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All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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EKF Squad News 2020

Posted 7th September 2020
20/09/20 Training with EKF National Kata Coaching Team
The date for Part 2 has now been set for 20th September. This session will focus on Shito Ryu and will be led by Head Coach Sensei Ady and Assistant National Coach Sensei Vasile.

The scheduled start time is 12:30.

For all those who registered for Part 1 please note that you will automatically receive the details, as will members of the national and elite squads.
To register, send your name, association and license number to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com by 5pm on the 19th.

Whilst there has been international interest for these sessions, please note we are only accepting registrations from EKF members.

20/09/20 Training with EKF National Kata Coaching Team

Posted 18th August 2020
06/09/20 Training with EKF National Kata Coaching Team
On the 6th September the first of a two part, online kata programme will commence. The first part will be focused on Shotokan followed by a subsequent session (date TBC) focusing on Shito Ryu. 

The Shotokan session will be led by Head National Lata Coach, Ady Gray and Assistant National Kata Coach, John Gardiner. They will commence at 11am. This event is being offered to all EKF members free of charge.

To secure your place, email squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com today with your name, association and license number. Please note all National and Elite Squad members will automatically receive the access details. 

Deadline for registrations, 5th September at 5pm.

06/09/20 Training with EKF National Kata Coaching Team

Posted 5th August 2020
16/08/20 EKF Online Kumite Session
The EKF will be hosting another online kumite session, open to ALL members and free of charge. This session will be taken by the newly appointed Head Kumite Coach for the South West Region. The session will take place from 11am to 11:40am.

To register for the session members are to email: name, license number and association to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com. Access details will follow thereafter. 

Jerome Kumedzina

Posted 21st June 2020
Q & A for Athletes and Coaches with EKF National Para Coach

Para Karate Q&A with EKF Head Para Coach, Sensei Handley.

Questions to be sent to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com by Wednesday 24th June.

Videod response to your questions on para karate thereafter.

Q&A Session with Matt Handley

Posted 21st June 2020
EKF Online Kata Competitions in July & August

The EKF is pleased to announce they will be running FREE online Kata Competitions for members. There will in fact be three events which will provide opportunity for members of all ages, and grade the chance to participate.

We shall be using the Zoom Video conferencing, so the event will be run with live performances.

Registration for the event is through associations, so interested people, will need to contact their Association to gain entry. 

Click here for full entry details and dates (Word doc)

Posted 27th May 2020
Q&A Session with Sensei Ady Gray

Want to know more about the man in charge of the National Kata Squad? With a prestigious UK Coaching Award for 'Children's Sports Coach of the Year' in 2018 and a 6th Dan presented to him by the legendary Sensei Dave Hazard, this is your chance to find out more about Sensei Ady Gray.

Got a question, karate or non-karate related? Then e-mail: squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com

The date for questions to be submitted opens today and will close on 31st May at 8pm whereby a videoed response will be shared via our social media pages and website.

Q&A Session with Sensei Ady Gray

Posted 25th May 2020
31/05/20 EKF athlete-led online session

Time: 11am

Here is your 7 days notice for the next of our athlete led sessions. The next session will be undertaken by Natalie Payne (in the top 100 in the world and current British and English Champion). This will be open to ALL Members. The session will focus predominantly on strength and conditioning – key components for any kata athlete.

Please e-mail squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com with you name, Association and licence number to reserve your place. Access details will follow thereafter.

31/05/20 EKF athlete-led online session

Posted 21st May 2020
FAO National and Elite Squad Members - free online session with EKF Head Kumite Coach Sensei Junior via Zoom

Please note that this coming Sunday there will be a free online session with EKF Head Kumite Coach Sensei Junior via Zoom. The first of these sessions will be open to all those on the National Kumite Squad and will take place between 11am and 12pm. For access details, please e-mail squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com

The second of these online sessions will run from 1pm - 2pm and will be open to the Elite Kumite Squad only.

Please note that the Elite Squad list is reviewed continuously by the National Coaches and is subject to change depending on fitness etc.

