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Live updates 53rd EKF Senior Championships, Novi Sad, Serbia, May 10th - 13th 2018

The below are reports and results posted from Serbia.

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Reports from D Pack & P Newby

Coaching report day 1

Chloe Lydon Female -50kg

1st round 2-0 Ireland

Great start for Chloe in her first senior major championships! Chloe scored 2 single points to take a comfortable win over Ireland, using her speedy foot work and movement.

2nd round 2-0 Hungary

Chloe took the first point and senshu against the Hungarian, and coped with the pressure well, taking another point . Using her great movement again gilded on for the victory

3rd round 1-6 Turkey

This was to be a real test for Chloe as she faced the very talented and experienced girl from Turkey! The Turkish fighter took the first point and senshu. Chloe got a point back but had to chase, she was then picked off with 2 more single punches. Until the end of the bout, Chloe was counter kicked in the head. She gave a heartily performance and left everything on the matt! The girl from Turkey went on to make the final and won the European title!

Repocharge 0-1 BUL

Chloe had 1 fight to win to make back on finals day for the chance of fighting for a European bronze medal! Unfortunately the girl from Bulgaria took the first point and Chloe was unable to get it back

7th place at her first senior European championships is a fantastic result . With a great performance she has a bright future ahead! Well done Chloe

Amelia Harvey Female +68kg

1st round 0-0 (1-4 flags) Norway

Unfortunately Amelia never got going, not finding her distance or range to score a point losing 1-4 on flags at the end of the bout!

Jordan Thomas Male -67kg

1st round 4-0 Ireland

A controlled comfortable performance for Jordans first round and gets his European campagain off to a good start scoring 4 single points.

2nd round 2-0 Finland

Again Jordan had to much class for the guy from Finland, with another comfortable victory with 2 singles points.

3rd round 5-0 BIH

Jordan yet again showed why he is the world champion, with another great performance now his techniques and distance are on fire and working well! Scoring 5 single points.

4th round 0-3 Austria

1/4 finals was Jordans toughest opponent . In a tight fight with each fighter clashing and giving it their all, the referees were not favouring Jordan’s points and.Jordan couldn’t pull back the 3 points . The Austrian unfortunately lost in the semi final in the last few seconds not giving Jordan the opportunity to fight for the bronze medal.

In a year of ups and downs Jordan gave a good performance at the highest level and now knows what is required from him to be ready for the world championships later this year!

Competition Day 2

Female team

Round 1 Spain (2-0 wins)

1st fight Kate Karwacinski 1-0

England had a tough 1st round draw in Spain who are a very experienced and talented team

Kate was the 1st fighter out and after the disappointment of her individual events had a point to prove, scoring the first point and taking senshu Kate held on the to lead and take the win for the team.

2nd fight Amelia Harvey 1-0

Again Amelia also had a point to prove and did so with a valuable results taking the win and putting England through into the next round!

Round 2 ROM (2-0 wins)

1st fight Kate Karwacinski 5-1

Off the back of the great performance from the 1st round Kate carried on just where she left off, she took the first 2 points to lead followed by a awesome head kick finish 5-1

2nd fight Amelia Harvey 4-0

Amelia was also firing with confidence her distance and hands working well scoring 4 singles with a comfortable win!

Round 3 Portugal( 2-1 wins)

1st fight Kate Karwacinski 5-1

Another great performance leading the way with Kate scoring 2 single points and a head kick, remaining focused and in the zone showing heart and passion outstanding.

2nd fight Amelia Harvey 0-1

The fighter from Portugal took the 1st point and senshu and Amelia was unable to pull it back , chasing and giving it everything but wasn’t quite enough.

3rd fight Rebecca Boakes 1-0

Rebecca showed she can deal with the pressure at this level even though she is only 19 years old ,her first fight in the lady’s team and she has to win to keep England in the European championships . She takes the first point and holds on to fantastic result pulling England though into the 1/4 finals

Round 4 (1/4 finals ) Italy (1-2 wins)

1st fight Kate Karwacinski 1-7

Can’t remember the last time a women’s team made to the 1/4 finals in a major championships!

Unfortunately Kate was picked off couldn’t match the Italian losing the 1st fight

2nd fight Amelia Harvey 2-0

Amelia showed great character after losing the last round picking her self back up for her team mate taking out one of the most experienced Italian fighters, did herself and country proud.

3rd fight Rebecca Boakes 0-2

Rebecca did all she could but didn’t have the experience to deal with the Italian losing the fight .

Italy made it to the final bring England back in

Repocharge France (0-1 wins)

1st fight Kate Karwacinski 0-4

Fighting for a place in the bronze final Kate gave yet another Gutsy performance giving everything but wasn’t enough

2nd fight Amelia Harvey 2-2

Amelia took the first point and senshu in a close fight. The French fighter pulled the points back but Amelia had the senshu until the last few seconds she stepped out the area losing the advantage and drawing the match.

