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52nd EKF Senior Championships, Kocaeli, Turkey, May 4-7 2017

The below are reports and results posted from Bulgaria.

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Friday 5/5/17

J Mottram Kata Coaching report senior Europeans day 2

1st up Male team Kata category, both teams did Gojoshihosho with RUSSIA winning 0-5

Female Team Kata did Paiku and again RUSSIA did Gojoshihosho winning 2-3

Both teams performed really well

Paul Newby Coaching report senior Europeans day 2

Women’s Team Event

Kate Karwacinski, Carla Burkitt, Amelia Harvey, RebeccaBoakes reserve

Kate came out strong and busy but got caught in an early exchange. Kate got back to work and put pressure on and on in this exchange both fighters got a point. Kate tried her best to pull it back but ran out of time losing 2-1

Carla came out moving well trying to draw the Slovakian fighter in but had to change her tactic half way though because Slovakia wasn’t committing to anything Carla put the pressure on and attacked but. was just beaten to the punch. Carla created a couple more attempts but also ran out of time losing 1-0

England gave it their all, just when we think we are training harder and doing more obviously Europe have also put in place tougher harder Olympic training programs and once again standards have increased.

Davin Pack Coaching report senior Europeans day 2

Men’s team Event

1st match
Once Brandon Jewell went down a point he had to go looking, the German knew Brandon as they met in the first round of the +84 kg the day before, unfortunately. as he tried to get his points back he was being picked off finally losing 0-5.
2nd match
A solid performance from Jordan Thomas, the German tried to keep his distance to hold a draw, once Jordan got the first point it changed the fight picking up another point , on one exchange Jordan received a thumb in the eye, after treatment was ready to carry on. Using his ring craft for the win 2-0
3rd match
Joe Kellaway got off to a good start applying great pressure forcing a Jogi, once Joe went a point down he then had to chase the fight getting caught 2 more times. This being one of the Germans strongest fighters made getting the points back a tough ask, fighting to the end but Joe wasn’t able to pull it back losing 0-3

4th match
Devante Walters 3-4

Devante Walters makes his debut at his first European championships having to win his fight to keep the men’s team in the competition. Devante had a positive performance but, going down 0-4 with 2 singles and a body kick, leaving himself a big task. Showing great tenacity pulling back a head kick to make it 3-4 but didn’t quite have enough time to pull it back. Devante shows great potential and now knows what he has to go back to work on.

Overall the men’s team are close but just short of the mark, they now know what’s needed, but it’s up to them to put the work in and get together. If we think we have prepared for this tournament we have to remember most other countries are already in their Olympic programs and the standard is becoming higher and higher all the time!!



Thursday 4/5/17

Jon Mottram Kata

1st up in the individual Kata category was Aimee Sell who did a near perfect Papuan against MACADONIA’s Puleksenija Jovanoska with Suparinpai who won 1-4

Next up Chris Karwacinski won 3-2 with a strong Suparinpai against SWITZERLAND’s Maurice Roesch’s Kanku Sho

In the next round Chris’s Gankaku lost 0-5 to ITALY’s Mattia Busato’s Gojoshihosho

Paul Newby Coaching report senior Europeans day 1
Brandon Jewell +84kg

Brandon’s first individual European championships, Brandon 1st match against Germany he came out slow but warmed into the match with some good exchanges this time Branden came up short losing on flags but with youth on his side Brandon has a good career ahead of him.

Rebecca Boakes +68kg

Rebecca’s first senior championships against Spain was a close match Rebecca losing 1-0 unfortunately for Rebecca picked up a hamstring pull in pre training so was only at 70%. Rebecca gained loads of valuable experience.

Joe Kellaway -75kg

Joe coming in confident after some recent tournament success against Slovenia Joe won 4-0 looking confident.

Joe’s second opponent was the Belarusian fighter; Joe came out strong against an awkward styled opponent and came up short losing 1-0
This is Joe’s first outing as an individual and will bounce back.

Siobhan Hayes -61kg

Siobhan moving up in weight fought the Norwegian girl first round, after a few clashes Siobhan scored her first point and held onto her win till the end of the match.

Siobhan second round was against Montenegro. After two clashes Siobhan was 2-0 down and ran out of time to pull it back but showed determination.

Dean Bannister -60kg

Deans first ever outing at a major was an awkwardly tall fighter from Kosovo with a few exchanges early on, Dean was behind but never stopped trying with hands and body kicks losing 4-0 in the end. A great experience for Dean.

Davins Coaching report senior Europeans day 1

Ryan jay -84kg

1st round 0-1 FRA

Ryan had a tough first round against Grillon of France, a very close fight which could of gone anyway. Unfortunately once gone a point down wasn’t able to get it back.

Amelia Harvey -68kg

1st round 0-3 AZE

Amelia had Zaretska of Azerbaijan who has won a number of world and European medals, even for most of the fight until a lack of concentration from Amelia in a clinch see her taken down and getting scored on with a ippon, leaving her too much to do from an very experienced fighter , she went out 3rd round to Spain

Jordan Thomas -67kg

1st round 4-4 CRO

Current WKF world champion Jordan got off to a flying start against Berak from Croatia scoring a head kick going up by 3 points, then taking another point leading 4-0. Not giving up Berak scored a punch and continue to apply pressure being rewarded with a head kick bring the fight back level but with only seconds on the clock. Jordan held on to win the fight on senshu

2nd round 1-2 MKD

After a tight first part of the fight, Jordan tried a spinning kick which missed and was picked off, having to chase, the Macedonian was comfortable being Evasive Jordan pulled a point back but still needed another due to the senshu rule. Still closing and working hard only opened his self-up for Ilievski (mkd) to score again in the dying seconds, unfortunately wasn’t Jordan day .

Carla Burkitt -55kg

1st round 2-3 EST

Going down 0-1 against Lirisman from Estonia made it hard work for Carla as she had close down and work hard, never giving up fighting to the end but was unable get the points back.

Carla was disappointed with the result and hopes to make amends with the team tomorrow

Wednesday 3/5/17

The squad had 2 sessions of training today whilst Head of Delegation Mike O’Brien registered the squad. The athletes are now readying themselves for the first day of competition. Individual Kata is the first event of the day at 7am BST. All individual Kumite events will follow from approximately 9.30am BST. Good luck.!



52nd Senior Europeans – Turkey

The National squad are now in Kocaeli, Turkey and are at the HQ hotel. Tomorrow the Head Of Delegation Mike O’Brien will be registering the squad, whilst the athletes have 2 light training sessions arranged.

For updates on the competition you can go to https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=120

Hopefully we will have reports from the delegation on the squads results which will be posted here and updates on Facebook www.facebook.com/EnglishKarateFederationLtdGoverningBody/

and Twitter @EKF Karate www.twitter.com/EKFKarate


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