The Elite Kumite Squad list has since been finalised and congratulations to the following athletes:

Lauren Paige Salisbury
Kate Karwacinski
Amy Wright
Georgina Lawson
Nathalie Williams
Emeley O'Brien
Carla Burkitt
Rebecca Burnett
Chloe Lydon
Lauren Crawford
Amelia Harvey
Rochelle Walters
Brandon Jewell
Devante Walters
Joe Kellaway
Mitchell Thorpe
Moshen Haidari
Jed Thompson
Jordan Thomas
Tarran Singh Padda

Brandon Wilkins
Brandon Carr
Niamh Cosgrove
Carys Jones
James Francis
Ethan Shaun Day
Jack Ward
Luan Veras
Sukhote Sing Sohal
Pajhan Jaffari
Troy Darnbrough
Anais Errington
Robin Vincent
Megan Salisbury
Ruby Hunt
Ieesa Ledgister
James Arnold
Joseph Flounders
James Walker
Liam Veras

Kumite Session

Posted 14th March 2020
Athlete-led session reminder

Dear Members,

A polite reminder of the first Athlete led session taking place this Sunday at 11am with Commonwealth, British and English Champion Kate Karwacinski. We have had a large number of Members e-mail their details in already. Don’t miss out and e-mail your name and license number to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com by Saturday at 8pm to participate.

Furthermore, EKF National Kata Coach, Sensei Ady Gray would like all National Kata Squad members to send their kata training videos in enabling detailed reviews and feedback to be undertaken. The EKF would appreciate it if you could also send these videos to the aforementioned squad admin e-mail address. This request will be open from Thursday 14th May and close on Saturday 23rd May, with feedback taking place from 25th May to 29th May. 

N.B  videos will only be accepted from athletes over 18yrs or the parent(s) / legal Guardian(s) of those under 18yrs. 

Moreover, want to know more about the man in charge of the National team? Then this is your opportunity to put questions to Sensei Ady via a Q&A session - open to all Members - opening on Monday 25th May and closing 31st May. Again, the questions need to be sent to the squad admin address and Sensei Ady will answer YOUR questions via video which will be posted onto the EKF website and social media platforms.

The calendar of events doesn’t stop there with Sensei Junior Lefevre undertaking x2 feee online sessions on 24th May. The first session 11am-11:40pm for all National Kumite Squad Members and the second session 12pm-12:40pm for Elite Kumite Squad members only. For all sessions all athletes need to wear their Karate Gi. Further details to follow.

Stay safe,
EKF Performance Department

Posted 10th March 2020
Online session with Kate Karwacinski

Online session with Kate Karwacinski

Posted 9th March 2020
Baku COVID-19 Update

Everyone who comes to Azerbaijan’s Baku city will be tested for coronavirus and must submit a health certificate, Vice-president of the Azerbaijani National Olympic Committee Chingiz Huseynzade told reporters in Baku.

Huseynzade was commenting on the participation of Italian athletes in the EKF PARA-Karate Championships 2020, to be held in March in Baku. “If an athlete is healthy, this athlete will be allowed to participate in the competitions. If an athlete feels bad and is suspected of being infected with coronavirus, this athlete will be deported or will be quarantined. This is a demand of the World Health Organization (WHO).”

Huseynzade also added that the postponement of the competitions depends on objective reasons. “This does not depend on us or other people,” the vice-president added. “Therefore, some of the competitions may be postponed or transferred to a safer place. But all the planned activities will be held.”

Azerbaijan remains one of the countries, least affected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease. The country's official structures are applying necessary measures to prevent any possible exposure of coronavirus.

Posted 9th March 2020
Kata Elite Squad announced

Click here for details.

Posted 3rd March 2020
Commonwealth update

Following on from our announcement surrounding Kyu Grade Championship category winners, where each one will be a flag bearer who will carry the Standard of a competing nation during the Opening Ceremony.

We are pleased to announce that the following successful competitors have been selected as a flag bearers: 

Nikola Rogaliski - Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo Association
Freddie Hopkins - Yanagi Kai
Maya-Andreea Harjan - Shito Ryu England
Lauren Berry - EKKA Karate Team
Henry Brogden - Musoko Karate Academy
Jonny Rei Burden - Shindo-Kai Karate Academy
Scarlett Campbell - Veras Academy
Charlie Fields - Elitez Karate Academy
Leja Barts - Yamaguchi Goju-kai
Tom Conway - Kaisho Karate
Jaden Bowron - WIKF

Also, don't forget to keep those medal ideas coming in to squadadmin@englishkaratefederation.com - we've had some excellent ideas in already. Keep up the good work! 

Posted 27th February 2020
Coaches will no longer be permitted to observe squad training sessions

Dear Coaches

Please note, Coaches will no longer be permitted to observe squad training sessions. Unfortunately our trial has not been successful and proved extremely difficult to manage. 

