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Reports from the 2017 X WKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships, October 25-29, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The below are reports and results posted from Tenerife.

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EKF Assistant Coach Jason Ledgister

Male Cadet -63kg Pajhan Jaffari

Pajhan lost in the 1st round 5-2. He started slowly and judged his distance poorly. Each attempt to attack he would move too close before initiating his attack therefore being countered just before landing his own strike. This was discussed with the athlete and will be addressed in the future sessions.

Female Cadet -54kg Niamh Cosgrove

Niamh lost her 1st round bout to Serbia who went on to the final; therefore bringing Niamh back in for the repechage. The opponent had a distinct height advantage in Niamh so our plan was to attack on angles. Though Niamh’s movement was initially very good she got caught with a side kick which her opponent attempted twice before actually scoring. This should not have scored as it was attempted previously and so should have been expected. Once 2-0 behind Niamh had to “press” the fight and therefore fell victim to being picked off when trying to attack. She lost 3-0. She lost her first repechage bout to Scotland. She was a similar opponent in style but on a mutual exchange lost the first point. She continued to attempt scoring but received a powerful strike which she blocked. Unfortunately Niamh lost the bout 2-0.

Male Cadet -70kg Christie Horrillo

Christie lost his 1st round bout 3-0. Again as with several England athletes the judging of distance was poor and he was picked off when moving in prior to initiating his attack. He had several mutual exchanges where he received 1 flag for his strikes but the opponent (MKD) received more convincing strikes from the judges.

Female U21 -61kg Danielle Kirby

Danielle lost her 1st round bout 1-0. Unfortunately the opponent simply caught Danielle with the 1st point and Danielle struggled to find a way to secure an equalizing point. Danielle needs more intermediary competition in order to perform at this level.

Male Junior -75kg Mitchell Thorpe

Mitchell won his first bout against Switzerland 3-0. He showed me early in the bout that he listens to instruction well which proved to be a winning combination. Mitchell tested his opponent constantly keeping him unsettled and then scoring the first point. The opponent then tried to press for the equalizer but Mitchell dictated well and made himself a difficult target. He went on to score a chudan kick ending the bout at 3-0.

Round 2 Mitchell won against China 4-3. A close bout but Mitchell was able to stay one step ahead of his opponent using the previous method of unsettling the opponent before attack.

Round 3 saw Mitchell win 5-4 to Ecuador, a very close bout with Mitchell now working in tandem with my coaching style and trusting it wholeheartedly. I had managed to observe the opponent previous to our bout and therefore was able to coach Mitchell victory.

Mitchell won the 4th round 6-5 against MAR. This was a very good opponent but again I observed him in the previous bout and gave Mitchell a good understanding of how we were to beat the athlete. His opponent was a very strong kicker therefore we had to force him to kick at the wrong times and lose confidence in his legs. Mitch’s continued pressure did just that resulting in a flustered opponent. We then were able to score a kick of our own which was planned before the bout which saw Mitchell grow in confidence and see out the bout.

The semi-final was another very strong kicker who we planned well for. Our plan was to “pinch” senshu and then nullify his kicking by attacking and closing down the kicking distance. Mitch carried this out evidently to the rest of the team and won the bout 2-0. An excellent victory and a world class performance.

The final was dependent on getting a skilled and composed athlete to over commit and attack at the wrong time. Throughout the early phase both rallied for the first point which was a game of “cat and mouse”. Though we lost the senshu we were able to get the opponent to over commit as planned on two occasions. It was clearly evident to Mitch but he failed to exploit the mistake due to such a small time frame. This will be something Mitch and I can develop in the future. Mitch was forced to “chase” the point and unfortunately got caught with a kick ending the bout with a loss to Italy at 4-0.

Congratulations to Mitchell on his Silver Junior World Medal.


EKF Coach Paul Newbys Report

Rachel Traverse v Kosovo 1st round

Rachel came out firing as always and ran into a Jodan kick and went 3.0 down also losing to the senshu rule. Rachel fought hard and try to pull it back bu,t unfortunately not being able to catch the Kosovan. This is Rachel’s debut for England and will take away a lot of valuable experience.

Jed Thompson v Chinese Taipei 1st round.

