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Squad Pre-training Report Day 3 & 4

Day three

06.30hrs rise and shine Paul Newby started the session, first rehearsing the spike and then a series of set drills re-enforcing key scenarios that occur within a fight. Within this session we also set up coaching triggers, tags and cues to assist the coach/athlete relationship when we coach from the chair at the event. A word or a reference would communicate what strategy is suggested to use for a given situation.

Session two was at high intensity, Willie Thomas building and developing the drills of the earlier session with all working flat out. The coaching techniques, repetitive-part and layering each drill culminated in complex intricate scenario demanding high levels of focus, reaction time and decision making. This was a demanding session with each athlete being tested to their limits. All athletes worked extremely hard with each set lasting up to four and a half minutes of high intensity.

Session three gave the opportunity to reinforce the drills practiced over the past week working at about 80% of their maximum focusing more on the technical aspects in contrast to the previous session where we included the physiological aspects of competition.

Day four

Day four started at 06.30 with a technical session on strategy and tactics followed by session two witch was video analysis. Each athlete had a one-to-one with the coaches reviewing the video of their competition fights and receiving feedback from the coaches. This process took over three hours but arguably one of the most important sessions to date. All valued the opportunity to review their fights with the coaches and they responded well to feedback.

Session three was competition again with athletes demonstrating their understanding by taking turns in coaching each other when they fought. There were some marked improvements and employment of the strategies used to good effect. Again this was a productive session.

We were graced today with the presence of Emma Lucraft and Jonathan Mottram who can up to train with the squad. Emma was nurturing a muscle strain but Jonathan performed four Kata’s to distinction. I never tire of watching him perform Kata. Thanks Jonathan.

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