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News 2010

Posted 10th November 2010
Update from the WKF Congress

Dear EKF Members,

When the EKF was set up over three years ago, you voted overwhelmingly that we would be part of the World Karate Federation. I and the members of the Board have steadfastly pursued that objective. This has brought about conflicts with individuals and groups, most notably over the need to adhere to WKF rules around sporting relations with non-affiliated persons (Article 21.9). These rules have not been within our power to oppose as to do so would certainly have jeopardised our WKF mandate.

The WKF rule has now been relaxed last week at the WKF Congress. We are now allowed to have sporting relations with those that are not affiliated to the EKF, as long as they are not affiliated to other world bodies. This change seems fairer and more in keeping with the principles of sport.

Another task has been that our own rules are changed to reflect what the WKF require and this has been achieved after a great deal of work.

The EKF was formally recognised by the WKF three years ago as the national governing body for Karate in England. We understood that, like all countries, our membership was to remain provisional for two years. We were expecting that the changes in our Memorandum are Articles of Association (MemArts) would mean that the WKF would announce that we were made full members. Both Mike Dinsdale (WKF Treasurer) and I were dismayed that this did not occur and that this issue was not even on the list of items for the WKF to consider. It has now been discovered that we are members in the fact that we can compete as England at World level, but the four home nations only have a single vote at Congress. As a result, no formal ratification is necessary and the EKF has the same status as national governing bodies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The positive point to make is that the new MemArts make us fully compliant with the what the WKF require of us, so there is no possibility that our mandate is withdrawn.

My best wishes to you all,

Carl Lindley
President EKF

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