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Referees News 2017

Posted 28th September 2017
Referee et al Training Program 2018 updated

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Chief Referees Report: European Regional Championships Kosovo 2017Posted 7th June 2017
Chief Referees Report: European Regional Championships Kosovo 2017
Outstanding results for EKF Referees in Kosovo. Referees from the EKF flew out to Kosovo where the European Regional Championships were being held. Read more »

Posted 10th March 2017
Coaches at EKF Nationals 2017
There will be a cap of 3 free coaches passes per association [30 entries]. If more accredited Coaches want coach, then they can, but would have to pay the spectator entry fee.

Only accredited Coaches and competitors, will be allowed in the area set aside for them, no coaches will be allowed around the areas until there competitor is on the area, or waiting there next turn in the seats provided next to the areas.

Coach Registration: All coaches must register on-line via Sportdata before the closing date in order to. Only coaches who are NGB accredited and registered via SportData will be permitted in the competition/tatami area. Coach to Competitor ratio is 1 coach to 10 competitors.

Chief Referees Report: European Junior Championships in Sofia February 2017Posted 27th February 2017
Chief Referees Report: European Junior Championships in Sofia February 2017
On arrival we attended the Referees briefing, at which point I was told I would be a Area Tatami Manager at the championships, which would involve using the new referees computer selection system. Read more »

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