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News 2007

Posted 13th December 2007
EKF & Sports England Meeting

Please click here to read our letter to Sports England regarding the proposed meeting on 14th Dec. The contents are self-explanatory and the EKF looks forward to meeting with Sports England in the early New Year to discuss a number of matters relating to English Karate.

Posted 12th December 2007
Government bans Samurai Swords

The Government will ban the import, hire and sale of all Samurai swords from April 2008, this is following the number of instances where the swords have been used for assaults or other criminal activities. The ban does not cover antique Samurai swords but will mean that swords used for self-defence demonstrations at Karate displays will be banned. Click here for more details on the BBC website.

Click here to download the Home Office Consultation Paper relating to this matter.

Posted 6th December 2007
New EKF website launched

We are pleased to present the new-look EKF website. The site has been designed with one eye firmly on the future of the EKF to allow the expansion of many information services we hope to bring you online. In order to bring you the new site asap we have gone for a 'soft launch' - this effectively means much of the site is still being written so over the next couple of months you will see it grow considerably.

This EKF site has been designed and built by 'Jel' (Gary Legg) at JeliNet Web Design. Although a professional web designer, Jel is also a parent of two Karate ka and like many parents believes in supporting English Karate. With this in mind we continue to welcome the proactive support and involvement of parents to help grow the EKF for future generations of athletes.

Posted 28th November 2007
Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of the Board of Directors (October 2007) published - see also the 'minutes page' for a full list of previous published minutes.

Posted 27th November 2007
Message from the EKF Board

The EKF is happy to announce the appointment, and the acceptance of Mr Terry Pottage, WKF World Referee, as the EKF Chief Referee. This appointment is in keeping with the recognition given by the World Karate Federation to the English Karate Federation as its only recognised governing body in England.

The Board of Directors wish him every success in this important position.

Posted 23rd November 2007
Membership Statement

Please be advised that as of Saturday November 3rd 2007, the English Karate Federation is in a position to receive membership applications.

It should be noted that if your association has not sent in an application form (available from the web), together with the correct application fee, you cannot advertise nor be considered as members.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the English Karate Federation.

Posted 13th November 2007
Karate in the Community

Jonathon Mottram executes a superb tobi-geri at the Microsoft displayThe EKF were asked to provide a demonstration of Karate to coincide with the launch of the Microsoft promotion ”Get safe on line”. The team of 6 (Alex Sell, Mitchell Scotcher, Samantha Cannon, Rachael Brambles, Emma Lucraft) were led by coach Jonathon Mottram and gave a superb display in the atrium of Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading.

Staff and guests watched a well coordinated display that was filmed by Microsoft for advertising purposes, also the display generated a lot of interest and enquiries re the possibilities of karate training. With the consent of the team Microsoft have contributed £500 to the children’s hospice Richard House in Docklands.

Image top right: Jonathon Mottram executes a superb tobi-geri at the Microsoft display.


Posted 5th November 2007
Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of the Board of Directors (September 2007) published - see also the 'minutes page' for a full list of previous published minutes.

Click here to download minutes for September 2007

Following an Executive meeting at the WKF on 20th October 2007 in Istanbul the English Karate Federation has been accepted as a provisional FULL member of the WKF with all its relative advantages and privileges that go with it. As is normal with EKF membership this status will last for two years before being ratified or rejected.

We are very pleased to announce that at the board meeting of the WKF in Istanbul on 20th Oct. EKF board member Mike Dinsdale was confirmed as WKF Treasurer with a seat on the main board.

Posted 29th October 2007
Inaugral Meeting of EKF on Saturday 3rd November at 12.00 noon.

This meeting is open to EKF members only. The agenda is to vote for the ratification of the EKF Memo/Articles of Association. Proxy votes acceptable by e-mail for this meeting, please fwd your e-mails asap to info@englishkaratefederation.com

Location: Broadstreet Rugby Football Club, The Ivor Reece Field, Rugby Road, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2AY

Tel: 02476 54 1070 Web site for directions: www.broadstreet-rugby.co.uk

Posted 10th October 2007
EKF Teamwork sends juniors/cadets to Turkey for WKF Championships

A concerted team effort non-stop for 4 days was needed to provide the logistics to send the junior and cadet team to the WKF World Championships in Istanbul starting on th 19th Oct. At such very short notice and with nothing arranged we have to thank the superb professional and determined efforts of Debbie Sell, Ticky Donovan O.B.E. and the magnitude of the sponsors Kachi-Do, Chikara & Cyberbudo who arranged the flights, accommodation, insurance, chaperones, clothing, gi’s entry formalities, etc and local liaison all at such short notice. We have learned a lot and built up a profile which we will use to reduce the logistics when we send teams in 2008 to Trieste (European Junior/Cadets Champs), Estonia(European Seniors) & Tokyo (World Seniors). We do appreciate any input from instructors,parents and athletes especially in the post event period. We know it will all be worth it and all our best wishes go with the team and their coaches.

Posted 8th October 2007
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the English Karate Federation Published.

Posted 1st October 2007
Notice RE EKF Membershop Qualification

To all English Karate associations:

The English Karate Federation is now officially recognised by the World Karate Federation as the governing body for Karate in England,with this in mind we wish to bring to your attention that membership of the Federation is open to all English associations.

