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50th European Senior Karate Championships, Istanbul, Turkey 19-22 March 2015 - Live Updates.

Competition Day 2

Today it was the turn of the male and female kata teams and the female kumite team. Unfortunately the teams didn’t get the results they were hoping for with the Male Kata team winning their first round with a good performance but losing the second round to croatia.  The female kata team lost the decision 3-2 on their opening round against Macedonia, unfortunately Macedonia failed to win the pool final and this left no chance for the female team to go through repechage.

The  female kumite team won their opening round but then lost in the second round.  Although the ladies did come back in via repechage it wasn’t to be their day on the mat and did not get the chance to go for the bronze medal.

The squad will be going to the stadium today and tomorrow to watch the finals.

On Monday Willie Thomas and Paul Newby will be taking Alton Brown, Jordan Thomas, Jamaal Otto, Carla Burkitt, Siobhan Hayes and Amelia Harvey to the Commemorative Gallipoli event which the Turkish Karate Federation are hosting.  We wish the squad the very best of luck at this event and hope to give you an update on this.

Turkey 2015

Turkey 2015

Turkey 2015

Turkey 2015

Turkey 2015

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