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Day 2 - Pre Championship Registration Day

The competition is finally underway with the individual Kata competitors up first followed by some of the Kumite athletes.

Emma LucraftCompeting for England in the Female Kata event was Emma Lucraft. Emma faced Zeleneva from Russia in her opening round. Emma performed Bassai-Dai against the Russian's Kanku-Dai Kata and won the round convincingly with a 5 flags to 0 victory. In her second round, Emma faced 2010 European Champion and 2010 World bronze medallist M.Senjug in a tough draw. Emma performed her second compulsory Kata, Seienchin against the Croatian's Bassai-Dai but unfortunately Emma lost out 5-0. Senjug went on to renew her rivalry with Y.Martin-Albello in the semi-final but the Spaniard went through to the final meaning Emma didn't make the repechage rounds.

Amy ThomasonFemale U68kg Kumite competitor for England was Amy Thomason. Amy received a 1st round bye seeing her safely into round 2.

Amy faced L.Mossei from Holland in her 2nd round fight. Unfortunately Amy lost out 4 points to 1. Her Dutch opponent lost out in the next round to Germany so Amy was excluded from the repechage rounds.

Katie HurryCompeting in the Female Over 68kg Kumite category for England was former Junior World Champion Katie Hurry. Katie received a 1st round bye promoting her directly into round 2. The 2nd round saw Katie face M.Puscher from Germany. Katie fought well to beat her opponent 4-1. The quarter-final saw Katie face N.Ait ibrahim from France. A close fight saw Katie lose out 2-0 to her French opponent who went on to win the title. As a consequence Katie made the repechage rounds facing Serbia's T.Filipovic in the 1st round. Unfortunately Katie lost out by a solitary point, 1-0 as the Serbian went on to secure herself bronze.

Alton BrownAlton Brown was England's representative in the Male U75kg category. Alton's championship was short-lived in this individual event as he lost out in his opening round to France's K.Grillon losing 2 point to 0. Grillon made the quarter-finals before losing out to Italy's L.Busa meaning Alton didn't make the repechage rounds.

A big surprise in this event was multi-European and World Champion, Azerbaijani's Aghayev losing in the semi-final to Busa. Aghayev went on to secure a bronze medal beating Grillon in the repechage final.

Daniel HollisterThe Male U84kg Kumite competitor for England was Daniel Hollister. Daniel received a 1st round bye putting him straight into round 2. The 2nd round saw Daniel face M.Oksman from Finland. A really close fight saw Daniel squeeze through on a 4 points to 3 victory.

The 3rd round pitted Daniel against Bosnia's A.Kupusovis. Unfortunately Daniel couldn't overcome his opponent and lost out 4-1. The Bosnian went out in the next round leaving Daniel out of the repechage rounds.

'Sonny' RobertsEngland's final representative on day 1 was Derek 'Sonny' Roberts competing in the Male Over 84kg category. Sonny faced P.Vucic from Croatia in his 1st round fight. Unfortunately that was to be the only fight Sonny was able to contest as he lost out 3-1 to the Croatian.

Vucic made it to the semi-finals before losing out to Germany's J.Horne who won the category. As a consequence there was to be no repechage rounds for Sonny.

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