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EKF Squad News 2019

Posted 30th September 2019
EKF National Kumite Squad Training session with new National Head Coach Junior Leferve and Assistant National Coach Juliette Toney

EKF Proudly sponsored by Adidas KarateSunday 29th September saw the first EKF National Kumite Squad Training session with new National Head Coach Junior Leferve and Assistant National Coach Juliette Toney. Junior and Juliette were joined by invited coaches Dean Lowe and EKF Regional Coaches Sat Sehra and Rory Daniels. 

The National Kumite Training session was opened by Performance Director Winston Williams who invited athletes, coaches and parents to join him to welcome Junior and Juliette. 

Winston communicated that Head National Coach Junior Leferve, supported by Juliette Toney and Head Kata Coach Ady Gray will take the coming weeks to develop their plans for the future having regard for the current performance framework and selection criteria. In essence formally articulating the vision they set out during their recruitment process. 

They will also recommend their support team in the form of Assistant Coaches. Until then they are inviting coaches to help with training sessions ahead of formal appointments.

Winston went on to comment that as detailed in the performance directors update report to the EKF Board in August 2018, we have a strong team of regional coaches who are enthusiastic and committed therefore an asset to the EKF however, the report highlighted that the regional coaching team lacked diversity. 

As Junior and Ady develop their coaching teams they will likely require more coaches therefore, there will be opportunities for existing and new coaches with a focus on increasing its diversity. 

EKF National Kumite Squad Training session with Junior Leferve

Until future plans are agreed with the performance directors and signed off by the EKF Board the status quo remains.

Performance Director Greg Francis closed the session by addressing Kumite and Kata athletes, coaches, parents and referees as Kata athletes had arrived by that time and the referees training had concluded.

Greg reiterated what Winston had said in his opening address and went on to impress the importance of connectivity and collaboration between the whole squad, the refereeing department, coaches and parents.

The national squad training followed pre-training which took place the previous day for the Under 21yrs Squad going to Chile. Vasile Munteanu joined Ady Gray as the invited Kata coach for Saturday and Sunday. Both the Kumite and Kata Squad trained together for part of the day before separating to undertake discipline specific training. 

EKF National Kumite Squad Training session with Junior Leferve

The overall feedback for both days from all who attended / observed was excellent with several commenting that there was ‘a real buzz’ both days. 

A great first national squad training session for Junior and Juliette and a great second national squad training session for Ady....keep up the good work.

We will provide further updates as future plans are developed.

EKF National Kumite Squad Training session with Junior Leferve

We will take this opportunity on behalf of the whole EKF Board to wish the squad, coaches, support team and referees all the very best at the Cadet, Junior and Under 21yrs World Championships.

EKF Performance Directors 
Winston Williams & Greg Francis

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