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England Karate Squad

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Previous Squad Event
51st Senior European Championships, 5-8 May 2016 - Montpellier, France
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51st Senior European Championships, 5-8 May 2016 - Montpellier, France

Kumite Squad Training, Selections, Documentation & Calendar


Payments for training sessions will now have to be made directly to the EKF by BACs transfer or bank deposits. Payments will be required for the online form registration (payment details will be on the relevant squad page). There will be no facility to pay on the day or turn up without payment and registration having first been received by the EKF. When making payments you will need to include a reference by including the name of the person, date of the session and which session eg J Bloggs 1/1/16 Nthn Kumite. In the future we hope to have online payments through the website to make things easier for the user.

Payment details:
English Karate Federation Ltd
Acc: 44753268
Sort Code 30-18-88

Selections & Training

Sunday 16th October
2016 National Kumite Squad Training
Honeywell Sports Centre, Barnsley College, Honeywell Lane, Honeywell, Barnsley S75 1BP

Willie Thomas 7th Dan – European & World Champion
Davin Pack 5th Dan – World Champion
Paul Newby 4th Dan– World Champion

Session 1: 1030hrs – 1300hrs Fight Offs (Snrs selected for the world championships will fight £15)
Kumite Fight-offs and final selections for the Cadet/Jnr/U21 European Championships (£20)

Lunch 1300 - 1330hrs

Session 2 & 3: 1330hrs – 1430hrs & 1500-1600hrs
12 – 13yr FUNdamentals / Basic strategy
14 + Session based on athlete needs highlighted during the fight-offs

Payment is now on-line only. The booking deadline is the 10th October 2016 before 5pm after which the link will be closed.  Only those who have booked will be permitted to train (with NO exceptions). For booking, please see the link below. – Squad Payment reference ‘Name’ Nat-Squad 16/10

Please note that the October Kumite squad session and final selections for the cadet, junior and U21 European Championships is now on the 16 Oct at the Honeywell sports center, Barnsley. Details to follow.

Selection Notes


Only athletes who are 'fit and healthy' will be selected to fight for England as constant reoccurring injuries will not only affect your performance but more importantly your training. So get yourselves in shape, look and perform like athletes.


The national squad remit is very limited, 12 sessions per year and open to all sessions. Ownership is yours and the responsibility to meet the international standards outlined by the national coaches and reinforced by your club and association coaches.

The selection criteria will include all factors:

  • Fitness and health
  • Athlete profile
  • Attendance to squads
  • Attendance to national / international competition
  • Performance at national / international competition
  • Performance on squad selections​
  • Points accrued (see attached)
  • Attitude and psychological disposition (no bad apples in this bucket) Postive, team players, must win, determined, adaptble and tanscious athletes please!
  • Technical and tactical ability
  • Demonstration of qualities indicative of elite performers

Click here for the 2016 World Championships Squad members' statistics


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Calendar 2016

Please note: Dates/venues are subject to change where due notice will be given.

Please click here to view the 2016 Calendar (Updated 19/07/16).

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