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News 2009

Posted 6th November 2009
EKF National Tournament Organiser Position Advertised

Applications are invited for the position of EKF Tournament Organiser.

Posted 2nd November 2009
British International Open championships 2010

After the success of the official BKF championships this year, the BKF have decided to hold an official WKF sanctioned British International Open championships. The date of these championships will be 10-11 July 2010 and the venue will be the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. All World Karate Federations members will be sent official invitations to this prestigious event. For further information please go to www.britishkatatefederation.gb.com

Posted 26th October 2009
EKF Chief Referee Position Advertised

The EKF invite applications for the position of Chief Referee.

Posted 6th October 2009
Sport England Application

EKF members

For your information Sport England has recently published new guidelines for recognition of national governing bodies. They are clear that recognition does not necessarily mean funding which is in contrast to the message we were continually given last year. The EKF has put together a comprehensive application and submitted it within the published timescales.

We have now been in existance for two years as the national governing body and have achieved very high standards in all the criteria required for recognition. I am grateful for the hard work of all those that have contributed to this position. I do not know how long it will take SE to consider our application, but will endeavour to keep you informed of our progress.

My best wishes to you all,
Carl Lindley, President EKF

Posted 18th September 2009
EKF Website Reaches 1,000,000 Page Views

1,000,000 PAGE VIEWS!EKF members,

The EKF website has now received one million 'page views'! This is a magnificent achievement and I want to share with you all some facts about what that really means. Our site averages some 500 unique visitors per day and there are 4,000 pages of information viewed by those visiting. The visitors are not just EKF members as many are from abroad, indeed at international competitions we have frequently seen our site on the laptops of competitors from other countries. The EKF website is updated almost every day, it is the definitive guide to EKF and WKF events in England.

Our calendar page gives details of dozens of competitions and grass roots courses and itself receives some 3,000 visits every month, so is an excellent way for our members to advertise their events. We also give details of 100s of clubs and with over 1,000 searches for clubs every month, we must undoubtedly generate new students for our members. Guides on such topics as coaching, child protection and risk management are published for the benefit of our members. We are one of the biggest sites among the WKF member countries.

The journey to where we are now has not always been easy, but I am immensely proud of the EKF. With hard work, belief and the genuine desire to create a national governing body that supports, protects and encourages Karateka all over the country, we have created an entity that surpasses most other sports and serves to unify the tens of thousands of people of all ages and abilities that gain physical and spiritual development from Karate practice. Our website is the internal and external communication channel that is the catalyst for our unity and demonstrates our many successes to all.

I would like to give special thanks to Jel, our webmaster, for his incalculable help in reaching this milestone. I would also like to thank the members of the EKF Board, past and present, Debbie and Mark Sell, Liz Legg, as well as the senior grades, association heads, competitors, referees, sponsors, parents and many other supporters that have all helped make the EKF the body it is today. Together we can look forward to the 2nd and 3rd million visitors!

My best wishes to you all,
Carl Lindley, President
English Karate Federation

Posted 10th September 2009
Letter from Mike Billman re BKF Championships

Prior to the BKF Championships I had put a personal appeal on the BKF site asking referees and judges to “put aside their differences with the EKF Board and make every effort to attend the championships, as we were officially launching our adopted charity, Help for Heroes (H4H)”

A lot of refs and judges were in attendance and we thank them for that but, in particular, I would personally like to thank those that took notice of my appeal and did choose to “set aside their differences” for the day to attend.

With a massive turnout we have managed to raise a tremendous amount of money for the charity over the last six weeks.

The total will be announced towards the end of September after a few more fund raising events have been held.


The championships, however, were not without sadness. As you will all know by now karate recently suffered the loss of Chris Mundle, and a moving tribute to a fine karate-ka was given by Wayne Otto OBE, followed by a one minutes silence.

Not so widely known was the fact that a young soldier who was travelling on his motorbike to Edinburgh to help with the collection for H4H was tragically killed in a road traffic accident.

The BKF have sent their condolences to his family and, although it was suggested that flowers be sent, it was decided that a contribution to the charity in his honour would be a more fitting tribute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both families at this sad time.

Posted 8th September 2009
Untimely passing of Mr Chris Mundle 6th Dan

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the unexpected and untimely passing of Mr Chris Mundle 6th Dan on Monday 4th September 2009. Read more »

Posted 29th August 2009
EKF Referees & Officials Payments Settlement Notice

The EKF board wish to settle the expenses claims for all Kumite and Kata officials, who took part at the EKF Nationals March 09, and the EKF Regional's April 09.

The new figure agreed at the board meeting held on the 2-8-09 was raised from the original £10-00 per person per day, to £25-00 per person per day.