3rd fight Rebecca Boakes 0-0

Rebecca had a big job of needing 5 points for England to take the win! She worked, chased and threw everything but the French fighter didn’t engage and was happy to take the draw.

The women’s team were outstanding going through 5 rounds each and every one of them couldn’t of done anymore, a great result showing with more time spent building the team sprit a medal is possible.

Very well done you did England proud.

Jamaal Otto Male -84kgs

1st rnd Denmark

Jamaal came out strong and after a good work rate and constant pressure all the hard work paid off and Jamaal eases through to round two.

2ns rnd Serbia

Jamaal and the Serbian had some great clashes with no scores given then the Serbian scored a body kick and shut Jamaal out for the rest of the fight Jamaal goes out.

Cuba Parris Male -60kg

1st round Spain

Cuba came out confident against the Spanish fighter and scored first gaining senshu. The experienced Spaniard realised he wasn’t quick enough to fight Cuba at distance so doing all his work at close range this gave Cuba a look at what fighting Seniors is like . Great learning experience for Cuba losing to the experienced European and world medalist from Spain.

Kate Karwacinski Female -68kgs

1st rnd Israel

Kate went straight off the line scoring and gaining senshu . The opponent from Israel was out of her depth and couldn’t keep up and Kate eased into the second round.

2nd Montenegro

Kate had a good battle with a awkward fighter but couldn’t capitalise on her finishes and lost in a close fight. Kate showed a return to form in her sharpness and fitness after also having a good run in the team she should gain some good confidence back heading towards the world championships at the end of the year.

Joe kelloway Male -75kgs

1st rnd Albania

The Albanian was sharp and game but didn’t have enough fire power to keep up and Joe got his technique ready for his second round match against the experienced Italian and current European champion Busa.

2nd rnd Italy

Joe showed a lot of development and maturity but, Busa is a two time world champion with vast experience also showing he isn’t over the hill just yet beating Joe . Busa eventually went on to win a bronze medal.

Carla Burkitt -55kgs

1st rnd Croatia

Carla and the Croatian showed a lot of respect for each other and were back and forwards for the whole match with neither scoring a point Carla lost on flags. The Croatian went through to the final so Carla was in the repechage.

1st rnd Repechage Cyprus

Carla came out with a tight game and picked the Cypriot fighter apart easing through into the next round.

2nd rnd Repechage Switzerland

This was a close fight with Carla fighting from behind to gain the victory, Carla now was in full flight ready for the next round.

3rd rnd Repechage Poland

Carla tired but determined, scored her points showing good discipline and the will to win beating the polish fighter and gaining a place in the bronze final on Saturday against the Turkish competitor.

Final Repechage Turkey bronze medal match

Carla warmed up and ready for the big match came out busy and both scored at the same time. Carla continued to press and engage but the flags went the other way.. Carla worked right to the end but it wasn’t meant to be this time with the Turkish opponent taking the win 1-4.

Carla placed a credable 5th in Europe.

Men’s team Kumite

England v Finland

Jamaal/Musa/Joe/Cuba/ Jordan . We only had 5 fighters all young and mostly light inweight.this is a young team but showed great promise .

Number 1 – Jamaal was a little slow to get going but fought hard and brought it back to even the score but lost on senshu.

Number 2 – Musa on his England debut and first time in the men’s team fought hard and won his match showing he is an asset and showing great potential for the future .

Number 3- Joe is now a big part of this young team winning his match comfortably and solidifying his position for the next important match.

Number 4 – Cuba on his senior men’s team debut and being the lightest at -60kgs showed with his speed and skills has a massive part to play in this teams future winning and England moves through to round two.

England v Azerbaijan round 2

Number 1- this time we moved world champion Jordan Thomas up to number one. Jordan had a close match with the much heavier opponent but weight played a key part and England had to settle with a loss .

Number 2 – Musa now with more confidence mathched the Azerbaijani all the way showing excellent kicks but his opponent with more experience pulled off the win .

Number 3- Joe under pressure needing a win and up against one of the top -84kg fighters in the world stuck to his guns and losing right up until the last six seconds scored a head kick to win the match .

Number 4- Jamaal had the strong and experienced heavyweight fighter. Jamaal fought hard but the experience payed off and England lost in the second round.

The Azerbaijani team have won the Europeans and medalled in the world championships all their fighters are individual world and European champions so England didn’t look out of there depth and with more team matches and training together will be pushing these teams for medal positions .

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Team Kata Report by J Mottram

Today all of the England kata athletes were competing with Chris, James and Jordan in the mens kata team. Aimee, Natalie and Lauren in the womens kata team and Ethan Simpson in the Para Karate.

The Kata squad again left at 7.30am to get to the stadium in good time and start preparing in the warm up area. It is always important to be early especially when it is team kata as the space is limited in the warm up area and it becomes tense in fighting for a space as all teams try to intimidate others, however, our teams stood strong and were warming up with confidence, commitment and determination.

