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Day 5 - Sunday 8th May 2011 - Final Competition Day

The final day of competition with just the male and female Kumite teams in action to complete these championships. So far results didn't go England's way so this was the squad's final opportunity to gain a place on the rostrum and place England on the medal table.

Well, it wasn't a good day for the teams in the end. The male team faced the current World Champions Serbia in their opening round encounter. Although the team had nothing to lose and went fought hard they were defeated in their first three fights leaving the remaining two fighters unable to enter the action. The Serbian team lost out to Greece in the semi-final leaving England out of the repechage rounds.

The female team fared better than the male team. Facing the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia in their opening round they won both their first two fights and went through to the next round. The 2nd round saw the team face the Czech Republic team when another two fights to nil win saw the girls progress. The 3rd round quarter-final saw the team face France. Unfortunately this time the girls lost their first two fights to France and suffered defeat. France went on to make the final leaving England with the chance to medal trough the repechage rounds. The girls team face Italy in their repechage fight. Natalie Williams fought first but lost 3-0. Next up was Chloe Sheldon but she also suffered defeat losing 2-1 leaving final team member Katie Hurry not requiring to fight as the team were eliminated. With that defeat the hopes of England gaining a medal at these championships were dashed.

Disappointing results for the Senior England team, they now have a year to work on their game as 2012 will be the Seniors year for the European and World Championships which takes place in Paris.

Our thanks to Dave Inman for covering the squads medical needs and to Wayne Otto OBE and Greg Francis fir coaching the squad at this event.

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