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England Karate Squad

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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

Kumite Squad Training, Selections, Documentation & Calendar


All EKF training/selection sessions are now via the new online forms which then take you through to the payment section. The choice is paypal/debit/credit card. Forms will not be received by the EKF until payment is made. This is the only way to now register and pay for sessions. You will receive a receipt of your payment and a copy of what you have submitted to the EKF. Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled by the EKF, refunds will not be given for any other purposes.

To enter any EKF events or training sessions you must first seek permission from your association before you register and pay.

Only athletes with a valid EKF licence can register. If an athlete is selecting they must be in possession of a full British Passport and reside in England. If you have represented another country or represented one of the other home nations then WKF rules apply.

All information and personal data gained from completed EKF training/selection forms is only used for EKF Ltd purposes and is not distributed to 3rd parties. By submitting the registration form you are giving consent for the EKF to use images for promotional purposes only.

To enter any EKF training / Selection event you must be free of any injuries. If you have had a recent injury or medical procedure you must produce a GP letter stating you are now fit to train. If you submit a training/selection form whilst carrying an injury or having had a medical procedure and train / select the EKF is not liable. You must see the EKF medical officer on duty at the session to confirm whether you can train or select.

Disclaimer: Karate is a martial art and contact sport. People can and do get injured and we cannot accept responsibility for any such injury, loss or accident arising from your participation in our training, competitions or associated activities and ask that you are aware, agree and accept this by entering or giving permission to enter this event. We should also be notified, in writing, of any medical condition that may have relevance to their participation in karate.

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Parental and Legal Guardian Code

Please take a moment to read our Parental and Legal Guardian Code


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Selection Notes


Only athletes who are 'fit and healthy' will be selected to fight for England as constant reoccurring injuries will not only affect your performance but more importantly your training. So get yourselves in shape, look and perform like athletes.


The national squad remit is a minimum of 6 sessions per year Under 21 (14-20 years) and 6 sessions per year Senior (18+). To be able to attend National Training you need to be selected by your Regional Coaches. and take responsibility to meet the international standards outlined by the senior coaches, regional coaches and reinforced by your association and club coaches.

The selection criteria will include all factors:

  • Fitness and health
  • Athlete profile
  • Attendance to squads
  • Attendance to national / international competition
  • Performance at national / international competition
  • Performance on squad selections​
  • Attitude and psychological disposition; Postive, team players, must win, determined, adaptble and tanscious athletes
  • Technical and tactical ability
  • Demonstration of qualities indicative of elite performers

Kumite and Kata 2019 Squad Training and Selections Calendar:

17th March  
28th April Strength & Conditioning training (12:30pm-1:30pm)
12th May  
2nd June  
14th July Selections for U21, Junior & Cadet World Championships
28th July Strength & Conditioning training (12:30pm-1:30pm)
18th August  
29th September  
13th October Strength & Conditioning training (12:30pm-1:30pm)
10th November Selections for U21, Junior & Cadet European Championships
17th November  
8th December  

Congratulations to everyone who has now made the EKF Cadet, Junior U21 and Senior Kumite ‘A’ squad.
Please note: Some Athletes are on trail for EKF National A Squad , Athletes may also be taken off the A Squad and sent back to they regions.

EKF National A Squad List SEPRTEMBER 2018

Abigail Lewis
Adam Amin Boudjemaa
Adam Giles
Alexandra Leigh James
Alexandra Marie Williams
Alice May Whittington
Alice Robison
Amber Allsopp
Amelia Harvey
Benjamin Welch
Bleu Parris
Brandon Brian Wilkins
Brandon Carr
Cameron Mencia-ince
Carla Burkitt
Carys Anna Jones
Charlie Coulson
Charlotte Hope
Chloe Casimir
Chloé Lydon
Chloe Salisbury
Chloe Summers
Christie Horrillo
Chynah Williams
Cuba Parris
Danielle Leigh Kirby
Demie Holland
Devante Walters
Elise Morton
Ellie Hannah Gudgeon
Emma Sophie Plumley
Ethan Shaun Day
Georgia Aelxia Mitchell
Georgina Francesca Lawson
Hazel Flaherty
Jack Ward
Jacob Edward Beasley
Jacob Fairhead
Jade Honeywood
jade Lillian Attfield
Jamaal Ishmail Khalid Otto
James Bradley Francis
Jasmine Jade Pomeroy
Jed Henry Thompson
Jenna Louisa Cato
Joby Wilson
Joe Kellaway
Jordan Nathaniel Jean Thomas
Josh Gleadell
Kai Longden
Kate Christina Karwacinski
Lauren Paige Salisbury
Laurn Amy Crawford 
Lewis Alan Hunt
Lucus Spiers
Lucy May Pettit
Lydia Jane Woolatt
Madeline Christina Jones
Megan Brooke Salisbury
Mitchell Michael Thorpe
Mitchell Wyatt-Sugg
Mohsen Haidari
Monika Sturman
Musa Abdullah Edwards
Natalie Karina Joyce Williams
Niamh Lily Cosgrove
Nicola Summers
Pajhan Jaffari
Perry Emerson Mayers
Poppy Stanton
Rachel Heather Traverse
Rebecca Elizabeth Bradburn
Rebecca Holly Boakes
Reisha Hull
Robin Vincent
Rochelle Walters
Ryan Reginald Rex Jay
Samuel Peter Day
Sibi Kumara 
Stephen Paul Lloyd
Sukhjote Singh Sohal
Tarran Singh Padda
Tayla O'Brien
Troy Michelle Darnbrough
William Huke
Yasin Ahmad
Aidan Docherty
Apo Fars
Edrees Mcfarlane
Katherine Burnham
Tyler Hames
Samuel Phillips


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