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EKF Squad News 2012

Posted 6th September 2012
Kira Munns-Charlton Celebrates Gold Award from the Mars Refuel Drink Fund

Kira Munns-Charlton Celebrates Gold Award from the Mars Refuel Drink FundKarate champion, Kira Munns-Charlton from Epsom, is celebrating after receiving a £1000 donation from the MARS REFUEL Drink Fund.

Fourteen-year-old Kira is a student at Blenheim High School and has been practising Karate since she was five. As well as her school studies, Kira trains at Barking Abbey Ishinryu three times a week, taking the train with her mum on the three hour round trip. Her sensei is England Kata Coach for the English Karate Federation, Jonathan Mottram.

Kira also trains every day at her home in Epsom, where the living room has been turned into a mini-dojo.

In 2011 she won the English and British individual titles in Kata 12-13 year’s categories and also competed as part of the England Kata Team in the World Championships in Malaysia.

This year she competed in the European Championships which were held in Azerbaijan in February 2012.

She is currently involved in the selection process for the covered individual place at the Junior European Championships in 2013 which is a big year for not only Kira but everyone involved in Karate across the world, as the sport bids for entry into the Olympic Games.

She hopes to represent England next year in the individual female cadet category at the European Championships.

Kira is delighted to win the donation, she says: “I love Karate and dedicate a lot of my time to training. I’m completely self-funded so my parents have to cover all my costs and travel to competitions.

“Thanks to the MARS REFUEL Drink Fund I will be able to travel to Switzerland and the Czech Republic to compete ahead of the European championships next year. Gaining this experience is so important if I am to stand a chance of fulfilling my dream of winning a major medal for my country.”

A recent survey conducted by chocolate milk drink, MARS REFUEL, revealed that the main barriers preventing people from taking part in sport are a lack of motivation and cost.

The MARS REFUEL Drink Fund was set up to help individuals and clubs play their chosen sport. Applicants for support such as equipment, coaching, pitch time and travel expenses can be made online at www.marsrefuel.com.

The MARS REFUEL Drink Fund, which runs until September 30 2012, has one Gold (£1000), four Silver (£500) and eight Bronze (£250) awards to donate each month.

The fund is open to residents of, and clubs and organisations based in the UK and Republic of Ireland only. Applicants must be 13 years or over and only one application will be accepted per person, club or organisation.

The milk goodness in MARS REFUEL is a great source of protein, carbohydrate, calcium and vitamin B.

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