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England Karate Squad

All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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EKF Squad News 2007

Posted 10th December 2007
Squad selection results for Trieste 2008

Sunday 9th December 2007 saw over 100 Athletes come together to train and select for the forthcoming European Junior & Cadet Championships for February 2008. After the recent Championships in Turkey many were looking forward to the next major Championships, and turned out in force. With more and more associations joining and showing their support for the English Karate Federation family it was an extremely successful day and it was great to see such a massive turn out.

Trieste Selection

Training was split with Jonathan Mottram taking the Kata sessions and Wayne Otto OBE heading the Kumite session aided by Juliette Toney and Greg Francis with National Coach Ticky Donovan OBE overseeing the groups. Greg Francis took all the Athletes through his 'Fit 2 Fite' adrenalin pumping warm up session! After 30mins the Athletes split into 2 groups for training kata and kumite. After the Athletes were put through their paces, the selections began. For some this was their first time selecting and for others this was their last time as Juniors so the pressure was on to make the grade.

Trieste Selection

Selections started with Kata and with the standard extremely high the panel had some difficult decisions to make. Following on from Kata, Kumite selections began with both mats being used between male and female fighters. Once again the Athletes performed to the best of their abilities and the supporters witnessed some excellent fights. Unfortunately as in any competition only a few can come out on top. This time the following Athletes were selected with the remaining athletes encouraged to keep training and selecting, as they represent some of the best karate ka in their age groups. Selected squad:

Male - Cadets  
Gareth Hains
Ashley Tancock
Tyrone Josephine
Alex Sell
Adam Francis
Saule Del-Rio
Female - Cadets  
Ashleigh Kenny
Sophie Richardson
Reisha Hull
Rio Smith
Male - Junior  
Reece Taylor
Chris Harris
Tom Canham
Alex Hodge
Tom Gibbings
Akan Eka
James Steadman
Jamie Holt
Ritchie McMillan
Stephen Luke Scott
U65kg - Team
U75kg - Team
U80kg - Team
Female Junior  
Samantha Cannon
Emma O'Callaghan
Sarah Donnelly
Katie Hurry
Lauren Adams
U53kg - Team
U60kg - Team
O60kg - Team

Ticky Donovan and the Board of the EKF would like to thank all the Coach's, Referees and Officials that gave up their time and made the day run smoothly also to Dr Mohinder for his support. Best of Luck to the squad.

Posted 6th December 2007
EKF Northern Regional Championships 2007 Results

On a cold and wet 25th November, the Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Bradford became the hive of activity for the 1st EKF Northern Regional Championships. This was the 2nd championships in the EKF series of events and following on from the EKF Southern Championships held in September 2007 in Essex . . .

Click here to download the report
Click here to download the results

Posted December 3rd 2007
Training Selection Information

You may or may not have received a previous email stating that all selections for the European Championships February 2008 are now to be held on the 9th December 2007. The selection that was to be held on 13 January 2008 is now a training session only and it is vital that the selected squad from the 9th December attend the January 2008 one.

Athletes, you must ensure you bring your licence on the day of selection and that your Association is a fully paid up member of the English Karate Federation. IF YOUR ASSOCIATION IS NOT A FULLY PAID UP MEMBER OF THE ENGLISH KARATE FEDERATION YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAIN OR SELECT.

There will be an up-to-date list on Sunday of all the member associations who have and have not paid which will be used to verify membership. There will be no exceptions.

Due to a major fire in the cafe area at Bisham Abbey, there will be no catering facilities on the 9th december 2007. The selections are still taking place but athletes/supporters/officials should ensure they bring their own refreshments.

The EKF would like to thank Tony Smith of Chikara Ltd and Mark & Shirley Lord for their support of the Athletes
and coachs of the EKF England Squads

Posted 1st December 2007
English Karate Federation Selection Update

An executive decision from the English Karate Federation has been made that there will now be only one selection session for the forthcoming WKF Cadet & Junior European Championships in February. The session on 9th December 2007 at Bisham Abbey will now be for both Kumite and Kata with the Kata selections commencing at 1:00pm. The decision was based upon potentially restrictive costs with regards to travel and accommodation, etc. The open training session scheduled for 13th January 2008 will remain in place for training only.

