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37th EKF Junior & Cadet Championships, Turkey 2010 - Reports

February 8th - The Journey Home

The last day and everyone met up after breakfast for the journey to the airport. There was a sense of pride and unity amongst the young squad and although extremely tired they still managed to make the most of the last few hours together. Before the coach arrived a squad member, Gavin, decided to give a rendition of kata how it should be performed to much amusement and applause, its safe to say that the kata squads have nothing to worry about!!. The squad then headed off to the airport. The squad took off after a short delay for Istanbul and then onto Heathrow where the squad said their goodbye's.

The Juniors now hand over to the Seniors as it's their year for European and World Championships, this, as Wayne Otto had told the squad in a debrief was not an excuse for a rest, the squad have to build on their success and not rest on their laurels.

A big thank you to John De Bono who was head of delegation for all his support, Surdhar Mohinder for looking after the squads health and to the coaches for supporting and encouraging the young squad. Well done to Dale Gamble and Tony Dent for attending and refereeing at these championships good to see them in action. Thank you to Chikara for organising the squads kit and making them look so professional, and lastly, thank you once again to Jel Legg our webmaster who again worked all hours to ensure results, photos and video footage were placed on the web as quickly as possibly. A good team effort all round - congratulations to all - next stop Greece.

February 7th - 3rd day of competition

Final day of competition at these Cadet & European Championships and more medals coming England’s way.

Male Junior Team Kata

Kicking off events for the day was the Kata events with the boys team of Alex, Gardner and brothers Chris & Stephen Karwacinski. The boys had the pleasure of opening the proceedings being up on the mat first and drawn red against a Serbian team. The boys team performed Jion Kata and their choice was matched by the Serbian team. The boys looked good but the Serbian team secured a narrow victory winning 3 flags to 2. The Serbian team lost out later in the competition denying the boys a chance of repechage.

Female Junior Team Kata

The girls team of Rebecca Birch, Rachel Newey and Aimee Sell, took to the mats at the other end of the hall and were up shortly after the boys. The girls team faced Belarus in their first round match. Both teams performed Bassai-Dai as their opening round Kata but it was the England team that secured victory winning 4 flags to 1.

The 2nd round saw the girls team face Serbia. England performed Annan Kata whilst their opposition team performed Empi. The girls won this round 5-0 to take them to the semi-final where they faced Spain.

The Spanish team performed Unshu with the England team performing Suparinpei. Unfortunately the Spanish team proved too strong and won the match 5-0.

The girls were placed in the repechage final though with a chance of claiming bronze should they beat their Turkish opponents. The Turkish team performed Unsu and also their Bunkai following their Kata. The England girls performed Unshu and also their Bunkai once the Kata was completed. The girls were victorious winning 4 flags to 1 and claiming a team Kata medal.

Carla Burkitt – Female U21yrs, U53kgCarla Burkitt – Female U21yrs, U53kg

A good start from Carla receiving a 1st round bye but it was soon down to business in the 2nd round. Carla started well opening the scoring with a Gyakusuki punch and soon doubled her lead with another. With a third Gyakusuki score going her way things were looking good. However, her opponent fought back well and scored her her own Gyakusuki to reduce to score to 3-1. Another Gyakusuki against Carla reduced her points margin to 1. It was a tense final few seconds but Carla secured the win on the buzzer with another point to win the fight 4-2.

The 3rd round saw Carla face a fighter from Azerbaijan. Carla once again opened the scoring with a good Gyakusuki punch on 30 seconds scoring over the top. She then doubled the score with another Gyakusuki shortly after. Carla’s opponent pulled one back before Carla regained her 2 point margin. With 10 seconds left on the clock Carla was caught with a Gyakusuki and on 6 seconds left the scores were level after her opponents desperate attach scored. Not to be outdone, Carla pounced herself and regained her lead with 2 seconds left and sealed a close 4-3 win.

The 4th round pool final had Carla facing a Belarusian fighter. Carla dominated the fight and controlled the middle well but didn’t manage to break her opponents defence down. With seconds left on the clock it looked like extra time was inevitable but suddenly Carla gave away a penalty with just 3 seconds left on the clock. Carl, the come-back queen amazingly did it again, a Gyakusuki off the line with 1 second left she levelled the score to 1-1 and the fight did indeed go into extra time. There were few chances in the fight until Carla won vital point midway through with a Gyakusuki and it was enough to see her into the final.

The showcase final for Carla was against a Turkish fighter who had home support, nearly as loud as the England squad, but not quite. Well , the fight didn’t go to plan as Carla and we all hoped, the Turkish fighter scored three Gyakusuki punches which Carla was unable to respond to. She fought well but just couldn’t score. Not much to say really but you should be able watch her fight soon on the video links. Nevertheless, European silver is still a great result.

