueen from Scotland who was there to take his Kata judge B. Myself, Peter and Rab had to perform two Katas each one from our own style and one from another, answer all aspects of questions relating to the two katas and general kata judging.

We went to the referees briefing that night were we met up with the others and Brian was informed he was part of the appeals jury for the competition the next day.

At the competition Kata teams were on first and myself and Peter were involved in judging these as part of our exam. To mine and Brian's great delight we were selected to be in charge of an area a piece as match controllers. Peter, Steve and Ivor were on the other areas doing their practical examinations. The competition went well with teams from all over Europe competing.

8th European Regional Team Championships - Warsaw 27th - 30th May Sunday
This is finals day and English officials were involved again, Brian judged on the womens team kata and Steve on the men's team kata finals. Brian was again part of two more finals, the womens junior cadet teams and womens senior team and was a referee on the deciding bouts on both occasions. I was part of the refereeing panel for the men's final between France and Turkey and I was the referee for a quite exciting 2nd bout with a winning jodan kick from France
This could be the last occasion any of us referee a final in this format, due to the new rules that come in effect in November regarding refereeing/ corner judging.

Crunch time - exam results;

  • Peter Bibby passed up to Kata Judge B
  • Steve Coupland passed up to Kumite Referee A and is now a Karate Referee in Europe
  • I was passed to Kata Judge A so I am now a Karate Referee in Europe
  • Ivor unfortunately did not get through but retained his qualification as Kumite Judge A for a further 3 years
    [ Rab from scotland passed to Kata Judge B ]

All in all this was good championship with good exam results for England and everything went well, the same can't be said for my journey home due to Warsaw airport being closed because of thunder storms , I missed my connecting flight in wroclaw which resulted in me staying overnight in a hotel and getting another flight home on monday.

Dale Gamble
EKF chief referee

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