Please send your claims to John Moreton c/o info@wado-uk.co.uk providing the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Address, including post code
  • Association - please supply full name as sometimes initials can be confusing
  • How many days you are claiming for, and for what event e.g. Regional's or/and Nationals
  • In what capacity you attended i.e. Judge, Referee, Kata Official

The board wish to thank the officials for their patience in this matter.

Posted 21st August 2009
BKF Body protectors 14-15 year olds - BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS SEPTEMBER 2009

We have received a large number of calls from coaches concerned about the scarcity of the WKF approved Body protectors for the 14-15 year kumite categories. There will be a small quantity available for sale at the championships, but should this not meet demand, the BKF chief referee has agreed to accept alternative under gi body protectors, not dissimilar to the WKF version, on this occasion.

We still insist on body protectors being used, and in so doing follow the WKF guidelines as closely as humanly possible under these unique circumstances.


Posted 17th August 2009
EKF Referees Statement

The Board have now agreed to pay Referees a fee of £25.00 per day for their services at the recent English and Regional championships. The Board, on behalf of the members, would like to thank our officials for their hard work, and their patience whilst resolving this issue.

Chief Referee.
The Board, in a review of procedures, have written to Mr Terry Pottage to inform him that his services as Chief Referee are no longer required. The Board would like to thank Terry for his hard work on behalf of the EKF.

Posted 15th August 2009
IOC decision on Karate

The International Olympic Committee met on Thursday 13th August to discuss, amongst other issues, the inclusion of two new sports for inclusion in the 2016 Summer Olympic programme. Karate was one of seven sports vying for inclusion. Unfortunately the 15 member IOC committee voted in two separate voting sessions for Rugby 7's and Golf to be put forward to the full IOC congress meeting in Copenhagen for final ratification later this year. Karate was the bridesmaid once again initially leading the voting poll in the second session of votes following Rugby's initial nomination.

Although disappointing, not just for Karate within England but for Karate Worldwide, Karate has a proud tradition and will continue to strive to gain the global recognition it deserves. Here in England, the English Karate Federation will continue to pursue a world class coaching and development programme for its members and develop grass root opportunities. With world renound, and one of the most highly decorated Karate coaches, Wayne Otto O.B.E. continuing the development of the National Squad the focus still remains on the forthcoming World Karate Federation Championships as the pinnacle of sporting excellence within Karate.

Posted 11th August 2009
BKF Championships - Body Armour Protection

Although a new design in the WKF approved body armour will be available in the early autumn the white WKF approved body armour is and will still be valid for all Federation(s) European and World Championships.

Posted 5th August 2009
Interview with Ticky Donovan O.B.E re Karate in the Olympics

Click here to read the interview in morethanthegames.co.uk »

Posted 4th August 2009
BKF President, meets Sir Craig Reedie CBE

On Monday the 3rd August the BKF President, Mr Terry Connell, was invited to the home of the British IOC representative, Sir Craig Reedie CBE, for an informal chat about karate, the WKF, and the possibility of karate’s inclusion in the Olympic Games... to read more click here »

Posted 22 July 2009
British Karate Federation Championships - Edinburgh September 2009 - Disability Category added

The BKF are introducing a new category for these prestigious championships in line with the recent development of sport karate for the disabled. It is having a positive impact on the enhancement of the performance for people with disabilities, and on their social integration.

With the assistance of Mike Billman, we have been able to acquire the video that the WKF are using in their Olympic presentation for Disabled and Handicapped, and we urge all of our members to watch this short film.

To download information relating to Sport Karate for the disabled please visit: www.britishkaratefederation.gb.com/articles/

Posted 29th June 2009
Statement from Antonio Espinós

The statement below applies in respect of any British Universities Championships (EKF, SKGB, WKGB or NIKB members) going to the 4th European championships in Cordoba Spain 16-19 July 2009.

To all European Karate Federation National Federation’s
I will keep you updated on any development produced, but please note that for the time being, and at least as far as the condition that we have the guarantee that only registrations produced through the European Karate Federation National Federation's members are accepted, not any European Karate Federation member, neither individually or through a club, is entitled to take part in events organised by EUSA, in respect of EKF and WKF Statutes.

Antonio Espinós, EKF President

Posted 27th June 2009
Grass roots development

Memory 4 Teachers

This project is providing, free of charge, memory sticks for 750,000 Head Teachers, Heads of Department, Teachers, Bursars and Support Staff at a cost of £3 million. The EKF will feature within the Sports & Fitness Channel under the heading of Sports Programmers, to highlight and encourage the participation and development of karate within schools. I am sure you will all agree that this sector has enormous potential.

The EKF have secured an "only point of contact" for Karate within the UK, and there is a direct link to our web site with a full tracking facility which will enable us to track and monitor levels. There are also further multiple information connections and developments, too many to mention, but suffice it to say that we cannot emphasize that this is a massive grass roots opportunity which will help to increase club membership and local interest.