Alice Goudie – Female U21yrs, U60kgAlice Goudie – Female U21yrs, U60kg

Alice made a good start to her campaign winning her opening round fight convincingly. Alice scored three Gyakusuki punches without reply to secure a 3-0 win.

The 2nd round saw Alice face a fighter from Finland. Alice dominated the middle area once again stalking her opponent and pouncing with an over-the-top Gyakusuki punch with 39 seconds left in the match. Her opponent suddenly woke up and pushed forward but it was too little, too late for her as Alice held out to take the 1-0 win.

Alice’s 3rd round fight pitted her against a Serbian fighter and both girls fought hard. Alice took a blow to the face mid way through the first minute causing the medic to take a look at her but thankfully no damage. However the Serbian was penalised for contact giving Alice a 1-0 lead. With 45 seconds left on the clock the Serbian scored with a Gyakusuki to level the scores. There was a 50/0 Gyakusuki exchange within the last few seconds but unfortunately it went to the Serbian. Alice looked to have scored in the last seconds but despite a flag the referee didn’t give anything and the fight was over.

Alice did make the repechage semi-final and faced an Azerbaijan fighter. Alice was determined to get the chance to fight for a medal and so she made the attacks count. She took the lead within the first 10 seconds scoring a Gyakusuki punch and within 30 seconds was 2-0 scoring with a Gyakusuki punch again. Just after the minute mark she extended her lead to 3-0 with yet another Gyakusuki. A contact warning to her opponent gave Alice a 4-0 lead and she sealed victory with 6 seconds left scoring a final Gyakusuki to win 5-0.

The repechage final saw Alice have a very close fight with her opponent from Finland. Alice took the lead scoring a Gyakusuki punch and with 30 seconds gone was 2-0 up following another Gyakusuki. However on the minute mark the scores were level after her opponent had scored two of her own Gyakusuki’s. Alice the lost the lead as her opponent scored her third Gyakusuki punch in a row to lead 3-2. However, the scores were level again following a warning to her opponent who was penalised a point. The fight went into extra time and it could have gone either way as neither girls managed to finish all square at the end again. The decision went to the judges and all flagged for Alice who secured bronze on that decision. Well done.

Rio Smith – Female U21yrs, +60kgRio Smith – Female U21yrs, +60kg

A shaky start for Rio in her opening round fight as she found herself 4-0 down following a series of unanswered Gyakusuki punches from her opponent. Rio dug deep and pulled out a lovely Jodan Mawashigeri kick to score 3 points. Rio then set about her opponent and scored three successive Gyakusuki’s to finally win the fight 6-4 snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Rio’s 2nd round match saw her on the wrong side of a 3-1 score line. Rio went down 1-0 within 30 seconds as her opponent scored a Gyakusuki punch. Another Gyakusuki score to her opponent and Rio found herself chasing the fight. As she pushed forward she was caught once again with a Gyakusuki with 12 seconds remaining. Her opponent was penalised within the last few seconds but this was just a consolation point for Rio as she bowed out losing 3-1.

Rio did make repechage though courtesy of her opponent making the final. Rio started well scoring a Gyakusuki within the first 10 seconds. She scored another Gyakusuki to go 2-0 up. A contact warning to her opponent saw Rio take a 3-0 lead and it was soon 4-0 after Rio scored once more. Another contact warning to her opponent saw 2 points go Rio’s way and she saw out a 6-0 win.

The repechage final saw both Rio and her Azerbaijan opponent going for bronze. Once again Rio opened the scoring with a Gyakusuki punch but the scores were levelled as a 50/50 Gyakusuki exchange went against her on the minute mark. Rio took the lead once more soon after but again the score was levelled as her opponent countered her. With 12 seconds on the clock another 50/50 Gyakusuki exchange of punches went against Rio and as time ran out her medal chances had too. Unlucky but a good effort.

Chris Harris – Male U21yrs, U68kgChris Harris – Male U21yrs, U68kg

The opening round for Chris was really tough and Chris was extremely unlucky to bow out early on to his Norwegian opponent. Chris found himself 3-0 early on as his opponent scored almost instantly and scored twice more with Gyakusuki punches open a lead. Chris fought back wel never giving up and pulled back a point as he sunk in a Gyakusuki punch under the Norwegian’s Mawashigeri kick. However, the Norwegian scored two more Gyakusuki to extend his lead to 5-1. chris dug deep once again and scored a Jodan Mawashigeri kick in rely to reduce the to 5-4. The scores then went 6-4 before a contact warning was penalised reducing the deficit to 1 again. Once again a 2 point gap was established as Chris’s opponent scored a Gyakusuki to lead 7-5. A contact warning against the Norwegian reduced to lead to 1 point and Chris made a great comeback as he scored a Gyakusuki punch with just 16 seconds left on the clock. The fight went in to extra time and both attacked well but the Norwegian took the lead. With 8 seconds left the lead was doubled to 2-0 but Chris had nothing left to give and unluckily went out after a dramatic contest.