We will give future consideration to EKF accredited coaches being able to observe selections.

This will come into force starting Sunday 8th March 2020.

Posted 9th February 2020
GOLD medals for Luan Veras & Niamh Cosgrove

Huge congratulations to Luan Veras on his Junior European Gold in Cadet 63Kg Kumite & Niamh Cosgrove in the Junior Female -53Kg!

Luan Veras

Niamh Cosgrove

Posted 6th February 2020
EKF National Squad Announced

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the EKF National Karate Squad. We will no longer refer to these athletes as ‘A Squad’ but rather the ‘National Squad’. From March onwards we will introduce an Elite Squad and they (Elite Squad) will be chosen from the National Squad. Future National Squad training will run for 4 hours as normal with the first 3 hours for all National Squad members and the last hour reserved for Elite Squad members only. Athletes 12/13yrs will train for the first 3 hours only. The Elite Squad will be announced in the next few weeks.

Former ‘A Squad’ athletes who were unavailable to be assessed due to injury will be offered the opportunity to be considered when fit. All other athletes will need to be recommended by their region, invited by National Coaches or achieve a podium finish at National Championships. Athletes will be continually assessed and will be required to fight to remain on the National Squad.

Please note: National Squad members will not be permitted to participate in the EKF Kyu Grades National Championships. Once again, congratulations to those selected to the EKF National Squad.

EKF National Coaches and Performance Director


Female 12/13 Years:
Shamila Basayev
Carla Isabel Rudkin
Keziah Daley Brown
Chloe May Barsby
Kitty Elizabeth Woods
Arabella Carruthers
Ishani Kadambi
Willow Wood
Tahlia Blake
Jessica Lee Wyman

Male 12/13 Years:
Isaac Lilley
Adam Wrobel barnes
Samuel Andrew Marshall
Kobe Yogarajah
John Joe Field
Cory Mark Liddle
Jack Gordon Walsh
Isaac John Gibson
Leo Balach
Sam Eagle
Oliver Howcroft
Zachary Attard
Dowad Nazir
Charlie Lee Robson
Bailley Ben Burnett
Kai Dawkins
Lewis Hemmings Chather
Rhys Daly
Robert Nastasa
Thomas Eric Bailley
Zak Longden
Zucko Star Robb
Luca Veras

Female Cadets:
Robin Billy Vincent
Megan Brooke Salisbury
Ruby Florence Hunt
Rebecca Mary Marshall
Shenell Tekavc Dunkley
Amber Allsopp
Chelsey Dolby
Katie Burham
Rebecca Marie Lloyd
Lola Cassidy
Ciara Gray
Cassie Isabella Taylor
Anais Elizabeth Errington
Ruby Eden

Male Cadets:
James Arnold
Luke Anthony Monk
Iesaa Ledgister
Charlie Robson
Trae Sonny Gulutu
Alessio Sebis
Ashton Patrick
Joseph Lewis Flounders
Luca Sayers
Luke Anthony Brigham
Hussein Toutayo
Oliver Robert Russell
Luan Veras
Antonio Spencer Lawrence
James Gregory Walker
William James Huke
Apo fars
Connor Jack Kemp
Rjeon George Walrond
Calum james Mounce
Pharrell Wilson
Liam Veras
Joshua Elliott
Jack Moran
Aidan David Docherty

Female Junior 16/17s:
Fiona Sempebwa
Alice Robson
Alexandra Leight james
Elise Morton
Niamph Cosgrove
Lucienne Ruby Brown
Carys Jones
Jenna Louisa Cato

Male Junior 16/17s:
Christie Horrillo
James Francis
Lucas Spiers
Henry Pegge
Ethan Shaun Day
Cameron Mencia-Ince
William Smith
Zakki Roe
Jack Ward
Luan Veras
Morgan Harriott
Olliver Wells
Jason Kelly
Sukhote Sing Sohal
Adam Giles
Kai Longden
Stephen Paul Lloyd
Pajhan Jaffari
Ciaran Buckey
Troy Darnbrough
Harry Hardcastle
Keiran Buckley
Taylor Hames
Luke Wales

Female Seniors:
Georgina Lawson
Lauren Paige Salisbury
Kate Karwacinski
Amy Wright
Nathalie Williams
Daniella Kirkby
Emelye O Brien
Carla Burkitt
Rebecca Burnett
Chloe Lydon
Lauren Crawford
Sophie Santillo
Amelia Harvey
Rochelle Walters
Lydia Bevan
Lydia Jane Woollat
Chloe Casmir

