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EKF Squad News 2012

Posted 28th October 2012
WKF World Championships for people with disabilities - Russell Dowler and Verity Anderson prepare for Paris 2012

Russell Dowler and Verity Anderson, England's two representatives in the WKF World Championships for people with disabilities were recently helped in their preparation by a training session led by England Kata coach, Jonathon Mottram.

Mark Symonds had been assisting Russell and Verity’s regular coach Simon Coope to prepare the pair for the trip to Paris.

Jonathon heard of the intense training sessions and immediately offered his services.

Jonathon made the 7 hour round trip to Simon’s dojo in Hinckley on Thursday evening and treated the whole class to a fantastic session on Pinan Nidan, one of the katas selected for Paris.

Russel, Jonathon and Verity

An individual session with Russell and verity followed which involved breaking down the components of their second kata, seishan.

Both Russell and Verity benefitted immensely from Jonathon’s training and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

The lesson ended with Simon thanking Jonathon for giving his time and making the long trek north on the M1, to pass on some of his invaluable skill and experience to the whole class and in particular to Russell and Verity.


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