Alex Sell - Male U21yrs, U78kgAlex Sell - Male U21yrs, U78kg

Alex received a 1st round bye and faced a Russian opponent in the 2nd round. The Russian seemed to be making most of the attacks and soon had Alex on the floor scoring 3 points for the takedown, although it was more of a pull down. Alex reduced the lead by 1 point but Alex was penalised on the buzzer for grabbing as he desperately sort an equalising score but to no avail.

The Russian made the final landing in the 1st round of repechage. Alex did little work against his Serbian opponent who used his front hand well scoring multiple times to open up a substantial lead. Alex threw some Gyakusuki punches simultaneously as his opponent but all went against him and Alex went out losing 6-0.

Ryan Lambert – Male U21yrs, +78kgRyan Lambert – Male U21yrs, +78kg

Ryan faced a Ukrainian opponent in his first round fight and although making his European debut for England he looked in good form attacking well. However, the opening point went against him being caught with a Gyakusuki punch. Ryan did reply, twice, with his own Gyakusuki punches and held out for a 2-1 win.

The 2nd round saw Ryan again the flying Fin! The Finish opponent was fast and quickly scored a Jodan Mawashigeri kick to take a 3 point lead. Ryan was then penalised for stepping out of the area awarding a point to his opponent. The Finish fighter was penalised himself for pushing giving Ryan 1 point but Ryan gave away another 2 points as he adjudge to be feigning injury after being caught in the face. A final Gyakusuki punch saw Ryan’s European exploits come to an end as the Finish fighter won the fight 7-1.

So England finsihed with 1 bronze from Friday, 1 gold and 2 bronzes on Saturday and 1 silver and 2 more bronzes today, Sunday. 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronzes.

February 6th - 2nd day of competition

Competition Day 2 of the Junior & Cadet European Championships and more medals for the England squad. The Cadets secured a bronze between themselves, the Juniors collected three medals, two bronzes and a GOLD out shining the younger counterparts. The squad was very lucky to have Deniz Kiymaz from the British Consulate attending these championships today to support the squad. She also had been following the squads progress on the EKF website and was keen to see them in action which was a boost for the athletes.

Emma Lucraft – Female Junior KataEmma Lucraft – Female Junior Kata

Once again it was the Kata competitors up first with Emma competing in her 2nd European Championships. Emma had a 1st round bye putting her in the 2nd round to face an opponent from the host nation, Turkey.

Both Emma and the Turkish competitor performed Bassai-Dai Katas but it was the Turkish competitor who won the round 4 flags to 1. The Turkish girl went out later on in the competition leaving Emma unable to compete for bronze via repechage.

Alex Gardner – Male Junior KataAlex Gardner – Male Junior Kata

Alex made a good start to his individual campaign winning 3 flags to 2 against his Azerbaijan opponent. Alex performed Kanku-Dai Kata whilst his opponent performed Jion but Alex’s performance just stole it.

The 2nd round saw Alex face home favourite Turkey. Alex performed his second compulsory Kata, Jion with the Turkish opponent matching his Kata. Very close again with a 3-2 split decision but this time it was against Alex. Unfortunately there was to be no repechage for Alex either as the Turk was later beaten in the competition.

Ryan Jay – Male Junior U55kgRyan Jay – Male Junior U55kg

Defending European champion, Ryan was one of the first of the fighters up on the mats following the Kata competitors. Ryan’s 1st round opponent was from Latvia and both fighters started off their campaigns cautiously. It was nearly a minute before Ryan’s attack broke the deadlock giving him a 1 point lead. This woke his opponent up who then pressed Ryan for the equaliser, but Ryan secured the win with 4 seconds left on the clock catching his opponent with a Jodan Mawashigeri kick to win the fight 4-0.

The 2nd round pitted Ryan against an Italian opponent. It was the Italian who took the lead following a 50/50 Gyakusuki punch exchange but Ryan soon equalised on the minute mark with his own Gyakusuki. Neither fighters scored any more so the fight went into 1 minute of extra time. Ryan was penalised for contact giving a point away to his opponent but the favour was soon returned as the Italian received his 2nd warning to level the scores 1-1. However, Ryan finally took the lead scoring with a Gyakusuki to seal the narrow win.

Ryan started his 3rd round fight against his Turkish opponent well scoring within a few seconds with a Gyakusuki punch. However, Ryan’s second warning for contact with just 6 seconds left on the clock saw the scores level to 1-1 and the fight inevitably went into extra time. Ryan opened the scoring again in extra time with another Gyakusuki and victory was sealed with a point awarded to him following a warning for feigning injury for his opponent with Ryan taking a 2-0 extra time win.

The 4th Round pool final against a Georgian opponent saw Ryan finally show his form as he quickly scored a Gyakusuki punch to take a 1-0 lead. Ryan followed with up with another as his opponent caught Ryan in the face giving Ryan an extra point and a 3 point cushion. However, no cushion was needed as Ryan then scored two successive Jodan Mawashigeri kicks to win the fight 9-0 and see Ryan safely into another European final.

