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England Karate Squad

All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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EKF Squad News 2009

Posted 13th December 2009
Confirmed Squad for Junior Europeans 2010 - Turkey

Male Cadet 14 To 15 Years
Male -52kg Jacob Kiernan
Male -57kg Jerome Brown
Male -63kg Harley Del-Rio
Male -70kg Thomas Hickman
Male +70kg Jake Langley

Male Junior 16 To 17 Years
Male -55kg Ryan Jay
Male -61kg Jay Kirton
Male -68kg Gavin Bailey
Male -76kg Stephen Karwacinski
Male + 76kg Joshua Gagon

Male Under 21 Years
Male -68kg Christopher Harris
Male -78kg Alex Sell
Male +78kg Ryan Lambert

Male Kata
Male Cadet Jack Newey
Male U 21 Alexander Gardner
Team: Alexander Gardner Chris Karwacinski, Stevephen Karwacinski

Female Cadet 14 To 15 Years
Female -47kg Lauren Crawford
Female -54kg Charlotte Wastell
Female +54kg Heidi Jay

Female Junior 16 To 17 Years
Female -53kg Phillipa Morris
Female -59kg Kate Karwacinski
Female +59kg Hannah Baker

Female Under 21 Years
Female -53kg Carla Burkitt
Female -60kg Alice Goudie
Female +60kg Rio Smith

Female Kata
Female Cadet Aimee Sell
Female U21 Emma Lucraft
Female Team: Rebecca Birch, Aimee Sell, Rachel Newey

Posted 9th December 2009
EKF Squad Sessions

Please note that going forward, all squad sessions will now be closed to spectators, coaches and parents.

Posted 26th November 2009
Official Invitational Spanish Cup - Message from the Board

The Board would like to wish the following England Squad Atheltes all the best at the Official Invitational Spanish Cup in Tenerife this weekend.

Reece Taylor
Rachel Newey
Craig Burke
Alice Goudie
Ian Cole
Liam Brennan

Posted 5th November 2009
The World Championships

Next week the England Team will take part in the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Morocco. This is where the best prospects for the future of English Karate will challenge the best in the world and will be, for most, the culmination of many years of dedicated training and preparation. On behalf of myself and the EKF Board, I want to wish the competitors good luck at the Championships. I am grateful to the Head Coach, Wayne Otto OBE, the other coaches and officials and all the supporters who will be out there to help them give of their best. The team is looking confident and impressive, and with their spirit and sense of unitiy, I know they will make England proud!

Carl Lindley
President EKF

Posted 3rd November 2009
The World Championships

The World championships represent the pinnacle of sporting karate and this is the largest squad todate attending a WKF championships. The Board of the EKF would like to wish Wayne Otto OBE, his assistants and squad competing in the Junior World Championship all the best wishes and good fortune.

The Board of the EKF

Countdown to the 6th World Junior & Cadet Championships, Morocco 2009 begins . . . Posted 3rd November 2009
Countdown to the 6th World Junior & Cadet Championships, Morocco 2009 begins . . .

We hope to bring you news, reports, images, video and results leading up to and throughout this prestigious WKF event as our English Squad compete once again on the international stage.

Please show your support by sending messages to the squad, and keep checking our website for latest updates from now through to the Squad's return after November 15th.

Posted 1st November 2009
Squad Training Report for October 31st 2009

The EKF held another squad session in rediness for the World Championships this week at the Crystal Leisure Centre, Stourbridge, West Midlands.

The session was open to 18yrs+ but closed to juniors with the exception of the Kumite 'A' Squad and for the Kata squad going to Morocco for which this session was compulsory. Even so, there were approximately 80 athletes in attendece. The students were split into a number of groups; the athletes going to the Junior World Championhships, the remaining 'A' squad and the 18yrs+ seniors. These groups were coached by Greg Francis, Juliette Toney and Ian Cole who each took a group but rotated between themselves. The small Kata group was taken by Jon Mottram who put the group through their paces .

The Kumite athletes were taken through 2 hours of drills, sparring and kumite technieques before having a well deserved lunch. After lunch the Kata squad performed their team Katas and individuals to the rest of the squad then Wayne Otto OBE headed the Kumite selections for the Junior Europeans. This was the 2nd round of selections for the Europeans, and those lucky enough to be invited back to the final session will select against the 'A' squad on the 22 November at Harrow Lodge, Hornchurch Essex. The session on 22 November will also be the first selection for the Senior Selections for the Senior Europeans 2010.

The Kumite squad head off for pretraining this week with Wayne Otto OBE and his assistants to Halifax and the Kata squad continue their pretraining with Jon Mottram. So with just over a week to go to the championships next stop Morocco. We hope to be able to bring you video, picutres and blogs so keep an eye on the website for updates.

Posted 21st September 2009
'A' Squad Selections October 2009

The Athletes below are those individual athletes that have been invited back to the 'A' squad selections on 31st October (Venue TBC).






A. McCOLGAN +70kg

Posted 19th September 2009
EKF Squad Kata Training & Kata Selections Report - Dudley.

