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News 2013

Posted 16th April 2013
Annual General Meeting of the English Karate Federation 2013 - POSTPONEMENT UPDATE

Dear Head of Association/Club/Member

This is to advise you that due to an error in timing, we are not able to proceed with the AGM as planned. It seems that we did not send the notification to members within the permitted time scale as determined by our Memorandum and Articles. If we proceeded to meet on the scheduled date, that meeting could be challenged and deemed ‘illegal’. Any decisions taken or election would also risk being void due the meeting not operating within our own M/A’s.

Equally, as the notice did not go out in time, it may have also prejudiced those that may wish to stand for election to the board in that they may not have been enough time for people to submit their nomination. Similarly, items for the agenda may have been lost due to the wrong time scale.

We can only apologise for this mistake and hope that it will not inconvenience to you too much.

Some of you may be aware that there has been changes within the board. This is to confirm that Carl Lindley is no longer President. Andy Genery resigned his Vice President position and is no longer a director. We thank both for their contribution and effort over the years.

The six remaining EKF board members are meeting shortly to re-arrange the AGM, and to ensure that the EKF continues to run. We ask for your patience and indulgence.

Kind Regards

The Board of the EKF

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