The final

Ryan’s final opponent hailed from Russia and looked like he meant business but Ryan had other ideas and soon scored a Gyakusuki punch to open the scoring and put pressure on his opponent. The Russian then pressed forward for the equaliser and Ryan was able to pick off his opponent scoring twice more from Gyakusuki punches, one over the top to take a 3-0 lead. As the clock ticked down the last 10 seconds the England supporters and squad chanted down the time and exploded into applause as England secured the first gold of these championships. Well done.

Gavin Bailey – Male Junior U68kgGavin Bailey – Male Junior U68kg

Gavin’s faced a Greek opponent in his 1st round match and just after the opening walked into a Jodan Mawashigeri kick to go 3-0 down. Gavin was then caught with a Gyakusuki punch to drop another point. As Gavin chased the fight he gave away a penalty for contact to go 5-0 down and things looked all but over when his opponent scored yet another Gyakusuki punch. However, Gavin wouldn’t give up and his fighting spirit saw him reduce the deficit by 3 points as he scored a Jodan Mawashigeri of his own but it was too late for the comeback and on the bell Gavin was caught by another Gyakusuki to seal his fate.

Jay Kirton – Male Junior U61kgJay Kirton – Male Junior U61kg

Could Jay go one better than his bronze medal from last years Junior Europeans – NO. However he did match that performance to secure another European bronze medal. Jay’s 1st round opponent was from Latvia and looked fast and quick but Jay was always pressing the fight. The action was fast paced with Jay trying a takedown but there was no scores as the clock ticked down. Finally with 6 seconds left Jay beat the Latvian’s defence scoring a Gyakusuki punch to seal the win.

The 2nd round fight looked to be another close fight as Jay initially went down 1-0 to his Hungarian opponent following a Gyakusuki punch. Jay soon equalised with his own Gyakusuki and then took the lead with another Gyakusuki. As his opponent pressed for a score Jay landed a good Jodan kick to seal the win 5-1 on the buzzer.

The 3rd round saw Jay dominate his Slovokian opponent storming to an 8-0 win. Jay opened the scoring with a Gyakusuki and followed this up with another 4 Gyakusuki’s without reply to go 5-0 up. Jay topped his victory in style with a takedown to complete an impressive win.

The 4th round was the pool final which saw Jay fighting for a place in the final. Jay started brightly against his French opponent but a 50/50 Gyakusuki exchange on 30 seconds went to the French fighter. Jay chased the fight but was caught with another Gyakusuki and the fight ended with Jay on the wrong side of a 2-0 score line.

Although Jay lost the pool final, he was now fighting for bronze in the repechage final against a Scottish opponent in this best of British clash. Jay scored twice in this encounter, once with a quick takedown to score 3 points and once with a Gyakusuki punch to seal a 4-0 win and a bronze medal.

Kate Karwacinski – Female Junior U59kgKate Karwacinski – Female Junior U59kg

Good start for Kate as she received a 1st round bye to place her safely in the 2nd round. Kate went down a point early on in this fight conceding a Gyakusuki punch but she soon levelled the score with her own Gyakusuki. Kate then score another to go 2-1 ahead and extended her lead further to 3-1 with another scoring Gyakusuki. Near the end Kate was penalised for holding and gave away a point but she had done enough to secure the win 3-2.

The 3rd round pitted Kate against an Austrian opponent who caught Kate with a Jodan Mawashigeri kick to go 3-0 ahead. The Austrian fighter then caught Kate with two successive Gyakusuki’s to win the fight 5-0 leaving Kate a chance in repechage.

Kate took full advantage of her repechage chance as the Austrian made the final leaving Kate in the repechage semi-final facing  a Slovakian fighter. Kate dominated this fight scoring with a Gyakusuki punch and then a Jodan Mawashigeri kick to go 4-0 up. Another Jodan Mawashigeri saw another 3 points awarded to Kate and the victory was sealed with a final Gyakusuki and a contact warning penalty point awarded to Kate givingher an impressive 9-0 win.

The repechage final saw Kate face an Italian opponent. No score within the first minute but Kate broke the deadlock scoring a Gyakusuki pinch. Kate doubled her lead soon after with another Gyakusuki punch to win the fight 2-0 and gain a European bronze medal.

Philippa Morris – Female Junior U54kgPhilippa Morris – Female Junior U54kg

Pippa received a 1st round bye which placed her into the 2nd round. Pippa looked sharp coming out to face her opponent but was caught almost instantly with a Gyakusuki punch to go 1-0 down. Pippa fought back well and levelled the score with her own scoring Gyakusuki and then went 1 point ahead with another Gyakusuki punch.

However, her opponent scored twice more with successive Gyakusuki punches to take the lead and eventually win the fight 3-2 despite Pippa’s best efforts to score again.

