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Brian Seabright

Brian SeabrightFirst began karate training in Shukokai 1972 under sensei Jeff Corbishley and Eric Tomlinson. In 1977 started training in the then new sport of PKA contact karate English title in 1979. In 1980 helped to re-establish the British Karate Association with Danny Connor and Peter Consterdine; whom I have trained with and trained under for over 35yrs now training combat Karate. I've fought and won in all forms of competition including Boxing, Traditional Karate, Freestyle Karate and kickboxing. In 1981 won the BKA national championships.

I've had day-to-day involvement with the BKA since 1980 becoming General Secretary, BKA Squad coach and after the untimely death of Danny Connor in 2000 running the BKA as chairman.

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