Further information is also available at www.memory4teachers.co.uk/interfacedemo/ and www.memory4teachers.co.uk/presentations/FA/

Posted 12th June 2009
EKF Board Member Changes

For openness and transparency and for your information, Terry Pottage resigned as a director of the board of the EKF just before the EGM of the 7th June 2009.

As was pointed out at the EGM by the members, the board were short of directors. The board have therefore appointed Mick Billman and John De Bono.

British Karate FederationPosted 12th June 2009
British Karate Launch new website

We are delighted to announce the British Karate Federation (BFK) have launched a professional new website which can visited at www.britishkaratefederation.gb.com. Over time the BKF hope to grow the content of their site and we invite and encourage our members to visit regularly to keep up to date with News and Events compiled from our Karate friends in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as our own in England.

Posted June 11th 2009
Board statement on EKF EGM

Dear EKF members,

You are doubtless aware that the English Karate Federation held an Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 7th June 2009. There were a total of 26 proposals considered, following concerns expressed from some members. The meeting proved very positive and the outcomes included clear and overwhelming support for the EKF Board.

I believe we have never been so united as we are at this time and the future looks very encouraging. One of the tasks now awaiting us is to look into the Memorandums and Articles of Association, as well as the Byelaws of the company, to ensure that they are the best legal foundation for the years ahead.

I would like to thank the Board members and other volunteers that gave a great deal of time and energy to preparing for this meeting, as well as those members that came along to contribute and give their views.

Finally, my thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Carl Lindley, President EKF

Posted June 11th 2009
WKF President's Interview regarding the Olympics

Read an interview with WKF President, Mr Espinos concerning karate’s candidature for the Olympics.
Click here to read (PDF) »

Posted May 19th 2009
WKF Youth Camp & World Cup registration date extended

Due to the continuous interest of the WKF members for participating in the 2nd WKF Youth Camp & World Cup, the WKF has upgraded the number of rooms available in order to accommodation those requests and therefore extends the deadline for registration to JUNE 10th.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to train with world-wide known karate instructors in a beautiful seaside location (www.holidaysinevia.gr ) which guarantees a very pleasant stay. Parents are more than welcome to accompany their children and spend a nice and relaxing time in the private beach of the resort. More information on www.wkf.net

Posted May 5th 2009
Extraordinary General Meeting 7th June 2009

To all members of the English Karate Federation:

On behalf of the EKF Board, I am sending out a message of reassurance. As most of you are no doubt aware, the EKF will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7th June 2009, 10.30am at Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport. This meeting has been called for by a small number of associations. The principal reason for holding this meeting is that the Board have been unable to sign off the Accounts for the financial year 2008-2009. I must stress that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. I have not yet seen the final list of agenda items, but there are a number of wide-ranging issues to be discussed. There are many advantages to debating these issues in open forum and I hope to be able to draw to a conclusion some of the subjects that have become seen as conflicts between individual members.

The Board has decided not to allow voting by proxy/postal, as both sides of disagreements need to be put forward before the members of the Council would be in a position to make an informed decision and vote. This can only take place at the meeting. As ever, I shall endeavour to ensure that all those present will have the opportunity to speak if they wish to do so.

I want to look at this meeting as a positive event from which we can move forward. Let us not, however, lose sight of the unity, the principles of openness and transparency, and the hard work that has brought us to where we are now. Whatever decisions are agreed must be carried forward with the same support and energy as all the others we have so far made. Let us not risk denying young people in this country the opportunity to compete with the best in the world and winning meaningful World and European titles. Most of all, let us all ensure that we are at least as strong and united a body after the EGM as we are before it. I am immensely proud of what the EKF has achieved. There are important challenges ahead, from Olympic participation to corporate sponsorship. and they will require a committed Board, supported by all our associations sharing a common vision of the future.

I look forward to seeing you in June.

Carl Lindley, President EKF

Posted April 28th 2009
BKF National Jnr & Snr Championships Venue Change

Please note the BKF Championships on 5th & 6th September will now be held at Medowbank Stadium in Edinburgh.

Posted 21st April 2009
WKF letter to the London Youth Games

Dear Sir,

The WKF President, Mr. Espinos, has asked me to reply to your email, which requests a WKF response to your karate specific problem within the LBYG, The WKF response is as follows;

Sport England may not have the EKF as member, but the member of WKF for England is EKF, therefore Sport England, and not WKF, has a problem. The only chance to deal with this issue is that only EKF members take part, and therefore the registrations are conveyed through the English Karate Federation, and if not, no EKF member can take part.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Dinsdale - English Karate Federation, Vice President.

Posted 9th April 2009
EKF Membership and Licence returns

Please note: EKF Membership and Licence returns are now to be sent from today via email to  registration@englishkaratefederation.com

The EKF are in the process of setting up a PO Box and as soon as this becomes available all Associations Heads will be notified for those who wish to continue sending their returns by post.