Posted 28th November 2007
National Squad Selection Form

Kata & Kumite National Squad Training & Selection
Open Squad Training for Cadets, Junior & Seniors Selections for 35th Cadet & Junior European Championships
15-17th February 2008

Posted 29th October 2007
English Karate Federation (EKF) Southern Regional Championships Results

Click here to download the results

Posted 29th October 2007
English Karate Federation (EKF) Southern Regional Championships Report

The championships were held on the 30th September 2007 at Goresbrook Sport Centre, Dagenham, Essex.
This was the first championships to be run by the newly formed English Karate Federation and the expectations were extremely high, with 14 Kata events and 34 Kumite events planned for the day. Over 420 individual competitors and over 26 teams participated, with a further 200+ spectators attending. It was an outstanding event with all credit going to Joe Anderson who organised the entire event.

All expectations of high calibre competitors were met as many competitors were from the English Karate Team, (Jon Mottram, Alton Brown, Jay Gauci, Akan Eka, Tom Canham, James Steadman, Michale Roche, Ross Mathieu, Harry Cannon, Lauren Adams, Samantha Cannon, etc). Some competitor’s were unable to compete on the day due to injuries, (Reece Taylor, Richie McMillan and Christopher Blenman.)

We would like to thank Ticky Donavan OBE, Dave Wilson and Terry Daley, whom are all members of the EKF working committee and who gave their support on the day to all that attended. Thanks is also given to Terry Wingrove and to the EKF Northern region organiser Peter Alan, plus everyone who helped on the day from the referees, line judges, table officials, time keepers, stewards, weighing-in officials and analysts.

The whole day was an exceptionally enjoyable one, although exhausting.

The Toyakwai Association won the overall trophy with 101 points, second was Ishinryu with 62 points, third was Amateur Martial Arts Association with 39 points and fourth was KDI with 37 points.

Posted 29th October 2007
WKF Junior/Cadet Championships Report

Firstly, I would like to thank Terry Wingrove for all the financial support and his personal time he has given towards us being able to attend this championship. Also thanks to Debbie Sell for all the Administration work, Tony Smith (Chikara) for badges and tracksuits and Mark Lord (from Kachi-Do) for Gi’s and equipment.

As it was very late booking flights the Squad had to be divided into two groups. The first group headed by myself arrived at the hotel Thursday morning at 2am the second group headed by Jonathan Mottram and Julie Tony arrived at 4am. Thursday was registration where Jonathan and I spent three and half hours queuing for registration! Registered was over 80 countries and 1400 competitors.

The Turkish Federation had made many mistakes with the programme and they bought forward the starting time to 8am (6am English time), so as you can see there was not much rest for the squad. First day started with weigh ins and team events. The English male team won against Sengal 3-1 and then lost in the next round to Holland, who eventually lost to Japan which put us out of repocharge. The ladies team were next up winning three rounds then finally loosing to Tunisia who were the eventual winners. The Ladies team came back in repocharge winning against China 2-0 and then loosing for Bronze medal against Croatia 2-1 (already it was beginning to show that we suffered from a lack of pre-training.)

On Saturday it was the turn of the Cadets which saw many of the competitors loosing in the first round. Jemmel Mathason fought well going through 3 rounds as did James Steadman, Rio Smith went 2 rounds then came back in repocharge and lost. Not a good day for the cadets, but many of them had their eyes open to the high level of the World Championships (and many agreed the need for pre-training). Sunday was the day of our juniors a shock for Reece Taylor and Sam Cannon both medallists in Europe, loosing in the first round. The juniors spirits were then lifted with Ritchie McMillan – 60kgs who stormed through he’s category until the semi finals meeting Egypt where Ritchie run out of steam but then came back in the repocharge to take the Bronze medal. Katie Hurry went through three rounds but lost to Switzerland she came back in repocharge only to loose again. Sarah Clarke fought very well but lost in the third round. After the competition again many of the juniors expressed the need for pre-training.