Hannah Baker – Female Junior +59kgHannah Baker – Female Junior +59kg

Although Hannah secured a silver at last years Junior European championships, there was to be no repeat of this feat this year as she bowed out in the opening round to her Italian opponent. Hannah was caught with a Gyakusuki punch within the first 10 seconds and try as she might, she just couldn’t get through the Italian’s defence to gain any points and lost the fight by this single point.

Hannah’s Italian victor went on to make the final leaving Hannah in the 1st round of repechage facing a Bosnian fighter. Hannah was once against caught with a Gyakusuki punch and went 1 point down. As she tried to level the score she was caught once again. Hannah was then penalised for contact and let another point slip dropping to 3-0. It was soon 4-0 as she was caught once again but she managed a consolation Gyakusuki score near the end as the fight finished 4-1 against her.

Joshua Gagon – Male Junior +76kgJoshua Gagon – Male Junior +76kg

Josh had a tough fight in his opening round encounter with his French counterpart who looked sharp and quickly scored a Gyakusuki punch against Josh taking a 1-0 lead. Another Gyakusuki punch saw the French fighter go 2-0 up. Josh reduced the deficit by scoring with his own Gyakusuki punch  but with 30 seconds left on the clock the French fighter restored his 2 point lead following a Gyakusuki punch and saw out the reaming time left defending his lead.

The French fighter went on to make the final leaving Josh in the repechage 1st round. Josh’s opponent favourite technique was the sweep as he slam-dunked Josh at least 5 times without scoring. Josh couldn’t find a way to score either and the fight went into extra time. Inevitably Josh’s opponent finally manage to score from a takedown to take a 3-0 lead. As Josh chased the points he was caught with a Jodan Mawashigeri kick losing another 3-0 which ended his medal hopes.

Stephen Karwacinski – Male Junior U76kgStephen Karwacinski – Male Junior U76kg

Steve’s 1st round opponent was a tall German who used his legs and reach well but Steve’s speed was better as he was the first to score taking a 1-0 lead following his Gyakusuki punch. Steve gave away the lead following his 2nd contact warning giving a point to his opponent but he made amends with 1 second left on the clock scoring a decisive Gyakusuki punch to steal the win.

The 2nd round pitted Steve against a Belgium opponent. Both fighters fired off Gyakusuki punches with the Belgium getting the point. Another 50/50 exchange and the point went Steve who levelled the scores within the first 30 seconds of this fight. There were two more 50/50 Gyakusuki exchanges, each fighter gaining a point each. The Belgium then gave away a penalty point following a contact warning and Steve extended the lead scoring a Gyakusuki to go 4-2 up. The Belgium then sealed his own fate with another contact warning against him giving Steve 2 more points and an unassailable lead. Steve did step out of the area in the dying seconds to give a point away but he had already secured the win.

Facing a Norwegian opponent in the 3rd round saw Steve up against a fast opponent who just seemed to outpace Steve. The Norwegian fighter scored twice off his front hand before scoring with 2 Gyakusuki punches to take a 4-0 lead. Steve was penalised for holding twice giving away a point on the second warning and a final Gyakusuki from his opponent saw Steve bow out 6-0 down.

Steve did make repechage and faced a Ukrainian opponent in his opening round. This was a close fight with the deadlock broken with a Gyakusuki score going against Steve. With 3 seconds left on the clock Steve pressed forward but was caught with a final Gyakusuki punch that saw Steve’s medal hopes fade with this 2-0 defeat.

February 5th - 1st day of competition

The first day of competition at these European Cadet & Junior Championships here in Izmir, Turkey, and England have already gained their first medal by way of a Bronze for Jacob Kiernan in the Cadet U52kg event. But the day started off with the two Cadet Kata entrants, Jack Newey and Aimee Sell.

Jack Newey – Male Cadet Kata

Jack started proceedings against a Slovakian opponent who performed Kanku-Dai whilst Jack performed Seienchin.

It was the Slovakian that took the flags 5-0 leaving Jack in a possible repechage round but unfortunately the Slovakian went out himself later on.

Aimee Sell – Female Cadet Kata

Aimee Sell completed her first round tie against her opponent from Montenegro. It was Kanku-Dai versus Aimee’s Bassai-Dai and Aimee took all 5 flags. The 2nd round saw Aimee against a German opponent who also performed Kanku-Dai. This time Aimee performed Seienchin and won the round 4-1. The quarter-finals pitted Aimee against the current European Champion from Slovakia. Aimee performed Unshu but her opponent’s Paiku proved too strong winning all 5 flags. The Slovakian went on to make the final leaving Aimee in the repechage semi-final against a French opponent. The French girl performed Unsu with Aimee performing Chatanyara Kushanku. Close but unfortunately for Aimee the French girl won 3-2 leaving Aimee 7th overall.

