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37th EKF Junior & Cadet Championships, Turkey 2010 - Messages of Support

Please send you messages of support to admin@englishkaratefederation.com.

just a note to say fantastic coverage again on the European's
All the best

Well done to the whole team for fantastic results and a huge well done to the girls kata team for their bronze!! Really enjoyed reading the news updates! Best wishes from Clare Bonello and everyone at SKA

Just returned from Turkey after witnessing another good day for the England Squad. Great performances from medal winners Carla, Alice and the Girls Kata team (Rachel, Rebecca and Aimee)...your bunkai was fantastic...big thanks to Coaches Marianne and Jon for the choreography.
Brave performances from Rio, Jay and Chris today.
Proud to be parents of such a committed and professional squad.

Marc and Toni Newey

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU'S to ALL the Squad, Coaches, Admin & Fans, great to of seen some of the tournament through all the videos & pictures. Looks like you've all had a great time & we're all so proud of you athletes representing our country. Wishing you all a safe journey home and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Lauren Crawford (Monday).
Debbie, Tony, Lauren & Thomas

Well done Ryan we had every confidence that you would get gold, another one for your dad to dust well done mate, Well done to Heidi for getting into squad for the first time, your mum and dad must be well proud of you two..love from leigh, neil, alfie and elle powell x x x

Well done to those that took part over the past three days. I must admit i did shed a tear when i watched Ryan win and collect his well deserved GOLD Medal.. How proud your parents must be of you!! Well done to the Girls Kata team, (at last a kata medal). Safe journey home. Lisa Neil, Dominic & Nathan Wyness. aka Elkai Higashi.

WOW! Well done Girls Kata Team -fantastic achievement-we know how hard you all worked
Good Luck to Rio competing today-we will be thinking of you! And congratulations to all who have medalled so far. 
Thanks again for the great newsfeed and pics.
Love to you all The Parris Family xxxxxxx

FANTASTIC well done girls kata team
The Sells

Ryan WOW!!!!!!! DOUBLE EUROPEAN CHAMPION you always deliver keep you feet on the ground and you will succeed well done. Special mention to Kate well done Kate I knew you could do it and Stephen unlucky mate next time.
Michael Day

Well done you guys... One gold medal I suppose is consolation for Paris missing two karate lessons =0)
Seriously... Great write ups and I look forward to seeing the videos! Well done again all of you and also Well done to the rest of the squad, support from the stands looked great
From Rowena and Paris!!!.

The squad have done really well have just read ekf ----well done. Just keep cool Alex-you CAN do it-love you

What a fantastic set of results so far for England. Well done to everyone who has competed so far - you should all be really proud of yourselves. Good luck to all competing tomorrow. Alice - we love you whatever happens!! GO GIRL!!!!!! The Goudies xxx

we love you Ryan, we do ,
we love you Ryan we do,
OH Ryan we love YOU !!!!!

Well done Double Gold European Champ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from everybody in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

OMG Ryan Jay you are truly AMAZING!!!! Well done CHAMPION, some reputation your building up there!!!! LOL Double European Champ....FANTASTIC so pleased for you.
Love Debbie, Tony, Lauren & Thomas

Well done Jay - You deserved your Brozne medal. Wish I was there to celebrate with you but thinking of you, Gavin and Jerome. You've made your club, association and country proud yet again!
Love from all of us at KBK and WIKF.
Sensei Andy

Come on Ryan bring home the GOLD...AGAIN!!!!! Well done to Jay Kirton & good luck to everyone still waiting to compete, especially our very own JOSH GAGON, we're cheering you & all the squad on all the way. LETS GO ENGLAND LETS GO........
Love The Tutty's, Sale Dojo (nervously waiting for updates in SUNNY!!! Manchester!!!!!!)

good luck to all the team in turkey especially our lovely grandaugter rebecca we are all  so proud of you good luck and do your best
granddad love xxx

good luck to all our atheletes from carla's mum & dad & well done jake

Good Luck to all the England squad competing this weekend in Turkey xx Especially Alice , Jay. Gavin & Jerome ...bring back the gold !!!!!
Michelle & Beth xx

Dear Awesome Alice...Good Luck tomorrow..we will be with you all the way...:et's go England let's go !!!!!
Michelle & Beth xxxxxx

Good luck everyone! Alice you are a superstar and will no doubt do us proud! Hope to hear lots of good news soon! Have a fantastic time guys!! Lots of love all of us from OSTMA xx

Good luck Alex and Aimee love Leigh, John, Lucy and Sophie x

OMG Jake - I've been thinking about you all day and have just read the blog, I've got tears in my eyes and a massive smile on my face - well done champ! No pressure but gold next time!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for helping Jake to make it this far - hey kid the best is still yet to come. Well done to all our atheletes and good luck for the next few days, especially Josh, and keep them medals coming.
Jake's mum and Azza

Fantastic result Jake well done, Harley and Lauren hold ur heads up high..... Josh.....do what you do best, you have worked and trained so hard for this....don't fall asleep!!!!!! All four of you have done us and your country proud....

