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EKF European Karate Championships Juniors, Cadets & U21 Zürich, Switzerland, February 6-8, 2015

Day 5 – Second day of competition

Sam day – male Jnr -55kg
Lost first round 0-9 to the eventual win from Turkey , grabbed his second chance with both hands in repechage winning the first round 3-0 to Macedonia , next beating Russia 2-0 only to lose for bronze against Slovakia, showed great sprit unlucky to just miss out on the bronze !

Alex Jones- male Jnr -61kg
Won first round 3-0 against Norway , lost 2nd round 0-1 to Macedonia

Ryan Luke – male Jnr -68kg
Won his 1st round 2-0 against Norway , got beat next round 0-2 by Holland, who got to the final And pulled Ryan back in . He lost 1st round of rep 2-3 to Croatia

Terry brigdale- male Jnr -76kg
Won his 1st round after his opponent from Greece could carry on and live with his strength and power .Wasn’t quite enough to take him though the 2nd round

Bruce Luke – male Jnr +76kg
Lost 1st round 0-3 to France fought well but just off the mark

Katie dalzell – female Jnr -48kg
Lost 1st round to kos nerves got the better of her , didn’t preform to her potential!

Fran hardcastle – female Jnr -53kg
Won his first round 2-0 against Iceland but lost the 2nd to Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-1 . Who made it to final ! But unfortunately lose in repechage 0-3 to Switzerland

Nikkisha Bailey-female Jnr -59kg
Won 1st very comfortable 8-0 against Wales , was winning 2nd round until a lapse of concentration got scored on with a head kick losing 2-3 to Macedonia!

Danielle kirby – female Jnr +59kg
wining her 1st round 4-2 against Russia, but losing 2nd round 0-4 to Holland first time at Europeans good performance!

Amelia Harvey – female U21-68kg
A close match just losing to the semi-finalist 3-4 from Switzerland , well prepared but a disappointing result !

Alfie Powell – male U21 -60kg
The youngest person in all the u21 division, just turning 18 on the Friday before , showed nerves at the start of the fight losing 2-4 to Azerbaijan!

Perry mayers -male U21 -67kg
Losing 0-7 to Azerbaijan 1st round showed his inexperience in international competition, he knows the work that has to be done !

Joe kellaway – male U21 -75kg
A good win in the 1st round against Ukraine, but losing 2nd in a close fight 6-7 to Bosnia and Herzegovina who ended up with the bronze medal!

Jamaal otto – U21 -84kg
Drawing his first round fight after time but losing 0-5 on flags against Portugal, Who then went on to win bronze medal !

Kumite round up on first day of competition. – D Pack

Clayton Johnson – male cadet -52kg
Lose first round 0-1 to Germany
His first time out representative of the EKF national squad , shows great penitential in the future if he takes away his experience from these championships and works hard !

Georgina Lawson – female cadet -54kg
Won first round 5-3 against Poland shows great sprint and determination to come back from behind 2nd round lost to Ukraine 3-6 was drawing until got hit kick on the bell was in control up until that point !

Jordan Clarkson -female cadet+54kg
Won her first round after going behind from a head kick 5-3 pulled it back with single techniques to win the match Next round she faced Greece who was a great deal larger in size so struggled to score a point and ended losing the fight 0-1

Mitchell Thorpe – cadet -63kg
By far the most outstanding performance of the day losing in the final to Turkey.
Having five rounds to get to the final smashing Azerbaijan 9-1 in the first round. Next was Scotland who he took out 3-1 followed by beating Ireland 4-1. Next was Russia but, he had control of every part , picking him off at will for a 8-1 win
Semi- final was a hard match against a tough opponent from France, a close contest with Mitchell winning 4-2 who all ways looked in control !

Hope the rest of the squad take this performance as the benchmark It can be done if you believe!!!!

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