Jed came out positive scoring first and gaining SENSHU. CT forced the fight and for his efforts got a point back but Jed kept him off for the rest of the fight winning on SENSHU.

Jed Thompson v Columbia 2nd round

Jed scored first gaining SENSHU but made a small mistake and was caught with a jodan kick, Jed tried his best but couldn’t get the points back in time and went out 2nd round.

Brandon Carr v Kazakhstan

Brandon comes lacking a little bit of belief and is scored on losing SENSHU he’s shortly 3 behind but then starts to believe and pulls back a point with not much time left Brandon has to attack and gets picked off one last time .and unfortunately Brandon goes out.

Charlotte Hope v Slovenia 1st Round

Charlotte gets off to a great start catching the Slovenian with a great head kick and gaining SENSHU and then ran the clock down to move on to the 2nd round.

Charlotte Hope v Denmark 2nd round

Charlotte’s hands were working nice and also the Jodan kick was there again which was just too much for the danish fighter leaving Charlotte to cruise to the third round 6-1

Charlotte Hope v Belarus 3rd round

Charlotte loses senshu but her kicking was on fire scoring twice with Jodan kicks beating the Belorussian 6-1 moving into the quarterfinals.

Charlotte v Croatia quarterfinal

Charlotte loses SENSHU but fights hard and once again her Jodan kick scores but this time it’s a closer fight ending 4-3 Charlotte moves into the semifinals against Hungry.

Charlotte v Bulgaria semifinal

Charlotte is all over the girl kicks punches and also again a great Jodan kick which earns her one flag so we called for Video review which was a disappointing No. The fighters exchanged attacks and the Bulgarian delivered a takedown. Charlotte was now 3-0 down and couldn’t get it back .

All repechage and bronze medals were the next day so Charlotte had to wait til 3pm the next day to fight to become world bronze medalist.

Charlotte Hope v Hungary Bronze medal match

charlotte hope podium

In front of all the stadium on center mat Charlotte comes out busy but, gets caught and loses senshu in a close exchange. Working for the last time of the competition Charlotte lands a Jodan kick, after video review the kick is given and Charlotte runs the clock out winning 3-1 to become Junior female -59kg world bronze medalist. OSS

What a brilliant performance from such a young girl she’s got such a bright future and we are sure she will bring England many more medals

charlotte kick

charlotte medal

Stephen lloyd v Malaysia 1st round

Stephen came out looking for points and clashed early both gaining a point and still SENSHU is up for grabs. Malaysia scores again and gets Senshu Stephen also scores another point but then Malaysia pulled away on points and Stephen is out, but he learned a lot on his first time on the big stage.

Tayla O’Brien v Philippines 1st Round

Tayla comes out in her England debut and gets off to a good start with a 1.0 win showing good hands and defense work.

Tayla O’Brien v Russia 2nd round

Tayla has a good clash with the Russian but, loses Senshu fighting all the way to the bell but goes out in the second round . Good job Tayla on her first championships.

Joe Hird v Italy 1st round

It was Joe’s debut for England at a major competition and he out came well but both fighters received a cat 2 warning. Joe then scored first gaining Senshu and quickly another but he started picking up more cat 2 warnings and eventually was disqualified. Even though a disappointing result Joe shows promise .

Jordan Clarkson v China

China had already had a nice warm match against Venezuela. Jordan came out good but China was already in high gear and scored Senshu, Jordan scored a good Jodan zuki but to little too late and unfortunately her tournament ended.

Cuba Paris v Australia 1st round

Cuba came out fast and confident scoring rapid punches and kicks winning the bout in quick time 8.0 moving into the second round.

Cuba Paris v Russia 2nd round

Cuba again was too athletic for the Russian using his speed to score three singles to move into the third round.

Cuba Paris v Japan 3rd round

Cuba’s fitness started to let him down and the Japanese fighter was thanking his lucky stars because Cuba was too much for him Japan scored and kept his distance Cuba didn’t have enough energy to use his gifts.

The Japanese fighter went through to final so Cuba is in repchage

Repechage Cuba Paris v Morocco

Cuba lands a Jodan Geri early in the bout both fighters are tired and Cuba moves holds onto the points and the win taking out another dangerous opponent.