good luck tom!
lots of love Hayley x

Well done Jake. So proud of you. Good luck to rest of the squad especially Harley Josh & Lauren.
Haley & Chris

GOOD LUCK JOSH G FOR TOMORROW-do your best an believe as much as we do!! Will b wishing u lots of love and luck from sunny Manchester
Much love
A.Kate & Nay x x x
well done to Jake on bronze - well fought H & lauren

GOOD LUCK TO HEIDI AND RYAN bring us a medal home (no pressure) you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Alison, John, Cheyne, Chelcie and Sami

Good Luck, Josh – I'm rooting for you (and all the team) all the way!
Uncle Bill

JAKE KIERNAN "SUPERSTAR" so proud of you, well done can't wait to see the footage, 1st European (EKF Squad) Comp & Bronze Medal....AMAZING. Well done to everyone else today, hard luck & congrats to Aimee getting closer to that podium though!!! sounds like it was a very close shout, 3-2. Anxiously waiting to hear how everyone else is getting on, keep all the great reports & footage coming, thank you Admin Team!!!
Tutty's, Sale Dojo

To all the England Squad competing in the Junior Europeans...
Clear Mind... Keep stong... and achieve your goals... All your hard work will pay off... Today is your day to SHINE...Your supporters are behind you all the way...
Carol and Robert Camp

This is so lovely to see the show of support you give to your team if only we could be in such a position to support our team and sons too. Regards from Croatia and we too hope that some of our team members bring home some medals.

Dear Ryan, Heidi and Charlotte
Good luck and here hoping you all win a gold medal! All the best and we look forward to seeing you when you get back.
Bethany and Thomas

Good luck to all the England team. Special good luck to Ryan Lambert! Laura xx

Aimee------your a real Champ in our eyes-you will get there dont worry.love you xxxxxxxxx Nan Grandad & Edward

Best of luck to all the ENGLAND TEAM in TURKEY 2010 so proud of YOU ""JAKE LANGLEY"" just do your best & be proud of yourself luv Granny & Paul

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!! We're all 100% behind all of you!! Good Luck to everyone competing tomorrow both Individually & in Teams, you've all trained & worked so hard for this moment just go out there do your best, treasure & enjoy every moment, hold your heads up high and show them ENGLAND are the BEST. Special mention to Lauren, Jake & Harley all competing tomorrow want to see piccys of you all on the podiums, remember Harley the Subway's on me (you've more than earned it already CHAMP). Josh not forgot about you GOOD LUCK for Saturday!!!!
Love The Tutty's, Sale Dojo

good luck tom we know you can do it!! Thinking of you..
love tom n joy xx (PCK)

Good luck to the Ken Yu Kai crew out in Turkey Josh, Harley, Jake and Lauren you’ve worked hard in training
So go get those medals. Graham lynn kelly niamh

Tom , The Rough is only mental,  I believe , we all believe in you do
your best. Jean PC Karate x

Hoping all the England team will scoop as many medals as they can in the 37th EKF Championships .. but I have to admit I'm rooting for one young man in particular ... Josh Gagon. Go Josh, go, we are all behind you!
Love Gilly x

Good luck Aimee in kata for tomorrow, you can do it, we're really proud of you, wil be watching the web for updates.
Nan & Grandad

Good Luck Tom we know you can do it!! All the best to everyone competing, From Michelle, Liam And Imogen xxx (USA)

Tom - your sheer hard work and determination has allowed you to live your dream, now show em what your dreams are made of. We are all very proud of you, Sarah Pc karate

Good luck to all the England team. You're sure to do us all proud. Alex, We know you will give it everything and you deserve to bring home some silverware. You are an inspiration to use all !!
Rob Traves (Measham K.C. & Shindo-Kai)

Good luck to everyone out there, do yourselves proud. you all worked hard for it so make it happen!
Liam Conroy

Good luck to everyone competing, you all are a true inspiration to the kids coming through. Special hello to all from Barking Abbey Ishinryu, you know you can do it and bring them medals home! Lilli sends an extra big hug to Emma
Love to you all - Claire, Jay, Dahni & Lilli Maisuria xxxx

Good luck to all of you youngsters, we are all so very proud of you, and rooting for you back home, Especially good luck to Charlotte Wastell, Ryan says ‘'ust do your thing Titch'
Lots of love, the Cleary family xx

'Tom believe in yourself and the people around you everything else will come naturally thinking of you and behind you.
Mom and Dad xx

Good luck to all the squad from Stennett & everyone at Ikon Dojo! You all looked well up for it at your pre training!

Stennett Harvey 5th Dan
Chief Instructor (CEWKA)
Chairman Xcaliber KF

Just to say a massive good luck to all the squad and coaches! We have got our fingers crossed! Have a fantastic trip and do us proud! Lots of love The Goudies xxxx

Good Luck to All from Sale Dojo, but especaially my fav Josh!! You know you can do it
Do your best & bring it home...
Much Love,  A.Kate & Nay x x x x

Good Luck for Friday Harley ... So proud be the grandmother of a special grandson! All the awards you have acheived so far point towards were your going in years to come ... lots of love Nana xx

Good luck to everyone competing in Izmir-you are an inspiration to all future aspiring England Squad members! Special mentions to Jack and Rachel Newey and the Team Kata-we are all thinking of you and so proud, also thanks for the great photos, videos and newsfeed-feel like we are there too!
Big hi to Wayne and Ian,you can do it!!!!
Love and best wishes The Parris Family xxxx

Good luck to our England Coach Wayne Otto OBE & all the squad competing at the Junior Europeans!! Special good luck to Ryan Lambert!!
Sensei Danielle Joyce & members of Shinjiru Karate Association.

