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EKF Squad News 2010

Posted 27th June 2010 - updated 28th June
Nice Championships Report

In summary there was a great team spirit :-) and some good individual moments of excellence. Natalie never lost a fight the whole tournament and showed a remarkable degree of mind control throughout the tournament. She achieved a Gold in the Individuals and a Silver in the Team along side Katie and Carla.

Katie too achieved Gold in the Indiividuals and showed great determination to throw gaku despite her recent injury to her face.

Carla showed a mature and experienced account of her introduction to the International Open was one to be remembered. She showed no fear and looked and performed as well as the best at that tournament.

Stephanie was the most improved individual athlete and her obvious natural talent was second to her mental talent. She has the mind of a karate oracle and if she continues to use both talent and mental capabilty in conjunction with each other as she did this weekend, it will be hard to beat.

Rio has started to believe in herself and scored with some very strong gakus and head kicks including an axe kick. It was a good achievement for Rio in that her confidence and in her own ability this was high and it was directly reflected in her fights on the mat, including an 8:0 win against South Africa.

Alice used her speed and natural raw talent to win an 8:0 victory over South Africa and was relaxed and high in self confidence. Alice is keen to improve and will do but basically needs to fine tune her attacks in increase her point conversion rate, because with what she has, she should be scoring on every attack.

On Thursday, after about a six hour delay at the airport due to a strike by French air traffic control, the ladies team managed to get on the last flight to Nice, France arriving at their accommodation betwen 10-11pm at night. Carla, Rio, Stephanie, Alice, made it through some early rounds but unfortunatey no medals. For Natalie and Katie it was a different story altogether, after some close fights each came out on top with a gold medal in their individual events. Today (Sunday) sees the ladies in the team event.

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