Posted 17th March 2009
New EKF Board of Directors for 2009/2010

The EKF Annual General Meeting was held on 15th March 2009 at the Holiday Inn Birmingham. At the AGM the majority of the existing board members stood for re-election along with some additional nominations for the board. The members present at the AGM voted for the new board which included votes received by post.

The members elected to the board of the English Karate Federation are:

  • Carl Lindley - President
  • Mike Dinsdale (Vice President)
  • Ticky Donovan OBE
  • Andrew Genery
  • John Moreton
  • Brian Noble
  • Terry Pottage
  • William Thomas
  • Chris Thompson

The new board would like to thank out-going board members, Michael Billman, Les Cutting, John Gilliland and John De Bono for all their hard work over the last year, without their contribution we would not have achieved half as much as we have. The new board have an extremely challenging year ahead of them requiring them to 'roll their sleeves up' to fill the void left by the out-going directors. There are many areas of work to be picked up with additional focus required in other areas including National and International Competition planning, traditional Karate, sponsorship, budgets , courses, management and many new challenges.

Part of being a successful National Governing Body is about how it serves its members, the number of services being offered has grown immensely over the last year and will continue to do so. Unfortunately providing these services requires a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. I'm sure you will join us in welcoming on board the new members of the board as we all look forward to their enthusiasm and additional input keep the EKF moving forward.

Posted 13th March 2009
President's Report 2009 published

Click here to read the 2009 EKF President's Report by Carl Lindley (PDF) »

Posted 10th March 2009
Important EKF Nationals Photography Passes Notice

It has come to the attention of the board that applications for photography passes relating to the forthcoming EKF Nationals in Sheffield on March 21st & 22nd 2009, have been posted to the wrong addressee namely the event organiser and without the appropriate payment, required details or documentation, or have been recieved after the closure date for applications.

This partly appears to have been caused by old application forms within the entry forms being issued.
Therefore those applications attached to the coaches entry forms and already recieved with the payment will on this occassion be issued.

No photography passes can or will be issued in respect applications made in the above circumstances where no payment for the photography pass has been previously recieved. Passes can not be issued on the day of the event. Unauthorised photography of any kind may lead to ejection from the premises by the venue management or staff and police involvement.

For information relating to the EKF Photography Policy please click here »

Exhibition of Japanese printmaker Utagawa KuniyoshiPosted 9th March 2009
Exhibition of Japanese printmaker Utagawa Kuniyoshi

The Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly are holding an exhibition on Japanese printmaker Utagawa Kuniyoshi from
21 March – 7 June 2009

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861) is considered one of the greatest Japanese print artists. Prolific and multi-talented, Kuniyoshi portrayed the historic heroes of Japan’s warrior past and through masterful storytelling kept alive the great myths and legends. His depictions of fashionable beauties and actors reveals another strand in his work, as do his prints of comical or satirical subjects, vivid reflections of his lively sense of humour. The exhibition will display Kuniyoshi’s most staggering imagery, from his innovative representations of tattooed Chinese heroes of the Suikoden, to his most successful applications of Western perspective, as well as good examples of his humorous designs.

OproPosted 26th February 2009
New EKF sponsor - OPRO

Following the recent successful performance of the English Karate Federation National Junior Squad, OPRO, the largest manufacturers of mouthgaurds in the world, have agreed to sponsor the EKF National Squads by supplying a number of custom fit mouthguards per year. The custom fit mouthguards will initially be distributed to the next EKF National Junior Squad ahead of the WKF Junior World Championships being held in Morocco later this year. The final mouthguard design with the EKF logo is being finalised but all guards supplied will have the CE stamp as required by EU law and conform to the Directive that concerns Personal Protection equipment. The EKF would like to thank OPRO for their support and look forward to working with them.

Posted 24th February 2009
New EKF Technical Grading Panel

The Board of the EKF have agreed to establish a Technical Grading Panel (TGP) which will enable members to achieve a senior Dan grade. The EKF TGP consists of selected senior representatives of English karate, covering all styles, each panel member has over 35 years experience in karate - Click here for more details »

Posted 23rd February 2009
Ticky Donovan OBE appointed as Honorary Chief Technical Director to the English Karate Federation

At the EKF Board meeting of Sunday 22nd February 2008, Ticky Donovan OBE was appointed as Honorary Chief Technical Director to the English Karate Federation.

The proposition, made by Mick Billman, was to recognise the contribution that Ticky has made to English Karate over the last 40+ years.

The appointment will mean that Ticky will attend board meetings, sit on the new EKF Technical Grading Panel, and act in an advisory capacity on any other Technical matters that may require his input.

The proposition was accepted unanimously by all Board members present, plus Chris Thompson, who seconded the motion, and Les Cutting who had both given the proposition the thumbs-up by telephone.

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