EKF Squad Kata Training & Kata Selections Report - Dudley. This weekend open Kata training and Kata selections for the Cadet & Junior Europeans in Turkey 2010 which took place in Dudley, West Midlands.

Jon Mottram took the session with over 30 in attendance. The students worked on combinations, line work and Kata technique. While Jon Mottram took the session, the Kata teams going to the WKF World Championships in Morocco where training ready to demonstrate their Kata and bunkai to the students training. After two hours of training the atheltes stopped for a short lunch break. The teams then performed their Katas with bunkai followed by the individuals performing their compulsory Katas for the initial selection process. Each athelte performed either Bassai Dai, Seienchin, Jion or Kanku-Sho.

After another short interval where Jon Mottram debriefed the students, they again went through several rounds performing their compulsory Katas. These katas have to be correct techniqually if atheltes wish to go through the rounds, many competitions do not include the compulsories and this can let athletes down at major international championships so its vital these are perfected.

At the end Jon Mottram thanked all the students for coming and is looking forward to the next selections in London on 17th October.

Posted 19th September 2009
Dublin Grand Slam results

First result of the Grand Slam team events in Dublin. The EKFs  senior female team dominate to win gold. Full results to follow.

The men's senior team met Ireland in the final if the grand slam and won silver.  Some good performances by both the men and women teams write up and photos to follow.

Posted 18th September 2009
EKF Squad Training Report - September 13th, YorkshireEKF Squad Training Report - September 13th, Yorkshire

The EKF held its selection and training session on the 13th September in Ripon, Yorkshire for the Junior European Championships, which are to be held in Turkey, Feburary 2010. Just over 80 kumite competitors made the trip to Yorkshire where the Morocco Squad, the 'A' squad and potential squad members met up.

With the the World Championships only 2 months away the squad met after the summer break to continue their training. The Morocco squad and 'A' squad trained with National Coach Wayne Otto whilst those selecting had their training with Assistant Coach Ian Cole.

The first part of the session for all athletes was a mix of drill work, combinations and sparring. After a short lunch break those hoping to select where taken to a seperate hall from the EKF 'A' squad to be begin the selection process, whilst Ian Cole took over the training of the 'A' squad.

After nearly 3 hours of kumite the squads met up in the main hall where Wayne Otto explained the new process to the athletes. Those athletes that are to be invited back will receive an email inviting them to train and select at the next session.

Our thanks to the Referees that supported this selection and the coaches, we look forward now to the next session which will be held in the Midlands at the end of October Venue TBC.

Posted 17th September 2009
Grand Slam Championships

The Board of the EKF would like to wish the Referees Nariman Jeddi & Billy Brennan, National Coach Wayne Otto and his team the best of luck at the Grand Slam Championships in Dublin this weekend. The Senior Squad are competing against Wales, Ireland and Scotland at the Dubin City University. Results and Pictures to be publised as soon as available. www.onakai.org

Posted 4th August 2009
The formation of England’s Cadet & Junior ‘A’ Squad

Wayne Otto OBE, England National Coach, outlines the formation of the Cadet & Junior 'A' Squad and the current members.

Posted 4th August 2009
Selected Squad For the World Championships Morocco

Female Cadet Kata - Aimee Sell
Female Cadet U47kg- Lauren Crawford
Female Cadet U54kg - Chloe Cooper
Female Cadet +54kg - Rebecca Croly

Male Cadet Kata - Mitchell Roberts
Male Cadet U52kg - Jacob Kiernan
Male Cadet U57kg - Jerome Brown
Male Cadet U63kg - Thomas Hickman
Male Cadet U70kg - Jake Langley
Male Cadet +70kg - Zachary Scott

Female Jnr Kata - Emma Lucraft
Female Jnr U53kg - Steph Thorndick
Female Jnr U59kg- Kate Karwacinski
Female Jnr +59kg - Hannah Baker

Male Jnr Kata - Jack Dixon
Male Jnr U55kg - Ryan Jay
Male Jnr U61kg - Jay Kirton
Male Jnr U68kg - Gavin Bailey
Male Jnr U76kg - Alex Sell
Male Jnr +76kg - Saule Del Rio

Female U21 U53kg - Carla Burkitt
Female U21 U60kg - Reisha Hull
Female U21 +60kg - Rio Smith

Male U21 U68kg - Ross Mathieu
Male U21 U78kg - Gareth Hains
Male U21 +78kg - Cheyne Phillips



Female Team Kata: Emma Lucraft, Rachel Newey & Aimee Sell
Male Team Kata: Jack Dixon, Alex Gardner & Chris Karwacinski

Rachel NeweyPosted 13th July 2009
Rachel Newey takes Gold at the WKF 2nd Youth World Cup in Greece

Rachel Newey a member of the Junior England Squad was the only English Representative to attend this WKF event. Congratulations to Rachel Newey who completed 5 rounds to win Gold in the kata event.

Please click here for the the WKF 2nd Youth World Cup Results.

Posted 29th June 2009
Second round of selections for the Junior World championships Morocco Report

The second round of selections for the Junior World championships Morocco, took place on Sunday 28th June 2009 at the Barking Abbey School Leisure Centre, Essex. Considering that it was one of the hottest days so far this year it was good to see nearly 100 kumite athletes turn out for the training and selection session. With the kata being held next week the athletes were able to spread out and use all of the hall available.