Male Seniors:
Benjamin Welsh
Brandon jewell
Devante Walters
Joe Kellaway
Mitchell Thorpe
Moshen Haidari
Harvey Kerridge
Jed Thompson
Joby Wilson
Samuel Day
Jordan Thomas
Adam Boudjemaa
Tarran Singh Padda
Yasin Ahmad
Ross mathieu
Tyler Mc Kenna
Brandon Wilkins
Brandon Carr


Senior Female Kata:
Natalie Payne
Holly Stoner
Kelly Horsfall
Alicia Payne

Under 12 Female Kata:
Sadie Stoner
Emma Bradley
Lydia Bevan

Junior Female Kata:
Jordana Williams
Jessica Maitland
Nicole Turner
Olivia Reid
Courtney Power
Myra Nasim
Grace Baron

Cadet Female Kata:
Danni Williams
Ellie Costin
Ellie Payne
Cassie Taylor
Eve Holdsworth
Tahlia-Elizabeth Candice Cara

12/13 Female Kata:
Carla Rudkin-Guillen
Liberty Blake
Millie Dewson

Senior Female Team Kata:

Male National Kata Squad:
Kieran Nunkoo
Paul Padda
Jordan Taylor
Luke Easton
Carl Williams
Matthew Yardy
James Scanlon

Under 21 Male Kata:
Adam Peters
Dylan Traves
Nathaniel Hearn
Nathan Crowther
Aaron Traves
Daniel Eccles
Harry Marsden

Junior Male Kata:
James Harrison
Jack Wilson
Chad McDade
Joshua Schofield

Cadet Male Kata:
Anthony Sempebwa
Brandon Crowther
James Selkirk
Lewis Jackson
Sebastian Miles
Ethan Denny
Harrison West
Samuel Eagle
Trae Gulutu
Matthew Sharp
Rohan Williams

12/13 Years Male Kata:
Ethan Stonton
Rober Nastasa
Zachary Attard

Male Senior Team Kata:

Posted 6th February 2020
EKF Junior Squad ready to board for Europeans in Budapest

Many thanks to The Big Badge Theory and Cimac.

We wish them the best of luck! Let the three lions roar!

EKF Junior Squad ready to board for Europeans in Budapest

Posted 27th January 2020
Baku Kumite Selections Outcome

The EKF are pleased to announce that the following Kumite athletes have been selected to represent England in the upcoming Senior European Championships in Azerbaijan:

male -60kg: Tarran Padda
male -67kg: Jordan Thomas
male -75kg: Joe Kellaway
male -84kg: Devante Walters
male +84kg: Brandon Carr

female -50kg: Lauren Crawford 
female -55kg: Carla Burkitt
female -61kg: Nathalie Williams
female -68kg Kate karwancinski 
female +68kg Amelia Harvey

Team places are yet to be decided

Senior male: Kieran Nunkoo
Senior female: Natalie Payne
Senior female team: Natalie Payne, Holly Stoner, Sadie Stoner
Senior male team: N/A

Para to be announced by 31st Jan.

We would like to congratulate all of the successful athletes and wish them every success in the Championships.

Posted 16th January 2020
Baku Kata Selections Outcome

The EKF are pleased to announce that the following Kata athletes have been selected to represent England in the upcoming Senior European Championships in Azerbaijan:

Senior male: Kieran Nunkoo
Senior female: Natalie Payne
Senior female team: Natalie Payne, Holly Stoner, Sadie Stoner
Senior male team: N/A

We would like to congratulate all of the successful athletes and wish them every success in the Championships.

The Kumite and Para Squads will be announced week commencing 27th January 2020.

Posted 6th January 2020
Dates for 2020 for Kata, Kumite and Para Training and Selections

January 12th National squad training
February 1st Pre training for Junior Europeans
February 2nd National squad training
March 7th Pre-training for Senior Europeans
March 8th National Squad training
April 5th National Squad training
May 24th National Squad training
June 6th National Squad training
July 25th National Squad training
July 26th Selections for Senior World Championships AND Commonwealths 
August No Training Scheduled
September 19th National Squad training
October 17th National Squad training
November 7th Selections for Junior Europeans 2021
November 8th National Squad training
December 13th Pre-training for Junior Europeans 2021

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