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Referees News 2013

Posted 4th December 2013
Chief Referee's end of the year message

It’s that time of year when I put a few words together.

Most, if not all would have read the reports that were published on the web site of the various competitions and courses, but here is a brief summary.

At the beginning of the year I formed the Referees commission, introduced the Referees book of attendance, which all have worked well, and would like to thank Vince Parker, Billy Brennan and Brian Noble for there input and help

I must thank Peter Bibby, for his contribution with the records and is at the moment trying to compile the Referees start dates etc., [work in progress].

A special mention my colleague Tony Dent, for his contribution, hard work and many motorway miles to the EKF courses and competitions. This year we also gained in the Referee dept. two more international officials, Paul Gunn and Nigel Blood and everyone who attempted an examination in Europe all moved up a qualification. At international level we now have a strong presence, and we regularly get selected for finals.

BKF’s, I must say what a fantastic commitment from the English dept, for all that attended this years marathon events thank you! and well done!, it’s down to us that as a department, these are a success.

Tatami chiefs and long serving Referees, do not under estimate your contribution, sometimes not everyone gets the the opportunity to gain international qualifications , but please take pride in the team work and the bringing through the new officials and setting an example.

For 2014, looking forward, I still believe we need to work harder and attend more Kata courses, just like we do at kumite!! You will note on the attached Referees listings that the Elite stars have gone and been replaced by stars for "Karate Referee", you have to gain Kumite Referee A and Kata Judge A, to be classed as this, and in order to be a Tatami Chief you will need to be a "Karate Referee". Also, please remember to register for events and if you are unsure check the web site for details.

For me personally, Refereeing in 2013 at the Europeans and Worlds has been a good year and watching the referees dept. grow in England to over 80 officials is very satisfying, and once again I cannot do this without you all.

Also a thank you to the EKF board for there continued support.

Dale Gamble
EKF / BKF Chief Referee

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