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Referees News 2011

Posted 2nd November 2011
Referees Report - Kata Course - Barnsley 29th October 2011

Instructors - Dale Gamble and Jonathan Mottram

We implemented a new format at this course, this entailed officials working closely with the National Kata Squad and the National Kata Coach Jonathan Mottram.

Referees Report - Kata Course - Barnsley 29th October 2011

We started at 10:30 with the officials doing a theory and answer session, the facilities in Barnsley allowed us to look closely at Kata videos enabling us to pause, rewind and discuss things in great detail.

I then addressed the Kata squad and discussed with them what Kata judges were looking for when judging at competitions, ie stances, positions and movement etc. The officials then joined the Kata squad who performed various Katas enabling us to judge them, this meant feedback could be given to the officials but also to the Kata squad coach enabling everyone to benefit.

Finally all officials donned their karate gi's and Jonathan took us through broken down elements of four katas, as these included Katas of different styles it enabled everyone to gain hands on knowledge and experience them from a different point of view, thus widening everyones knowledge base.

The feedback we received was fantastic, everyone said how well it had gone and that they had really enjoyed it and no one had noticed how quickly the time had gone as we ended up finishing at 17:30!.

Dale Gamble
Chief referee

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