Everyone at KO Karate whishes the whole England team luck in Turkey & on your future karate career.
Kev & Paul Royston, KO Karate

Wishing Alex, Aimee and all the sqaud the very best in Izmir -
love from Alan, Debbie, Alec and Hannah Cambrey xx

COME ON ENGLAND....good luck to all the Squad, we're all already proud of you all just being there representing English Karate, BUT medals would make us all even prouder!!!! Good Luck especially all the guys & girl! from Ken Yu Kai.
Love The Tutty Family xx

Good luck to the England Team going out to Turkey. You have all worked really hard to get there and deserve to get good results! Come on England!! Special good luck to Rachel and the team kata J -
from Clare Bonello and all at SKA.

I wish the squad every success.
Andy Genery

I wish to offer my support for the squad and thank all the support  staff and supporters who are out there with them.
Regards, John Moreton

Wishing the whole team and coaches all the luck in the world, thanks to all involved in the background as well, massive amounts of luck to Josh, Jake, Harley and Lauren...bring it home for yourselves, Sale Dojo, Sensei Ian Swain and last but not least England of course!!!

Sue, Alex, Ted and all your supporters back in England xxxxxxx

The England Team have arrived in Turkey to take part in the European Junior and Cadet Championships. On behalf of the EKF Board and all our members, I would like to wish the team every success. My thanks to the coaches, referees and all the family and supporters of our young competitors, who have all played their part in helping them achieve of their best.

These young people are not only the cream of our sporting talent, but show the enormous potential there is in English Karate.

Carl Lindley, President EKF

Wishing the very best to all the Squad .... you make us very proud. Go England Go !!!
Andrew and Celia Wastell

Perform to the best of your ability and you can all get amongst the medals. My thoughts and feelings are with you all. Remember "Feed the faith, starve the doubt".

Sensei Greg Francis
Assistant National Coach

Good luck to all of the squad and hoping you all do reallly well - you all deserve it, especially Jake, Harley, Josh and Lauren (Ken Yu Kai) - good luck kids and bring home some medals!!!!!
Aaron, Anthony and Julie Kiernan

Good luck Ryan Lambert, and all the squad going to turkey. All your hard work will be rewarded. your dedication and commitment make us proud to be English. Thinking of you all, Zac, Dawn, Marie, Megan, Aimee, Sollie, Brogan, Mia and Amy xxx.

Good luck to all the squad going to Turkey. Also good luck to Ishinryu's Rebecca, Aimee, Emma, Chris, Steve and Kate. bring back the medals.
Pauline & Tony Taylor

Good luck to all the squad - do us proud and bring back the metal.
From Gavin Foster and all at East Durham Ishinryu and the North-East 'Gateway' classes

Just like to wish all the squad all the best for Turkey, listen to the coaches and believe in YOURSELVES. Do yourselfs proud, train hard and fight easy, come on guys and girls give it your all and remember
Gareth x

Would just like to wish all the Squad travelling out to Turkey GOOD LUCK, will be thinking of you all & willing you on every step of the way. Special thoughts & wishes to Lauren Crawford, Harley Del Rio, Josh Gagon & Jake Kiernan from Ken Yu Kai....kick ass guys!!!

Good luck everyone. Hope you all bring back plenty of medals :) :) :) :).

From Zach Scott, fellow squad member.

Best of luck to all the team going to Turkey... just have to believe in your own ability, preperation and above all have the will to win on the day. Special mention for all the kata competitors who have been practising hard over the last couple of weeks especially the first timers Rebecca, Jack and Steve.
See you out there in Izmir!
Marc and Toni Newey

To all who are traveling out to Turkey for the Junior European championships enjoy the experience! Alex Gardner, give it your all sir. Everyone in shindo kai are behind you and knows you can medal, Go on son!

Please keep us updated like you did at the Junior worlds, that was fantastic to get the reports and photos back so fast. Well done the all the coaching staff both Kumite and Kata and everyone in the squad. Anyone that works this hard, will get the rewards in time!!

John Tumman and all in Shindo Kai.

Good luck to all the squad competing in Izmir, Turkey. Lets make it the best championships yet.
Debbie & Mark Sell

I would like to wish wayne and all the squad the very best of luck. Still on holiday but will be thinking of you all.
Best wishes Ticky Donovan.

The Board of the English Karate Federation, would like to wish Wayne Otto OBE, his staff and the squad competing in the Junior European championships Turkey, good fortune and best wishes.

Good luck Hannah Baker!!! We love you!!!! xx
Love, Anna xxx

Come on Harley .... Bring it homeee you deserve it!!!!!!

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