As the athletes were being put through their paces by the National Coach Wayne Otto and his assistants for the day Natalie Williams, Greg Francis and Ian Cole the EKF were fortunate enough to have a representative from Risingstars TV film the session. Various shots were filmed of the group and interviews held with Jon Mottram Kata Coach, Ryan Jay Junior European Champion 09, Natalie Williams Silver medalist at the recent Senior Europeans 09 and Willie Thomas a director of the EKF, who gave an interview explaining how the federation is set up. Risingstars will be showing various clips during the week with karate featuring on their website on their launch day Wednesday 1st July 2009 www.risingstars.tv

After the initial training session the selections soon got underway with 2 mats running for just over 3 hours, it was quite intense with some familiar faces taking part and some of our younger stars setting out for the first time.

It was a good day for those selected who have been invited back to the final selection on the 19th July 2009 in Stourbridge, and disappointment for those not, but with selections just round the corner for the Junior Europeans for 2010, I'm sure they will come back stronger knowing what is required of them. Its going to be a busy few months for the young squad and for some, this will be the first time they would have been selected to represent their country at World Level.

A big thank you to all the Coaches, staff and officials who helped with the selections. Thanks also to our Physio Surdhar Mohinder, who was kept quite busy due to the heat and one or two blisters!! and thank you also to the referees Nariman Jeddi, Brian Noble, M Beasley, A White, Richard Burridge, Mark Symmonds and M Tointon, who gave up their time to ensure the smooth running of the areas.

Posted 10th May 2009
England 12th out of 44 countries on the medal table in the 44th European Senior Championships

Click here to view the participation list (PDF) »

Posted 9th May 2009
44th European Senior Championships Zagreb - Croatia - Results

  • Jon Mottram finished in top 8 of kata
  • Ashleigh Kenny 5th place kata
  • Katie Hurry Bronze Medalist
  • Amy Thomason lost 2nd round
  • Alton Brown lost quarter finals - no repocharge
  • Natalie Williams Silver Kumite
  • Chris Rigg lost 2nd round, chris Harris lost 1st round

Click here for Results up to 8th place (PDF) »

Right: Katie Hurry Bronze medalist.

Right: Natalie Williams - Silver Kumite.

Photos: Mick Billman

Katie Hurry Bronze medalist European Championships Zabgreb. Natalie Williams Silver Croatia 2009

Posted 14th April 2009
National Coach Announces Senior European Squad for Croatia 2009

Ashleigh Kenny
Jonathan Mottram
Male Kumite
Alton Brown
Chris Rigg
Chris Harris
Female Kumite
Emily Griffiths
Amy Thomason
Katie Hurry
Gemma Marwood
Natalie Williams

The Board of the EKF wish the squad good fortune at the forthcoming European Championships, Zagreb Croatia.

Posted 29th March 2009
Closed squad kumite training session on 12 April 2009

National Squad Coach, Wayne Otto OBE, has arranged a closed squad kumite training session on 12 April 2009 at the Olympikdream Centre.

The invited athletes have been chosen following their performances at the recent EKF English National Championships held on 21-22nd March 2009 in Sheffield and performance at the Junior European Championships 2009.

The main focus of this session is intended for the athletes going to the Senior European Championships in May, and also provides an opportunity to conduct a 1st pre stage preparation session for the forthcoming Cadet and Junior World Championships in November. All athletes will be contacted over the next 2 days the next open squad session will be in May 2009.

Posted 2nd February 2009
Special Message from Carl Lindley

The England Team has returned with 6 European Junior/Cadet Championship medals.  They were in four further Bronze Medal fight-offs and suffered numerous close losses to ultimate medal winners.  Not only did every member of this young squad show themselves capable of World Championships success, but they all conducted themselves with enormous dignity, sportsmanship and respect for their opponents.  The team spirit was truly inspiring and the support for the English competitors louder than even that of the hosts, France.  I feel very privileged to have been part of this event and the future of English Karate looks very bright indeed.

I would like to thank the Head Coach, Juliette Toney, Assistants, Greg Francis, Jonathan Mottram and Davin Pack, as well as Physiotherapist, Mo Surdhar and not least, chaperones, Debbie and Mark Sell, for their enormous efforts over the past week.  I would also like to specially thank Jel, our Website Manager, for keeping all our supporters informed of every part of the event in such a prompt and professional manner.

Carl Lindley
English Karate Federation

Posted 27th January 2009
Junior and Cadet Squad

The Junior and Cadet Squad have arrived in Paris for European Championships

Posted 5th January 2009
First EKF Squad training of 2009 proves a success

On Sunday 4th January 2009 the EKF held its first Open squad training of the year. It was a great turnout with over 140 students attending. Wayne Otto OBE, Ian Cole, Davin Pack and Jonathan Mottram put the athletes through their paces and outlined what's to happening in the coming year. Terry Pottage also attended and explained the new competition rules which will be in force from January 2009. Competition rules can be found on the WKF website www.karateworld.org

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