The men’s team with Chris, James and Jordan were fired up and stepped onto the tatami against in their opening round agains Azerbijan. England performed Gojushiho-sho against their kata Enpi. Both teams performed well but, also both teams made a few mistakes, unfortunately we lost 3-2.
At this level for team kata it takes 3 individuals to perform their absolute best all at the same time. If you are only 98% good enough or make any mistakes then you loose. The atheltes new what mistakes were made and know what needs to change for the future to make the loss become a win. Apart from a few errors the overall performance was very good and they showed great spirit and energy on the tatami.

Next to step on to the tatami was Aimee, Natalie and Lauren who faced Austria in their opening round. England performed a very good kosukon-sho against Austrias Annan. Unfortunately the athletes lost 3-2. A desicion I disagree with as England were better in my opinion. England performed a strong and well synchronized kata, and did themselves proud.

For both kata teams it was their first time competing as a team at this championships and yes a few errors were made but, overall I am proud of them and their team commitment has been fantastic.
In the afternoon it was the para karate category with England’s Ethan Simpson ready to make history. This Is the first time England has had a representative at the Senior European Championships in this category which is a great achievement.

All of the England karate squad wished Ethan good luck as he went to the warm up area and started to warm up and prepare for the championships. There were many athletes warming up but this did not phase Ethan. He was confident and excited, showing the other countries he is ready to take them on. All of the kata squad were in the warm up area supporting Etha and wishing him good luck when his category was called.

Just before Ethan was called to the tatami, he turned to me and said. “I’m going to be strong, fast and kiai loud so everybody can hear me“. That was a great thing to hear Ethan say and showed his confidenence at such a big championships.

Ethan wheeled on to the tatami and performed an outstanding JION kata. He was strong from the start of the first move all the way through until the last move, he was fast and did the loudest kiai he has ever done.

When he finished he turned and smiled at me as the scores went up. The whole England squad were cheeing for him when he finished his kata and when he came off the tatami I pointed to the squad and said “Ethan look at them, they were all cheering and clapping”. Ethan gave the national squad the thumbs up and had the biggest smile on his face I’d ever seen.

Although Ethen didnt make the final he is still a winner to us all.

Ethans Mother Tonia and his coach Matt Handley and the team around him, have truly been incredible helping him get this far. But the real winner isn’t the person who wins medal, it isn’t the person who holds up a trophy. It is Ethan himself!

I am proud and I am inspired by Ethan and his family, and I can only say thank you for letting me coach Ethan and have one of the greatest moments ever of my coaching career.

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Individual Senior Kata report By National Coach J Mottram

The squad met at 7:30am and headed to the stadium with the Head of Delegation Mark Fretwell.

The Squad arrived early and went straight to the warm up area where Chris and Aimee started to prepare and warm up for the kata championships. The warm up area was very busy and the atmosphere tense but, this did not phase either Chris or Aimee and they were confident and ready for such a high level competition.

The categories were called and all competitors stepped onto the tatami for the official bow for both categories.

Aimee was against Macedonia and she performed the kata kururunfa against Macedonias superenpei, unfortunately Aimee lost 5-0. Aimee did her best considering the tatami was very slippery and was made to clean her feet and remove all the chalk before her performance. However Aimee accepted and turned her focus towards her team mates mates for team kata training.

Chris made it through to the third round, beimg his best senior European result to date. In round one Chris was up against Ukraine. Ukraine performed superenpei and Chris performed a very strong opening kata with kankusho and won 4-1. Chris then faced Slovenia and again Chris secured the win this time 5-0 with a fantastic unsu and landing a great jump in the kata, whilst Slovenia did gojushiho-sho. In the third round Chris performed gankaku against Azerbaijan gojushihosho. Chris lost 4-1 unfortunately, he made a slight error on the final spin, however a great achievement to get that far.

Aimee and Chris both tried their best and will learn and improve from this experience.

Once the individual kata events had finished the male and female kata teams for England all went to the warm up area and prepared their team kata’s for tomorrow’s event.

As a coach I always want more and better results but, I’m proud of Aimee and Chris and the rest of the squad. We will always come back better and stronger and learn. It was great to see the HOD supporting the kata athletes.

Serbia 2018

Senior National Squad

The squad arrived safely on Monday at the hotel. Both squads then went on to do some light training on Monday and Tuesday. On wednesday the head of delegation Mark Fretwell went to the HQ hotel where he attended a meeting and completed the squads registration. The kata squad went to the venue to do some training and were very concerned once they went on the mats as they were brand new and very slippery.in the competition arena. Concerns were raised but time was not on anyones side to change the mats.

The Senior National Squad arrived in Serbia late Monday afternoon.

The Board of the EKF would like to wish the squad good luck for these championships. Updates can be found on sportdata and medal rounds will be streamed live and free via karate world tv https://karateworld.tv/live/53rd-european-senior-karate-championship-novi-sad-serbia

Serbia 2018

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