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Referees News 2011

Posted 2nd December 2011
Chief Referee's end of year report, 2011

Just to inform anyone who doesn't already know I have been retained as the EKF Chief Referee for a further 12 months, I hope this doesn't disappoint too many people!

Please note the list of referee's qualifications and expiry date lists that have been updated to the year end, 2012 referees program and version 7.1 WKF rules. Just a reminder to keep you eye on your qualification expiry dates as there are quite a few in 2012.

2012 looks like its going to be a exiting and challenging year, we have all the new rule changes which I want to have in place for the National Championships in April, before that we have the kyu grade competition in Sheffield. Please can you pre register for the kyu grade competition by return of email. The first kumite course is on Sunday 29th January in Barnsley.

Although I am pleased with how things are progressing in general, attendance could be better at courses especially kata and pre registration for championships need to be more prompt.

The refereeing program has changed in regards to judge 'b' in kata which will now be a monitored assessment at kata courses and competitions, with no practical kata examination at courses, judge 'a' requirement stays the same.

The English championships held in Sheffield this year was very successful, we had all WKF sections, timings and repecharge and even finals at the end of the two days, I would like to thank Paul Campbell for his hard work in running this event. It is also good to get your name mentioned so here are a few people I have picked out who have greatly contributed to this years referees program; Harold Stephenson, Richard Burridge, Nigel Blood, Tracey Archer, Steve Coupland, Brian Noble,Jonathan Mottram, Peter Bibby and Tony Dent with the latter two gaining European qualifications. As always my thanks go to anyone who has contributed in any way this year.

As another year draws to a close let me take the opportunity to wish you and all your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I will see you all in January when the next roadshow begins!

Dale Gamble
Chief referee

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