Repecharge quarterfinal Cuba Paris v Belarus

Cuba is now at the end of his energy levels and is still hard for his opposition to deal with. Belarus scores a single point and holds onto his point to take the match.

Cuba 7th in the world and I believe if fit, capable of winning this division at the highest level.

Brandon Jewell v Turkey 1st round

Brandon had a slow start and against this lad he doesn’t need help catching Brandon cold . Brandon scores a late point too little too late. Brandon out.

Turkey gets to the final Brandon is back in the repechage

Brandon Jewell v Kazakhstan repechage

Kazakhstan comes out aggressive and confident but Brandon picks him off with quick hands and moves through round one of repechage with a new surge of confidence.

Brandon Jewell v Serbia repechage semis

Again using his speed, reach and being constantly motivated by his coach, Brandon is beginning to believe he can do this and wins the fight comfortably going through to the repechage final for the bronze medal.

Brandon Jewell v Croatia Bronze medal match

Brandon is now on a high and quickly goes 4.0 up against the Croatian. Brandon is now feeling the grind of fighting back to back in a repechage losing concentration he gets caught by a jodan kick, a good telling off from the coach and a reset in focus Brandon scores anther point. As Brandon has senshu the Croatian needs a head kick but Brandon digs deep and holds onto the win and becomes heavyweight world bronze medalist. I don’t we’ve had a heavyweight under 21 medalist at this level from England in over fifteen years. Congratulations Brandon.

EKF Coach Davin Pack Report

Chloe Lydon

1st round 2-0 HUN

First fight up , Chloe got off to a flying start beating the girl from Hungary 2-0 . Her speed and movement was excellent, she was very focused.

2nd round 1-1 IND

Continuing from the last round, Chloe was looking just as good taking the first point and senshu . Unfortunately she collected three cat 2 with 50 seconds remaining. Ind pulled a point back but Chloe she was wining with senshu In the last 4 seconds they came into a clinch and Chloe Spun out ,the referee and judges made the decision that she was holding and disqualify Chloe, A very unfair decision but a great performance she should be proud.

Jamie Gridley

1st round 0-2 LAT

Jamie lost her he first round to Latvia 2-0 , he hesitated and didn’t get going, needs to gain more experience at higher level to boost his confidence.

Lauren Salisbury

1st round 3-1 SVK

A good start to the day for Lauren with the win over Slovakia, controlling the match and getting the first one out of the way ,

2nd round 4-5 GER

A close fight with with Lauren taking the lead 4-1 with senshu against the German, the German pulled back a Jordan kick towards the end of the bout and nicked a point right in the seconds Lauren show promise but this was her first competition as a junior as has to gain experience in the older category The German went on to make the final!!

Repechage 0-8 DEN (day 3)

Lauren had her work cut out against the tall danish fighter once she went down on points she didn’t keep her composure was taking down after trying a Jordan kick finally losing 8-0 Lauren has great talent and shows promise for the future, she needs to develop her fighting for the more experience of the older category.

Brandon Wilkins

1st round 2-0 Boliva

Great opening fight showing Brandon can hold his own at this level , his composure was great holding on to to his two yuko’s to take the victory

2nd round 0-0 Denmark (0-5 flags)

Brandon had the distance of the Danish but unfortunately didn’t capitalised and score any points He left his world championships in the hands of the referees they seemed the guy from Denmark to have thrown more techniques and award him the match . He show he has what it takes to hold his owe at this level but needs to develop.

Ethan Day

1st round 1-0 El Salvador

Ethan got off to a great start at his first world championships taking the first point and senshu against El Salvador. He shows he can handle the competing at this level. Holding on to a 1-0 lead to take the win ,

2nd round 6-0 Switzerland

Ethan takes this round much easier. Scoring 3 single points , while being totally in control of the match he then finishes by scoring a Jordan kick taking his total to 6, he makes a very good show of himself !

3rd round 1-4 Italy

This round was going to be much hard for Ethan against the Italian, once the Italian got the first point and senshu, Ethan had to then Chase and close him down , he then was picked off . A good performance for his first major tournament he shows lots of potential !

