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Day 4 - Saturday 7th May 2011 - Second Competition Day

Another disappointing day for the England squad as they once again failed to make the rostrum on a day which saw the final Kumite events contested as well as the team Kata events taking place.

Emily GriffithsCompeting in the Female U50kg category for England was Emily Griffiths. Emily faced V.Bezgovsek from Slovenia in her opening round fight. It wasn't going to be Emily's day as her Slovenian opponent opened up a lead which Emily just couldn't close down.

The fight finished 4-1 against Emily leaving her opponent to progress into the next round. Unfortunately, Bezgovsek didn't make it past the next round losing to France leaving Emily out of repechage.

Gemma MarwoodEngland's representative in the Female U55kg Kumite event, Gemma Marwood, provided a ray of hope for the England squad as she made some progress in her category. Facing M.Sakki from Cyprus in her opening round fight, Gemma eased through to round 2 on the back of a comfortable 4-0 victory. In her second round fight, Gemma faced Scotland's L.Cairns. The fight was a lot closer than her previous round but a narrow 1-0 win saw her progress into the quarter-finals. Facing Azerbaijani's S.Farajli in the 3rd round Gemma had another very tight contest, however, the tight 1-0 score line went against Gemma this time leaving her willing her opponent on in the semi-final round. Unfortunately the Azerbaijani lost the semi-final leaving Gemma just outside of the repechage rounds without the chance to go for bronze.

Natalie WilliamsThe Female U61kg Kumite representative was Natalie Williams who was coming into these championships on the back of some great previous results, 2009 European silver, 2010 World bronze, 2010 World Games bronze, 2011 Dutch Open Champion. It was a shock that saw Natalie lose out in her 1st round fight as she faced Germany's S.Sperner. It was a close fight but Sperner opened up a 2 point lead which she held on till the end. Having defeated Natalie, the German duly went out in her next round.

Chris HarrisFighting in the Male U60kg Kumite category for England was Chris Harris. Chris faced V.Kalashnikov from Russia in his opening round fight which saw a very close match between the two fighters. A narrow 2-1 score line saw Chris squeeze through to the next round. The 2nd round saw Chris face I.Tashev fighting for the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Chris once again scored 2 points but kept a clean sheet for himself securing a 2-0 win. The 3rd round pitted Chris against D.Domdjoni from Croatia in this quarter-final encounter. The fight saw another 2-0 score line, unfortunately for Chris, this time he was on the wrong side and bowed out just short of the medal rounds. The Croatian lost the semi-final fight leaving Chris just short of the repechage rounds.

Jordan ThomasThe Male U67kg Kumite category saw Jordan Thomas competing for England having gained his first England badge. Jordan received a 1st round bye putting him into round 2. The 2nd round saw Jordan face Italy's C.Massa. Jordan failed to score against his opponent and lost the fight 3-0. Massa went on to the final leaving Jordan with a repechage chance for bronze. In his 1st round repechage fight Jordan faced S.Cubero Oriol from Spain. Unfortunately Jordan found himself on the wrong side of a 8-0 score line leaving Jordan's repechage comeback short lived.

John Gardiner Jon Mottram Steve Karwacinski

The final categories of the day were the Team Kata events. Representing England in the Male event were John Gardiner, Jon Mottram and Steve Karwacinski. Facing Spain in the 1st round the team performed Jion Kata against Spain's Seienchin Kata. Unfortunately the team lost out 5-0. Spain went on to make the final leaving the team to face France in the repechage semi-final round. The team performed Empi Kata with France performing Kanku-Sho. Once again the team lost out 5-0 leaving them outside of the medal positions.

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