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EKF Squad News 2012

Posted 4th February 2012
Senior European Championship Squad 2012

Female individual categories

  • Emily Griffiths -50kg - EKKA
  • Carla Burkitt -55kg – Kaizen Central
  • Natalie Williams -61kg – B.I.K.O.
  • Kerry Gunn -68kg - Kaizen Central
  • Katie Hurry +68kg – Sport Karate Acad.

Male individual categories

  • Chris Harris -60kg - EKKA
  • Jordan Thomas -67kg- Kaizen Central
  • Alton Brown -75kg - Toyakwai
  • Aaron Swales -84kg - Ishinryu

Female Team

  1. Natalie Williams (Capt.) – B.I.K.O
  2. Katie Hurry – Sport Karate Academy
  3. Carla Burkitt – Kaizen Central
  4. Siobhan Hayes (Sub) - Shindokai

Male Team

  1. Alton Brown - Toyakwai
  2. Jordan Thomas – Kaizen Central
  3. Ryan Jay - EKKA
  4. Lee Heath - WKU
  5. Gavin Bailey - WIKU
  6. Chris Harris (Sub) - EKKA
  7. Barry Meanwell (Sub) - WKF

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