Carys Jones

1st round 0-4 Turkey

Making her debut at a major tournament Carys had the girl from Turkey in the first round, after being caught with a Jordan kick, Carys gave it her all to pull the points back, nearly scoring her own Jordan kick. She has had a taste of what is needed at this level and now knows what she needs to work on.

Chloe Salisbury

2nd round Germany 0-8

Chloe had a bye and the winner of Austria and Germany. Chloe was the youngest competitor in the U21 as it was her 18th birthday on her event day!

The step up to this category showed as the German had a comfortable victory winning the match by 8 points, Chloe has a lot to develop to compete at this level.

Bleu Parris

1st round 2-4 Mexico

A close fight but after the Mexican got the first point and senshu. Bleu had to work hard closing him down. Bleu had the better of the Mexican but unfortunately his fitness played a key part and let him down. Conditioning and fitness is so important at this level!

Terry Brigdale

1st round 0-4 Germany

Terry shows a lot of heart and is physical , throwing everything at the German . The German picked him off to win. Terry needs to work on his technique so he can score points at world level!

Rebecca Boakes

2nd round 0-0 (1-4) flags Egypt

Rebecca had a first round bye, the Egyptian girl used her legs and Rebecca found it hard to close her distance neither of them was able to score a point, The Egyptian won on flags by the referees! Rebecca needs to be able to score points at world level.

Update from Chief Referee Dale Gamble

The English Karate Federation have 6 World Officials in attendance at the junior world championships. Tony Dent, Gary Hoyle Peter Bibby, Nariman Jeddi, Billy Brennan and Chief referee Dale Gamble

At these championships Dale Gamble, Billy Brennan and Nariman Jeddi were given their long service pins for attending world championships.

Dale and Nariman Jeddi 15 years service

Billy Brennan 20 years service

Well done to the English Karate referee department

Thursday 26/10/17

What a day for the fighters! We have 2 athletes Lauren Salisbury and Charlotte Hope now going for World bronze medals. They will be fighting off on Friday in their respective categories. There were some excellent fights by the young lions and they have gained some invaluable experience they can use to take into their next championships.

Tomorrow its the turn of the kata teams and all the finals including bronze medals for the junior fighters. Don’t forget you can watch live www.karateworld.tv.

Coach’s reports to follow





Wednesday 25/10/17

Today was the start of the individual kata events. For half the kata athletes this was their first time competing for England. There were some outstanding performances from the this young squad, who have a good future ahead of them. One particular performance was from young Sadie Stoner in the 14-15yrs female kata, this is only her 2nd time representing her country and she again made a medal final, losing by the narrowest of margins 3-2 on flags to Belgium, placing 5th in the world. A coach report on all the individual performances is to follow. Well done everyone. Tomorrow is the individual kumite athletes turn, starting at 10am.



Tuesday 24/1017

Been a busy day for the Staff of the EKF with our Chaperones sewing badges on the back of the athletes Gi’s, our coaches gaining their WKF qualification and attending the briefing plus our HOD attending the WKF congress.

Both kata and kumite squads have done some training at the hotel in readiness for tomorrow. The competition kicks off with kata and starts at 10am. For instant updates there is a RSS feed covering all the categories. https://live.sportdata.org:8443/wkf/sportdata_live_blog/index.php

Don’t forget the weekend bouts are being streamed live free at www.karateworld.tv

coaches tenerife

congress tenerife

kata tenerife

kumite tenerife1

Congratulations to Peter Bibby kumite Judge A, Gary Hoyle kumite Referee B, Dale Gamble Kata Judge A. 100% pass rate in taking their WKF qualification.

referee tenerife

Sunday 23/10/17

The squad and delegation departed Manchester on Sunday evening to compete in the World Championships being held in Tenerife. After arriving in Tenerife the squad and delegation then had an impromptu photo call with the crew and captain of the flight. The captain commented on how pleased he was to be able to fly the squad to Tenerife so they could compete at the championships. The crew also commented on how polite and friendly all the young athletes had been.

EKF Squad 2017 Tenerife

EKF Junior Squad 2017


The coach’s have a busy day ahead of them taking their WKF accreditation exams. Our referees have also had a busy weekend taking their practical and theory exams which conclude today. More updates to follow…….

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