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News 2016

Posted 23rd December 2016
Linz, Austria Documentary Video

I am pleased to inform you that a documentary video on the past Karate World Championships held in Linz, Austria, will be published from Thursday, December 29 on the WKF YouTube channel. This documentary, which is 30 minutes long has been elaborated by our production company, and will be broadcast on the platform of the Olympic Channel, in this link:


I think it is an excellent opportunity to show the magnitude of our flagship event as well as to demonstrate the excitement and spectacularity of our sport. I am sure that you will enjoy this documentary, and that you will contribute to the extent of your possibilities to spread this excellent news so that all the Karate fans in your country get to know this outstanding product.

Antonio Espinós, WKF President

Posted 7th December 2016
WKF karate to be included in 2018 Youth Olympic Program

The International Olympic Committee Executive Board agreed today to add Karate to the sports programme of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The decision represents yet another ground-breaking moment for the ancient discipline after its inclusion in the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which was confirmed by the 129th IOC Session in August. Read more on WKF website »

Posted 17th November 2016
EKF HOD Contact Details check

Could all Heads of associations in membership with the EKF ensure that their contact details are correct. If there has been any changes please advise the registration officer accordingly registration@englishkaratefederation.com

Please also ensure association and or club listing on the EKF website is correct, any changes to listed details please send in a word document to admin@englishkaratefederation.com

Dave InmanPosted 30th October 2016
David Inman is now part of the World Karate Federation Medical Commission

Congratulations to Dave Inman who was presented with a certificate.

Read more »

Posted 25th August 2016
WKF Statement: Karate The New Landscape

Read full WKF announcement »

Posted 7th August 2016
WKF Statement: Karate and the new landscape as an Olympic Sport

Read full WKF announcement »

Posted 3rd August 2016
Historic Decision: Karate in the Olympic Games

To all EKF members:

Karate has finally been accepted into the Olympic Games for Tokyo 2020. I am sure you will join me in thanking everybody concerned for their efforts in achieving this recognition.
Michael Billman, EKF President

Read full WKF announcement »

Posted 27th July 2016
New EKF Board Directors

The EKF held an AGM on 23/7/16. The following persons were elected to the board of the EKF 2016-2018:

  • Peter Consterdine (Vice President)
  • Chris Thompson (director)
  • David Wilson (director)
  • Anthony Kirby (director)
  • Billy Brennan (director)
  • Paul Simmonds (director)
  • Ivor Thomas (director)
  • Steve Coupland (director)
  • Greg Francis (director)

Posted 25th July 2016
The EKF Kyu Grade Championships 2017 Entry Details

The EKF Kyu Grade championships will once again take place in Sheffield on the 15/1/17. To enter this event entries must be made via sport data via the link below.


Further information for this event can be found on the calendar by clicking here.

Posted 18th July 2016
New Team Kata U21 event added to WKF events.

Please click here for more details on updated categories that the EKF Executive Committee has approved.  

The inclusion of the new team kata category for U21s is to be included at the next European Championships in 2017 in Bulgaria.

Posted 15th July 2016

As you surely know, last year the WKF was recognised by the International Paralympic Committee. In the frame of this recognition and working towards the development of Karate for persons with disabilities, we have changed the name “Karate for Persons with Disabilities” to “Para-Karate”.

The reason for this change is that not only other sports use this terminology, but this is a term that is used and protected in over 200 countries according to a cooperation between the IPC and the IOC and as a result it will be only allowed to the member organisations to use the said term “Para”.

Trusting that the name “Para-Karate” will increase the awareness of this competition category and enhance our positive image it substitutes with immediate effect the name “Karate for persons with disabilities”.

Best regards,

Antonio Espinós Ortueta
WKF President

Posted 4th July 2016
Payments to EKF

Please note as of 1st July the EKF will not be accepting payments made by cheque. 

Please could all payments be made either by bank deposit or BACS transfer via
Lloyds Bank
English Karate Federation Ltd
Sort 30-18-88
ACC 44753268

Posted 1st June 2016
IOC Press Release on Tokyo 2020

The President Of the EKF Mr Michael Billman would like to share the following good news regarding Tokyo 2020, which was received from Mr Espinos President of the WKF

I have the pleasure to send you the Press Release published by the IOC announcing the support of the Executive Board to the proposal to include Karate in the programme of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. This announcement represents great news for our Federation and for our sport.


Antonio Espinós Ortueta
WKF President

Posted 30th May 2016
Company Secretary Update

David Wilson has been co-opted onto the EKF Board as Company Secretary due to Sarah Knight having to step down for personal reasons. David is highly qualified in business and also in the legal profession and we look forward to working together. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for all her help over the last few years.

Posted 26th May 2016
WKF Statement on Olympic Qualification Process

Ahead of the decision to be taken by the International Olympic Committee about the inclusion of Karate in the Olympic programme of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the WKF manifests its policy of open doors for all Karatekas worldwide to participate in the Olympic qualification process.

Read full article here http://www.wkf.net/news-center-new/wkf-statement-on-olympic-qualification-process/279/

Posted 11th April 2016
EKF website improvements, online training registration and squad session payments.

Please read this for important updates to our website Read more

Posted 28th January 2016
Junior Europeans 2016 - Cyprus

The Delegation depart for Cyprus on Tuesday for the Junior Europeans. The EKF would like to wish the Athletes, Referees,  Coach's & staff the very best of luck for these championships. Instant updates should be available via the sports data RSS feed.  We hope to bring you updates via the EKF Facbook & website.

Posted 25th January 2016
WKF confident of Tokyo 2020 inclusion after IOC visit Paris Open
International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Frankie Fredericks and project manager Ansley O’Neal “have seen a good picture of our sport”, World Karate Federation (WKF) President Antonio Espinós has claimed after the pair conducted a visit to the Paris Open here this weekend. Read more

Posted 21st January 2016
To: All COACHES Karate 1 – Premier League Paris, January 22‐24, 2016
According to the WKF Coach License Manual uploaded on the WKF website:
http://www.wkf.net/ksport‐rules‐regulations.php , it is an indispensable requirement to have the “WKF ACCREDITED COACH” certification to be registered as a coach in the Karate 1‐ Premier League events. Read more

Posted 18th January 2016
Essex is now part of the Southern Region
As from the 1st January 1st 2016, the County of Essex is now part of the Southern Region. Athletes residing in Essex, who have been participating with the Midland region, now form part of the Southern Region and attend Southern Regional Sessions.

Posted 7th January 2016
WKF Approved Brands Sport Protections 2016-2019

Please click here for a letter from Mr. Espinós (WKF President) in regards to the WKF approved sport protections for the 2016-2019 term.

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