Jerome Brown – Male Cadet U57kg

The fighters were on next with Jerome Brown making his England debut (finally) after missing out on the World Championships due to injury. Jerome started off his campaign well after winning his opening round 1-0. It was a cagey start but Jerome counter-punched his opponent to score a Gyakusuki punch to secure the point. Jerome fought the rest of the fight well performing two take-downs but neither scored and the match finished 1-0.

Jerome’s 2nd round fight saw his European campaign end prematurely after suffering an agonising 1-0 loss in extra time. There were contact warnings for both fighters in the opening seconds of the fight but the fight soon settled down. Nether managed to score and the fight went into 1 minute of extra time. Jerome picked up a contact warning whilst his opponent picked up a non-contact warning. With 2 seconds left on the clock Jerome caught his opponents face. With a penalty against Jerome it was game over as he bowed out early.

Jacob Kiernan with Wayne Otto OBE - Bronze MedalJacob Kiernan – Male Cadet U52kg

Jacob’s first fight was against Spain and both fighters started cautiously testing each other without scoring. The Spaniard eventually broke the deadlock scoring a Gyakusuki punch taking a 1-0 lead. The Spaniard then received a warning and Jacob scored off the line at the restart to level the scores. Jacob soon scored with another Gyakusuki punch and finished off the fight scoring in the final seconds to secure a 3-1 win.

The 2nd round saw Jacob come out flying and took the lead within 8 seconds scoring with a Gyakusuki punch. Jacob doubled his lead scoring another Gyakusuki but the dropped a point following a contact warning. With a 2-1 lead Jacob didn’t sit back, he went out to extend his lead which he did twice more scoring two Gyakusuki’s to win the fight 4-1.

Round three proved a lot closer as Jacob couldn’t break down his Luxemburg opponents defence as the fight finished 0-0 and went into 1 minute of extra time. With 30 seconds left on the clock, Jacob finally found a way through and scored a Gyakusuki punch. A contact warning for his opponent in the last few seconds saw Jacob receive an extra point to seal a 2-0 victory.

The 4th round was the pool final so no pressure! A 50/50 punch with his French opponent saw the point go to France. Another 50/50 and France were 2-0 up. Jacob tried to get the points back but was caught twice more with Gyakusuki punches and lost out 4-0.

Although missing the final, Jacob was now in the repechage final fighting for bronze against a Turkish opponent. A good start from Jacob go 1-0 up early on and instantly doubled his lead firing off another Gyakusuki punch off the line to go 2-0 up. However, Jacob walked into a Gyakusuki to drop a point but once again maintained a 2 point cushion scoring another Gyakusuki. The second minute of the fight saw Jacob drop another point as he was penalised for ducking an attack reducing the lead to 1 point. Jacob didn’t let himself down as he sealed his bronze medal winning fight with a final Gyakusuki score to win 4-2 and England’s first medal of these championships.

Harley Del-Rio – Male Cadet U63kg

Harley’s opening round fight saw him doing most of the work, pressing his opponent within the first minute but could find a way through his opponents defence. After a minute Harley began to back off to draw his opponent out but neither fighter broke the deadlock. Extra time saw stalemate as the fight finished 0-0. The judges were called into vote for the winner and all flags went Harley’s way.

Harley’s 2nd round match saw another tight encounter but with 50 seconds left on the clock he finally broke the deadlock scoring with a Gyakusuki punch to go 1-0 up. With 25 seconds left he doubled the lead and secured the win in the final 10 seconds scoring another Gyakusuki to finish a 3-0 victor.

Round three for Harley and although he had a good sharp opening a 50/50 punch decision went to his opponent. Another 50/50 went against him a second time leaving him 2 points down. Whilst trying to reduce the deficit Harley forced his opponent to step off the mat within the last 10 seconds giving Harley a much needed penalty point but it was too late for him to score again as he bowed out 2-1. Unfortunately his opponent lost in the next round leaving Harley out of repechage scuppering his chances of a bronze medal.

Charlotte Wastell – Female Cadet U54kg

First up for the girls was Charlotte making her European debut. Charlotte showed no nerves as she took on her Macedonian opponent with both fighters showing some good techniques. However, Charlotte dropped the initial point caught by her opponents Gyakusuki punch. Charlotte soon levelled with her own Gyakusuki. Charlotte then once again dropped a point to a Gyakusuki before levelling once again with her own and the fight finished 2-2. The 1 minute of extra time saw Charlotte finally take the lead as her opponent was penalised for contact on the bell awarding Charlotte with a decisive extra point and victory.

The 2nd round saw Charlotte against host nation Turkey. This fight proved a step too far this time round as her Turkish opponent opened the scoring with a Gyakusuki punch to take a 1-0 lead. With 50 seconds left on the clock the Turkish opponent scored another Gyakusuki to double her score and lead the fight 2-0. Charlotte chased the fight down trying to score but couldn’t get passed her opponents defence.

