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EKF European Karate Championships Juniors, Cadets & U21 Zürich, Switzerland, February 6-8, 2015

Round up

Thank you to all the staff that attended this Championships Davin Pack, Paul Newby, Sensei Donovan OBE, John Gardiner, Mo Surdhar our Medical officer the 2 chaperones Tracy Easton and Debbie Sell and Finally to our HOD Paul Harris. Once again thank you to Blitz for sponsoring the squad it is very much appreciated. Congratulations to those that medaled at these championships Kieran Nunkoo, Aimee Sell and Mitchell Thorpe. The next big event for the Juniors will be the Junior World Championships which take place in Indonesia in November 2015.

Kata Summary – Zurich – Sensei Donovan OBE
After arriving in Switzerland on Tuesday after an easy flight but could not get into our rooms till 2 o’clock so after putting our cases in storage for a couple of hours, the HOD Paul Harris had all the competitors introduce themselves as it was a big Squad.

The HOD managed to get a conference room in the main Hotel as it had been difficult to get a training venue.

The first day of the Championships started with Kata first and it began with the Cadet category 14-15 years. Luke Easton was up first but lost 4-1 against Slovakia in his opening round, Luke had another chance in repecharge but a split in the referees vote of 3-2 put the Ukrainian through.
Next was the female cadet event which saw Michaela Webber have a bye in the first round then in the 2nd round she faced Russia winning 5-0, unfortunately Michaela then lost the 3rd round to Spain 5-0 but there was no repechage

Next was the Junior Category 16-17 years, starting with Alice Hylton, Alice lost to Germany in a close match 3-2, the German then lost so again no repecharge. Kieran Nunkoo then took to the mat winning against Denmark 5-0 in his first round, then 4-1 against Belarus, he then went on to meet the home nation favourite from Switzerland and in a split decision Kieran Won 3-2. This took Kieran into the Semi finals where he faced Serbia where he narrowly took the win 3-2 to gain a place in the final against Turkey. Unfortunately for Kieran his Turkish opponent proved too strong with Kieran losing 4-1 but, winning the squads first medal – SILVER.

Finally it was the turn of the U21 participants with Navin Patel representing in this event. Navin won 3-2 against Montenegro and then won his second round 5-0 against Romania. In the 3rd round Navin’s opponent was from Croatia a 3-2 split in the flags denied Navin of participating further.

Lastly the female U21 event began with Aimee Sell taking part in her 5th Junior Europeans. Aimee won her first round convincingly against Denmark 5-0, Aimees 2nd round was against Ukraine where she won 4-1, Aimee then lost in a split decision to Slovakia 3-2. As the Slovakian went through to the final Aimee was now in the repechage rounds where she had to face Sweden and won 3-2 to take her to the Bronze medal round. Aimee then faced her Turkish opponent to win 3-2 and take England’s second medal for the team - BRONZE

I would like to thank John Gardiner acting as an assistant Coach as at one time we had 3 people on the mat at the same time.

I predicted we would get 2 medals and maybe with a good draw 4 medals, the two we got I only wish they could have been gold.

The 2nd day of the championships we had Team Kata and I must say the male and female draw was not ideal.

First the male kata team lost to France 5-0, then France beat Spain 3-2 then lost to Turkey 3-2 so no repecharge.

The female team lost to Spain 5-0 in their opening round but Spain then went on to beat Turkey and France bringing the team back in the Repêchage but lost to Turkey in their opening repecharge round.

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