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Tony Utting 6th Dan WIKF - EKF Compliance Officer

Tony Utting 6th Dan WIKF, EKF Compliance OfficerTony commenced Wado Ryu karate training in 1982, training initially with Mel Parry and Dave Allsop then under the late Master Tatsuo Suzuki. Tony now holds the position of Secretary for the WIKF (England) and continues to study Wado Ryu with friends and WIKF colleagues led by Sensei Jon Wicks.

He has had a lengthy career in specialist law enforcement / police and now occupies the position of Security Manager for a high profile tourist company.

He has spent several years working in national law enforcement travelling widely within his role and in the pursuit of karate training. Tony has an Advanced Certificate in Education, has qualified previously through the EKF Referees Programme and manages local karate clubs in the Nottinghamshire area.

Whilst occupying senior management positions, he has been responsible for strategic policy and procedural development, budgets and projects, developing staff, design and delivery of training in the UK and overseas for various law enforcement agencies.

It is intended to put his management skills to good use for the long-term business of the EKF.

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