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EKF Squad News 2012

Posted 6th November 2012
The 21st World Karate Championships are coming.

The French Karate Federation, in collaboration with the World Karate Federation, made the official presentation to all the French Mass Media of the 21st World Karate Championships that are going to take place in the French capital city, at the Multi Sports Facilities of Paris Bercy, from the 21st to the 25th of November 2012.

These are especially important Championships for the Karate Family since, just one month later, the WKF will pass a first report before the IOC as Candidate Sport for the Programme of the 2020 Olympic Games.

The WKF, together with the French Federation, is very intensively working for the complete success of the event, taking care up to the last details, in order to be in condition to offer an event that will give full satisfaction to athletes, spectators, sponsors and mass media.

Within the framework led by the WKF, the French Federation intends to show its power on the tatami with a top quality team both in kata and in kumite, also including male and female categories.

At the presentation event – that took place at the panoramic room of the 56th floor of the iconic Montparnasse Tower, several representatives from the WKF and from the FFKAMA and almost a hundred TVs, radios and press representatives met there. Their assistance and input have been key for the success of this first pre - Championships event.

The 21st World Karate Championships are coming.

However, the most important stars have been the Karate athletes of the French team that attended the presentation. They will be competing at home – in front of their supporters – and will do it in a daily crowded Stadium (16.000 people) trying to achieve their best for their country and their sport.

The WKF is leading and coordinating all efforts and objectives, as are to have the best World Championships ever towards the main target: OLYMPIC KARATE in 2020.

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