Charlotte’s Turkish victor went on to make the final leaving Charlotte with a chance for bronze entering the repechage rounds. Charlotte faced a Greek opponent in her 1st repechage fight but went 1-0 following a Gyakusuki punch from her opponent. With 16 seconds left on the clock, the Greek fighter received her 2nd contact warning giving Charlotte a point to level the scores 1-1. Extra time ensued with Charlotte doing most of the pressing but in her attempt to win she was caught by a Jodan Mawashigeri kick giving her opponent 3 points. Charlotte saw the deficit reduce at the end following the award of a penalty point following her opponents contact warning but it wasn’t enough to see Charlotte progress any further.

Lauren Crawford – Female Cadet U47kg

Lauren’s opening round fight was.. wow. Fighting a taller Croatian opponent who used her legs well, Lauren went 3 points down early on being caught by a Jodan Mawashigeri kick despite being the most aggressive fighter out of the two. Lauren didn’t let up and had soon reduced to deficit to 1 point following Gyakusuki punches. Lauren was caught once again with a Jodan Mawashigeri kick but started to fire in her own and scored with them twice to secure an amazing win 8-7.

Lauren’s 2nd round fight saw her really start sharp and both fighters had to be warned for contact within the first 30 seconds. Lauren’s Bosnian opponent managed to open the scoring following a Gyakusuki punch. A warning for Lauren and another Gyakusuki saw Lauren 3-0 down. Lauren pulled one back and gained another point following a contact warning to her opponent but time ran out with the scores 3-2 against her.

Heidi Jay – Female Cadet +54kg

Heidi was another squad member making her European debut. Heidi made a shaky start going a point down but soon levelled the score with her own Gyakusuki punch as she found her range. However, her Ukrainian opponent regained the lead with a Gyakusuki leaving Heidi to once again level the score with her own Gyakusuki. At 2-2 the fight went into extra time. A close fight ensued but it was the Ukrainian that came out the victor after scoring a decisive Gyakusuki before the end to knock Heidi out early. Unfortunately the Ukrainian lost out before the finals scuppering Heidi’s chances at repechage.

Thomas Hickman – Male Cadet U70kg

World bronze medallist Tom was making his European debut and was looking for silverware but this was one strange encounter with the scores completely messed up. Tom did lose but I’m not 100% sure what the final score should have been even though it was scored at 5-1 against Tom. Tom’s Spanish opponent gained the initial point following a 50/50 Gyakusuki exchange. Tom then landed a Ura Mawashigeri on his opponent who landed on the floor but was eventually warned for feining. Both fighters were then warned for holding resulting in Tom giving a point away but he also gained a point? Then Tom was floored but also penalised for feining injury and lost 2 more points. By this time the scores were not being processed properly and there was some discussions. Another warning and another 2 points given away and Tom bowed out at the first hurdle.

Jake Langley – Male Cadet +70kg

Jake was the last fighter up for the day and although yet another European debut for the squad. Jake showed no lack of experience though as he secured a 2-0 win in his opening round fight to claim a win under his belt.

The 2nd round saw Jake Pitted against a Ukrainian fighter. Both fighters stared well showing some good techniques but not clear enough to score. The fight soon went into extra time after finishing 0-0. Extra time saw Jake take the fight to his opponent but once again the deadlock wasn’t broken and the decision went down to the judges votes. All flags went Jakes way to see into the next round.

The 3rd round had Jake against a home nation Turkish opponent who quickly went 1-0 against Jake. Jake tried to level the score but was caught once again by the Turkish Gyakusuki to go 2-0 down. The tied began to turn after Jake received a point following a penalty warning to the Turkish opponent and soon levelled the score to 2-2 with his own Gyakusuki. Jake then took the lead with another Gyakusuki punch and finished the fight 5-2 victor following yet another contact warning to his opponent.

The 4th round pool final saw Jake nearly fighting for gold but his momentum ran out as he suffered a 2-0 defeat. Jake went down to a Gyakusuki punch and although he tried to level, he was finally caught once again in the dying seconds doubling the lead for his opponent.

Jake didn’t get the chance to fight for gold but he did get the chance to fight for bronze as he made the repechage final against a Serbian fighter. However it wasn’t going to be Jake’s day as he conceded an early point and then 2 more going 3-0 down As he chased the fight the Serbian caught Jake with a Ura Mawashigeri kick to go 6-0 up. Jake then walked straight into another to end these championships in a good 5th place overall, just missing out on a medal.

February 4th - 2nd day in Turkey

A leisurely breakfast was had by all this morning with the Croatian National team who arrived late last night.

Must say the hotel & its staff have been very kind and helpful to our team and delegation helping us with our request etc.

The squad is relaxed with some taking it easy today whilst those not competing until Saturday or Sunday, are training with Jon Mottram and Ian Cole.

