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23rd World Senior Championships. Linz, Austria. 25-30 October 2016
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23rd World Senior Championships. Linz, Austria. 25-30 October 2016

Kata Athlete Fitness Test 1 Requirements & Fitness Form

Kata Athlete Fitness Test 1 Form

Click here to download the form (PDF).

This document forms a guide to the fitness test requirements for all Karate athletes wishing to be considered for Kata selection to the National Squad.

General Guidance

  • All athletes will be learning the fitness test at EKF National Squad training sessions.
  • There are six different sets of exercises to complete; details listed below.
  • There are four different athlete categories, each category set with a different time limit to complete the exercises.
  • The clock will start when the examiner says “GO”, the clock will stop when the athlete is back at the start line after the final set of exercises have been completed.
  • All athletes will rest for one minute after completion of a set of exercises with the rest time included in the overall fitness test time.
  • Exercises will be completed at two different stations, five metres apart.

Exercise Procedure

  • The athlete starts at one exercise station point (A).
  • When the examiner starts the test the clock is started, the athlete proceeds with haste to the next exercise station point (B) and completes 1 repetition of the first set of exercises.
  • The athlete then proceeds back to the original exercise station point (A) and completes 2 repetitions of the first set of exercises.
  • The athlete then returns to exercise station point (B) and completes 3 repetitions of the first set of exercises.
  • The athlete continues to alternate between exercise station points increasing the number of repetitions for that particular set of exercises until the exercise set repetition limit has been completed. This will vary depending on the athlete category.
  • The athlete completes the set of exercises by returning to the original exercise station starting point (A).
  • The athlete then rests for one minute (notified by the time keeper) before commencement of the second set of exercises following the same pattern for the first set, increasing the repetitions at each alternate exercise station until the full set have been completed.
  • The clock will stop when the athlete completes the final set of exercises and returns to the original exercise starting point.

Exercise Sets

The following set of exercises must be completed in the order specified below:

  1. Press-ups
  2. Squat thrusts
  3. Sit-ups
  4. Shiko-Dachi jump squats
  5. Tuck jumps
  6. Dips

Exercise Details


  • When dropping to the floor for the press-up and standing up after the press-up, your knees CANNOT touch the floor.
  • You MUST touch the exercise station point marker on every press-up.

Squat Thrusts

  • When you push your legs out they must be straight.
  • When you bring your feet up to squatting position, feet have to be nearly in line with your hands.
  • Your backside MUST STAY BELOW your head height at all times during the exercise.


  • Just raise yourself half way up then down on each sit-up.
  • When dropping to the floor and rising up to run your hands MUST NOT be used.

Shiko-Dachi Jump Squats

  • Start in Shiko-Dachi stance.
  • Jump and push as high as you can from the stance.
  • On Shiko-Dachi drop down, your hips (belt) MUST DROP IN LINE with your knees.

Tuck Jumps

  • In between each jump, do not double bounce; Jump, land, jump, land. Etc, so the motion of jumping continues.
  • Your knees MUST GO HIGHER than your belt on each jump.


  • Feet placed shoulder width apart.
  • Feet must be kept flat on the floor for each dip.
  • When you drop down, your backside MUST BE AS CLOSE TO THE FLOOR as you can.

Athlete Categories

Athlete Category Exercise Amount Overall Time Limit
15 Years & Below 1 Repetition increasing to 5 8 Minutes
16 & 17 Years 1 Repetition increasing to 6 8:30 Minutes
18 Years & Above 1 Repetition increasing to 7 9:30 Minutes
Veterans (35 & Over) 1 Repetition increasing to 4 7:30 Minutes


All athletes intending on selecting must produce their tournament tracking forms and fitness testing form at each EKF squad training and selection session which must be signed by their coaches. Failure to do so may result in non-participation of the selection process.

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