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EKF Squad News 2015

Posted 7th April 2015
Report: EKF Squad attend 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli event, Turkey 2015

HoD: William Thomas
Coach: Paul Newby

  • Carla Burkitt
  • Amelia Harvey
  • Siobhan Hayes


  • Alton Brown
  • Jordan Thomas
  • Jamaal Otto

The English Karate Federation were invited to take part in a commemorative event to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Gallipoli. During the battle of Gallipoli the British forces alone lost over 60,000 men all of whose names are inscribed on a memorial built at the site where they fell. The event started with a welcome speech by the president of the Turkish Karate Federation followed by one minute’s silence. The countries in attendance reflected those involved in the battle of Gallipoli, Turkey and Germany who fought side by side against the allied forces of England. France, Australia and New Zealand (known combined as the Anzacs).

The competition yielded some great individual performances but both teams were unable to beat the Turkish teams who in turn lost out to the might of the France. England placed joint third overall. Coach Paul Newby award Jordan Thomas and Carla Burkitt the trophy for the outstanding English competitors of the event for both men and women respectively, pulling off some great techniques and demonstrating consistency throughout. All athletes represented both themselves and England with distinction and entered into the true spirit of the commemorative event.

The day concluded with an amazing tour of the battle grounds of Gallipoli complete with tour guide educating us all of the history and sacrifice that was made 100 years ago. From the big guns and trenches on the sea front to the humbling memorial where thousands were laid to rest.

We would like to thank the Turkish Federation for their kind hospitality and putting on the event to commemorate the battle of Gallipoli, this time using Karate to bring those nations together in sport.

EKF Squad attend 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli event, Turkey 2015

William Thomas 7th Dan
English Karate Federation
Head of delegation

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