Despite all the problems over the last year the team came together and fought their hearts out, the experience will hopefully hold them in good stead and help them to prepare for the forth coming Europeans in Trieste, Italy 2008. Many thanks go to the coach's Jon Mottram, Wayne Otto OBE, Julie Tony and Dr Mohinder for their support , time and work at these Championships which was done voluntary with no pay.

Most importantly was the attendance of England which was greeted by many countries showing their support for us being back in memberships of the WKF.

Ticky Donovan O.B.E.
National Squad Directo

Posted 24th October 2007
WKF Junior/Cadet Championships in Istanbul

The registration for the championships took place at the Barcelo Eresin Hotel on Wednesday October 17, in the afternoon and on Thursday October 18, in the morning. 82 countries with more than 1103 competitors registered for the various categories (745 Male and 369 Female).

WKF Organizing Commission visit in the stadium before the games
Mr. Esteban Perez Head of WKF O.C. with local organizing committee staff
Coaches Meeting in HQ hotel
Tommy Morris Chief, WKF Referee Commisssion Chief addresses coaches

Posted 15th October 2007
Trains and Ships and Planes

EstoniaWith the cadet/junior team about to depart for Istanbul for the WKF Championships a huge sigh of relief will go up from all those that made it possible at such very short notice. Now we are looking forward to 2008 and the key trips to Trieste, Estonia and then the long-haul to Tokyo. Already we are arranging travel details for Trieste (15th-17th Feb.) and are very happy with the interest and support from the parents, so much so that we are introducing a parents/supporters register to coordinate our efforts to assist the cadets and juniors and travel as an organised supporters group. Then onto Estonia (2nd-4th May) for the European Senior Championships which gives our athletes and coaches enough time to prepare a full team with an organised supporters group and officials.

Then the “big one” - off to Tokyo (13th-16th Nov). At the moment we are in talks with sponsors to send a full jumbo to Japan with supporters, family and other interested groups (we also have serious interest from other European countries to make-up any shortfall in numbers) which will enable the team to travel at a very reduced cost. Through a member of the EKF the team has been offered accommodation and training facilities in Japan and with a year to realise this trip of a lifetime we will publish updates on a regular basis. If you would like to register as an EKF supporter or would like any particular details on travel with the team please contact us

Posted 10th October 2007
EKF Teamwork sends juniors/cadets to Turkey for WKF Championships

A concerted team effort non-stop for 4 days was needed to provide the logistics to send the junior and cadet team to the WKF World Championships in Istanbul starting on th 19th Oct. At such very short notice and with nothing arranged we have to thank the superb professional and determined efforts of Debbie Sell, Ticky Donovan O.B.E. and the magnitude of the sponsors Kachi-Do, Chikara & Cyberbudo who arranged the flights, accommodation, insurance, chaperones, clothing, gi’s, entry formalities, etc and local liaison all at such short notice. We have learned a lot and built up a profile which we will use to reduce the logistics when we send teams in 2008 to Trieste (European Junior/Cadets Champs), Estonia (European Seniors) & Tokyo (World Seniors). We do appreciate any input from instructors, parents and athletes especially in the post event period. We know it will all be worth it and all our best wishes go with the team and their coaches

Posted 9th October 2007
EKF Selections get off to the best possible start

This was a weekend (Oct 6th) to remember for all the right reasons, with over 80 competitors at Bisham Abbey taking part in the first EKF selections resulting in a great success and showing the strongest support for the EKF. After a rigorous training session with, top England coaches, Ticky Donovan OBE, Wayne Otto OBE, Kata Coach Jonathan Mottram, and Juliette Toney, selections for the Junior & Cadet World Championships took place.