We are holding selections on Saturday 6th October 2007 for the WKF World Junior and Cadet Championships. The selections will be held at Bisham National Sports Centre, Bisham Nr.Marlow, Bucks.

Only members of associations that commit to joining the EKF prior to 6th October 2007 will be eligible for those selections.

Carl Lindley
For and on behalf of the English Karate Federation

Posted 27th September 2007
Clarification of EKF and WKF

The English Karate Federation (EKF) wishes to make it clear that it utterly deplores the recent flood of what it considers to be, deceptive and misleading communications. They imply that you have to attend certain events and gain points, in order to be selected to represent your country at the forthcoming 2007 World Junior & Cadet Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

The only authentic selections will take place at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre on the 6th of October, under the guidance of Mr. David “Ticky” Donovan OBE.; this is listed on the EKF web site.

For clarification purposes and in order to expose these misleading communications for what they are, please find attached an official letter from the President of the World Karate Federation (WKF), Mr. Antonio Espinos, which clearly shows that the English Karate Federation (EKF) is the only Federation able to send participants to the World Championships.

Letter from the WKF

Mr. Mike Dinsdale
Madrid, 25th September 2007

Dear Mr. Dinsdale,

I acknowledge receipt of your 21st September letter in which you submit the formal application for membership of the English Karate Federation (EKF) in the World Karate Federation, as well as of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the said EKF.

In agreement with Article 14.7 of the Statutes of the WKF, I have decided to grant provisional membership of the English Karate Federation in the WKF. This will allow the English Karate Federation to participate with a full team of athletes in the incoming Istanbul Junior & Cadet World Championships.

In the meeting of the WKF Executive Committee that will take place on 20th October in Istanbul, I will submit this decision to the ratification of the EC. At this respect, please be informed that the participation of the English Karate Federation with a full team of athletes in the Championships will play a major role in my recommendation to the EC to ratify this decision I am taking today.

Best regards,

Antonio Espinós
WKF President

Copy to: Mr. George Yerolimpos, WKF General Secretary

Posted 20th September 2007
Report on EKF Meeting 16th September

On Sunday 16 Sept Karate practitioners from all over England attended the meeting of the English Karate Federation, which was held at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport.

The purpose of the meeting was to agree the criteria and framework for a Governing Body for Karate in England, this meeting had been unanimously requested following the debacle of the previous organisation, Karate England 2005 Ltd, due to mis-management and overall lack of any semblance of regulation and accountability.

The previous organisation were reported to have amassed significant debt which could not be met, problems were mounting which the members did not want to become liabilities of any new body, particularly as they had not been privy or aware of the previous issues.

Despite 12 months having elapsed since the members first addressed the problems created by the previous organisation, it proved difficult to move forward since efforts were being expended trying to keep everyone happy.

In frustration, the ordinary members agreed we must move forward, any organisations not in membership of EKF were therefore outside the organisation of their own volition, and as such, despite requests to move forward, continue to pursue their own agenda.

The membership agreed as a fundamental principle that they would seek membership and recognition of the World Karate Federation (WKF), some discussion was heard regarding terms and conditions of membership, the outcome however remained that EKF would seek recognition and membership, and in turn would honour the statutes and requirements for membership of WKF.

The meeting then discussed the subject of startup costs for the EKF as a limited entity, delegates accepted that any startup organisation must have funds to achieve it’s goals, the EKF working party members have drafted sundry documentation such as Articles and Memorandum of Association to allow formal incorporation to go ahead as smoothly as possible with the minimum of delay.

Members unamimously agreed that members associations would be required to pay an initial fee of £250, which would provide the required startup costs, thereafter operating costs would be funded by a per capita system at a rate of £2.00 per person.

On the subject of membership status, it was agreed that founder members would be those associations listed on the EKF website as members, however as always we would welcome any group wishing to become part of EKF.

It was agreed that a caretaker board be appointed for a 6 month period, who would manage the detail of incorporation, and the creation of policies and procedures which would ensure the viability and longevity of the company, and it’s members interests for the future, after much debate on the needs and merits, the membership proposed individuals whom they wished to be directors, each nominated delegate then gave a summary of their capabilities and vision for EKF in the future. Appointed delegates as the interim Board were:

  • Mike Dinsdale
  • Peter Dennis
  • Ticky Donovan OBE
  • John Gilliland
  • Les Cutting
  • David Wilson
  • Terry Daly
  • Carl Lindley
  • Mick Billman

The first task set for the board was to agree the Articles and Memorandum of Association which would then be presented to the members, an Inaugural meeting would be convened for the express purpose of agreeing the Articles and Memorandum, thereby officially forming the Company, as Limited by Guarantee.

It was agreed that the board open an Bank account to receive funds on behalf of the company and it’s members

Posted Morio Higaonna 10th Dan - A very rare event12th September 2007
Morio Higaonna 10th Dan - A very rare event

We are very pleased to announce that Sensei Morio Higaonna received his 10th dan certificate from his teacher, Sensei An'ichi Miyagi on September 5th, 2007.

Sensei Higaonna also received a special certificate signed by Aragaki Shuichi Sensei and Miyagi An'ichi Sensei (both direct students of founder of Goju-Ryu, Chojun Miyagi Sensei) that recognizes him in the direct line descended from Miyagi Chojun Sensei.

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