Wayne Otto, Juliette Toney & Head of Delegation John De Bono have gone to register the EKF squad at the HQ hotel. The draws will be available to the coaches this evening.

More to follow later.....

The coaches have been to the headquaters hotel to witness the draws and collect their copies. Once back at our hotel the coaches sat with their charges and went through the draws and then their tactics and plan of action.

Everyone is back in their rooms now settling down for the night as the first day of competition looms. The young cadets are on first and plan to show their older team mates just how it's done and whether they can match their performances. The plan is an early breakfast and then everyone on the 8:45am bus to the venue. Now bring it on!

February 3rd - 1st day of training in Turkey

3rd February - 1st day of training in TurkeyPosted 3rd February 2010

After an early night the squad met for breakfast at 8am. A short  break then kumite training started at 8am. Juliette and Ian took the first session with Wayne keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. The squad worked in pairs on attack & defence, timing & combinations. One attacked while one defended then they swapped.

After about an hour the kata squad under Jonathan Mottrams supervision then took to the floor working first individually on short combinations within their chosen katas then in teams. The squad will have a rest this afternoon before meeting up for an early evening meal.

It was decided after a break in the afternoon that the team kata atheltes would have another training session with Jon Mottram. The teams performed sections of their katas to the rest of the national coachs and squad. The teams then peformed their chosen kata with bunkai to rounds of applause.

The squad team have bonded really well throughout team pre-training back home and here in Turkey, they are united and motivated to do well at these championships, not just as individuals but as a team overall and even though the squad have a lot of pressure on them they are showing a maturity beyond their years as a team. They are supporting each other and encouraging one another which is good to see. I'd personally just like to thank all the supporting EKF associations, clubs and Instructors who have sent in their best wishes to the squad and to all the parents, friends and familes of the squad who have sent messages too. Its good to know they are well supported in their endeavours. I will ensure that they know of the messages of support you are sending in.

Tomorrow is registration day so some atheltes will be resting while others will do some light training to keep focused.

More updates to follow.............

February 2nd - Journey Out Report

2nd February - Journey Out Report Posted 2nd February 2010

A very early start for the English Karate Federation Junior Squad all meeting up at 5.30am at Heathrow. The squad checked in and then went through to departures and very soon boarded their flight. The flight went fairly quickly considering it was 3.5hrs but we only had 45 mins to get to our connecting flight! We got through passport control after 35 mins, got to the gate on time and boarded. The flight was then slightly delayed due to the weather typical! 45 minutes later we landed in Izmir as did some of the other countries teams participating in these championships.

Once at the hotel the squad were allocated their rooms and met up half an hour later for a debrief from Wayne Otto OBE on what is expected of the squad and the plan for the week. After the debrief they all went into the restaurant and enjoyed a plea sent meal.

Tomorrow the squad will meet up at 8am for breakfast (a lie in!) and then have a couple of light training sessions within the hotel from around 11am. Later on the National Coach will register the athletes at the HQ hotel. The squad although quite tired after such a long journey, are buzzing and eager to get down to business. This competition has come so quick after the Worlds in Morocco - most want to get onto the mat as soon as they can.

We hope to bring you some pictures and further blogs tomorrow.

Pre-training Reports

Posted 31st January 2010

The prepartions for the Junior European championships are now complete and the squad now wait to depart for Turkey. Some new faces to the squad as well as some familiar ones. The squad have been training well for these championships with the kumite squad training in Wolverhampton under National Coach Wayne Otto OBE and his assistants Juliette Toney and Ian Cole. The kata squad have been preparing in London under the supervision of Kata Coach Jonathan Mottram. It seems to have been non stop since the preparations for last years junior worlds but the squad have continued their training to a very high standard and are looking forward to these championships with great enthuiasm.

The EKF Squad depart on Tueaday for Turkey, with the competition beginning on Friday 5th February, we hope to be able to bring you updates, videos and pictures of the squad and their achievements during these championships.

EKF Kumite pre-trainingPosted 11th January 2010

Not a bad stat to pre training  for the Junior Europeans squad. Attendance was effected by the weather but all will attend the next one. The venue was Stennet Harveys Ikon centre in Wolverhampton. A fully matted dojo with good facilities for the squad to use. The squad was taken by Assistant National Coach Ian Cole. First the squad had a 1 1/2 hours training session which incorporated super 7 powers sets and drill work with partnered combination sets. This was followed by a 30minute break. The squad then started on distance work & techniques for a further 90 mins followed by another break.

The athletes then returned to the dojo for a further 90 mins. The first half of this session the squad completed a fitness routine supplemented by combination  techniques. The second part of the training the squad worked on pad work and drills.

Kata training was taken by Jon Mottram in London in which the teams and individuals continued their preparation for Turkey.

Thanks to Stennet Harvey for the use if his dojo, Mohinder Durdhar for medical cover, Ian Cole kumite and Jon Mottram for coaching.

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