Over a 4 hour period the competitors were put through their paces, Kata first followed by Kumite. Englands top WKF referees were in attendance and did a very professional job at such short notice, many thanks go out to them. A special thanks also to the parents and supporters who came to this event and the traders who were so helpful. The EKF wishes all the competitors and staff the best of luck.




The following Athletes were selected:

Alice Goudie
Rio Smith
Ashleigh Kenny
Mitch Scotcher
Ashley Tancock
Jemmel Mathason
Harry Cannon
Matthew Drury
Cheyne Phillips
James Steadman
Jade Honeywood
Jenna Shilston
Katie Hurry
Sarah Donnelly
Lauren Adams
Samantha Cannon
Richie Mcmillan
Robert Osborn
Sean Bashford
Aaron Swales
Akan Eka
Tom Canham
Michale Roche
Reece Taylor
Christopher Blenman

Posted 10th August 2007
BudoSai 50th Anniversary of English Karate 2007

England vs. Holland

Round one (x is category one - w is category two)

James Stedman 221 vs 1121 x 11 5 to 7 Holland
Raphael Veras w 1111 vs 121 4 to 4  Draw
Alton Brown 1331 vs 0 8 to 0 England
Paul Abel 111 vs 1 x 3 to 1 England
Akan Eka 11 vs 11 2 to 2 Draw
Jay Gauci 1221 vs 131111 6 to 8 Holland
Sonny Roberts 11 w 1 vs 111 w 3 to 3 Draw
Loren Cook 0 vs 13211 0 to 8 Holland
Lauren Adams 2 x 1121 vs 11 x 111 x 7 to 5 England
Katie Hurry 111 x x 1111 x vs 12 7 to 3 England

4 wins England 45 points - 3 wins Holland 41 points

Round two

Sonny Roberts 31 vs 3111 4 to 6 Holland
Jay Gauci 211 vs 1 4 to 1 England
Akan Eka 1 x 112 vs x w xx 5 to 0 England
Paul Able 11 vs 111 2 to 3 Holland
Alton Brown 11 vs 2 2 to 2 Draw
Raphael Veras 111 x x 112 vs 112 x 7 to 4 England
James Steadman 1 vs 1113 1 to 6 Holland
Melissa Lewis 112 vs 111111 4 to 6 Holland
Katie Hurry 1111111121 vs 13 11 to 4 England
Lauren Adams 12111 x x vs 1112111 6 to 8 Holland

4 wins England 46 points - 5 wins Holland 40 points


England 8 wins 91 points - Holland 8 wins 81 points                       

I would like to thank Tony Smith and his company (Chikara) for track suites and badges for the team, and Sensei Terry Wingrove for all the work he and his team put in to sponsor and organise an outstanding three days. Finally, the refereeing was in the capable hands of Roy Fox, thanks to him as well.

Best Wishes
Ticky Donovan O.B.E

Posted 5th July 2007
New Competition Format for EKF

We are happy to announce that we will confirm on 12th July the dates and venues for the:

EKF Southern Regional Championships:
Sunday 30th September 2007 Goresbrook Sports Centre, Ripple Road, Dagenham Essex RM9 6XW,
Contact Tel & Fax 0137650261 Email: toyakwaikarate@aol.com

EKF Northern Regional Championships:
Sunday 25th November 2007, Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Rooley Ave, Odsal, Bradford, North Yorkshire, BD6 1EZ, Contact Tel & Fax 01617971077 email : ama.sensei@btopenworld.com

EKF Snr & Jnr National Championships 2008

We anticipate that a seeding system will be adopted at these competitions which would lead up to a competition in
2008 to determine the National squad. Simultaneous with this we anticipate initiating squad training at various venues across England to enable more athletes to attend.

We expect to have serious commercial sponsorship in place as soon as the EKF has completed all its legal requirements incurred on its formation. This sponsorship will allow the athletes,coaches and administration a lot more “peace-of mind” than over the past 18 months. We will further update this section over the coming weeks so that entry forms, category details and all other relevant information can be down loaded direct from this website.

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