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Referees News 2018

Posted 29th November 2018
Chief Referee's Report World Championships, Madrid 2018

In attendance at the recent Senior world Championships as pictured is Gary Hoyle, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Nariman Jeddi and Peter Bibby (below).

It was a very successful championships for the English Referees dept.

With myself, Billy and Gary retaining our current qualifications, and with the upgrades after a week long process of exams before the championships started. Peter passed to Referee B, Nariman passed to referee B and Tony passed to kumite Judge A. So 3 brand new world passes at the world championships, fantastic! result Well done, hard work pays off!

There was a lot of Referees attending this Championships, so there was 3 shifts a day for each group across 5 Areas for the week long tournament. At the briefing the 2019 rules were disscussed and I will be putting them into the courses for 2019.

I was chosen as one of the Tatami Managers for the week [so no shift rest for Me...straight 8ams to 9pms for me..lol]

Peter and Nariman got there first experience at refereeing at a World championship event, well done guys.

The English referees were featured in a lot of matches.

As the championships started I developed a heavy Cold , which resulted in me loosing my voice[some might say that is a good thing..lol], but still managed to get selected in the final 30 for Kata and Kumite for the Finals. The 30 are fed into a computer which then chooses a random 20. I missed out on the Judgement, but was required to do other jobs, coach supervisor and then making sure every competitor was dressed according to the rules, i.e. with the right equipment and gi"s etc. for the live finals, which some might know that Billy commentates on for the WKF.

What I learn't for this championship is no matter what job you get, you embrace it,apply it to the best of your ability, because each small job contributes to make for a successful championships.

Dale Gamble
EKF Chief Referee

K1 Premier League

Posted 17th May 2018
Chief Referee's Report European senior Championships Novi sad Serbia

One Gold, One Silver and Two Bronze

In attendance at championships: Steve Coupland, Nigel Blood, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Ivor Thomas and Brian Jarvis and Peter Bibby

Steve Coupland, Nigel Blood, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Ivor Thomas and Brian Jarvis and Peter Bibby

A full team of English referees representing the English Karate Federation at the European Senior Championships

Day One [ day before the competition ]

I was informed prior to the championships that I would be on the appeals jury [no.3], which means you are the first one at the competition and last one to leave each day, just in case there is any protests at the competition throughout the weekend.

I attended the Tatami Managers/appeals meeting, were there were a few alterations to rules , again to be used at the competition the next day. Tony, Peter, and Steve later that evening had to re-sit the the theory exams , which is every 3 years [all passed], in order to officiate at the championships. We all then attended the referees briefing later that night and were allocated our Areas 1-4.

Day 2 [first day of the competition]

Kata on first thing , then ind. kumite. All Referees involved. No issues from our team and each referee from England were involved in crucial matches. It was a long day 8am to 9pm and very hot in the stadium.

Day 3

Again back in early for the Teams and also the Para karate sections, which Peter Bibby was selected to officiate. That night , there was the de-brief on the competition so far and then attendance pins were awarded to referees who have officiated over a period of time at the European championships.

10 years service : Bronze ...Tony Dent and Ivor Thomas

15 years service : Silver.......Steve Coupland

20 years service : Gold........Dale Gamble

Well done !, not only to survive and keep your licence, but also keep at the standard required at European level, and self financing for most of all those years as well. The selections for the Medal finals were announced , where the top 32 are selected from 4 areas [8 on each tatami], these are then fed in to the computer and 20 are selected to referee and Judge the finals. I was selected in the 20. Peter Bibby was selected again to be part of the para finals.

Steve Coupland, Nigel Blood, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan, Ivor Thomas and Brian Jarvis and Peter Bibby

Day 4

First day of medal bouts and Finals

These are all televised and commentated by Billy Brennan, with Billy sacrificing "Mat time" with a effort to collate results, information and preparation for the viewers. I was involved in a lot of matches and was the referee in a "fight off" for the Womens team event, a very exciting affair. Peter Judged on the para kata events, which is very humbling to watch, especially when one of the competitors who was blind performed unsu, with the jump. Amazing.

Again another long day though, and Hot!

Day 5

Last day of the finals

My highlight was that I was selected for both the women's and Mens Team kata finals and also the Mens Team Kumite Match. Peter Judged on the wheelchair kata finals. As a "Team" we conducted ourselves with professionalism and did any task that was asked of us throughout the 6 days with the right attitude and enthusiasm.

Dale Gamble, Chief Referee

Posted 9th April 2018
Chief Referee's Report Rabat Premier League Championships

The English Referees dept. were involved in the competition from Friday to Sunday, along with the top competitors and referees of the world.

The competition attendance for Tony and myself was cut short because of the cancellation of Air France flights, and then a 3 hr trip, (a day early) to casablanca airport to fly via Spain and back home. "it all glamour being a ref'.

Good news is that nariman,gary and Billy have qualified for the world championships, myself, Tony and Peter Bibby have one more to go, China and Chile later in the year.

K1 Premier League

Above: In attendance at the Rabat Premier League Championships: Billy Brennan, Tony dent, nariman Jeddi, Gary Hoyle and myself Dale Gamble. Unfortunately Billy is not on the photo.

Dale Gamble, Chief Referee

Posted 19th February 2018
World Class Referess make the grade again.

Two of Englands long standing referees, Tony Dent and Peter Bibby passed to world kata judge B"s in Dubai at the K1 Premier League

The WKF examinations took place prior to the championships. A fantastic achievement, giving the EKF 5 officials with Kata qualifications in the world. Well done and congratulations! Kata or any qualification is not easy to attain at world level. So far this year, the referees department has had good results, and hopefully more to come at the end of the year at the Senior World Championships in Madrid.

Also attending the championships, and pictured along with myself is Billy Brennan, Nariman Jeddi and Gary Hoyle.

K1 Premier League

K1 Premier League

It was one of the most well attended championships in terms of referees, over 400, "I've never seen as many!" but we still featured in many of the matches and pool finals. I was nominated from area as one of the 8 officials for the final selections, but did not get selected as the computer system randomly picks the final 20 officals.

Dale Gamble, Chief Referee

Posted 12th February 2018
Great news for the EKF Referee's Department

Robert Lamb [pictured below on the left] After spending a week of examinations and being monitored at the championships in European in Sochi Russia, passed to European kumite Judge B.

Well done Robert ! your hard work and years of dedication have paid off.

It was a very busy European championship for the English Referees, with Gary Hoyle and Nariman Jeddi involved with many important matches, I myself being selected for 14 finals. It"s been a good start of the year for the English referees dept and myself. This year, we have already had the Paris open and now the European Juniors, and it"s going to get busier with Dubai, Salzsburg and the Moroccan championships coming up soon, all of which are part of the qualification process to attend the world championships at the end of the year. Rules are changing fast, and image is key.

Posted 30th January 2018
Paris K1 Premier League 2018

Referees in attendance at the Paris premier league:
Peter Bibby, Gary Hoyle, Billy Brennan, tony dent, nariman Jessi and EKF chief refereee Dale Gamble

Peter Bibby, Gary Hoyle, Billy Brennan, tony dent, nariman Jessi and EKF chief refereee Dale Gamble

Working the Friday, Saturday and Sunday at championships using the new rules for Kata and kumite, the referees from England, we're used in many important matches resulting in many bronze medal and gold medal finals at the end of the championships.

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