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Peter Consterdine 9th Dan Karate

Peter Consterdine 9th Dan KaratePeter started his Karate journey in 1964 in a Wado club in Manchester, itself a member of the original British Karate Association, but in 1968 was a founder member of the Shukokai Karate Union, training under Sensei Shigeru Kimura and other Shukokai Japanese Instructors. Having spent some 8 years on the Great Britain and England Karate Teams, in the mid-1970s Peter fought in one of the earliest full contact events taking a British title. Before starting the British Combat Association, he was Chief Instructor of the British Karate Association.

His interest has always been in the practical application of martial arts, and working as a doorman in Manchester for over 10 years through the 70s and 80s clarified much of his thinking about personal combat and honed his combative approach to managing violence. Professionally, in addition to his martial arts, Peter has for over 30 years been engaged in the security industry and now runs his own security risk management company, but for many years worked around the world, covering some 30 countries running Close Protection (Bodyguarding) operations for major international companies.

Peter’s interest in the arts hasn’t been limited to Karate and he has been a Wing Chun devotee for many years, training with some of the foremost WC instructors and, as with boxing and other full contact skills, has blended all these into his own very unique and dynamic system - for both inclusion in traditional systems and personal combat. He is renowned for his ultra-hard training and development of impact delivery.

For a number of years he had a contract to teach at what was then National Police Training and has taught for some 12 police forces, some, many times over. His years of experience in both the security and combat arts led to the formation of the British Combat Association with his partner Geoff Thompson in 1993. Since then the group now includes an international arm, the World Combat Association (WCA) and a UK Karate organisation, the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA), aligned to the EKF abd SKGB.

Peter has also authored the seminal works on executive protection, personal security and travel security, and fitness training - respectively; ‘The Modern Bodyguard’, ‘Streetwise,’ ‘Travelsafe,’ and ‘Fit to Fight.’

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