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Ivor Thomas

Ivor ThomasIvor is married with 2 daughters and 1 grand daughter, and is employed in the Aircraft Industry.

His style of Karate is Wado Ryu and he started in 1969, in Bristol, where his Instructors were Dave Wheatley and Alan Flook. At that time, their Chief Instructor was Peter Spanton.

Over the last 40 yrs plus he has continued with his Wado Ryu training and has trained with most of the top Japanese and English Wado Ryu Instructors, past and present.

Ivor is a 6th Dan and an Executive Member of the Western Karate Union (WKU). He is also a European Kumite Referee "B", British Referee, and National Kata Judge "A."

Ivor runs his own club within the WKU and runs Referees’ Courses as and when required. He is a familiar face at both International and National Competitions.

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