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54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

Day 2 - 08/02/11 - Training Day

Day 2 - 08/02/11 - Training DayThe squad had a quiet morning and after breakfast had a couple of hours to relax before the coach came to take the squad to a gym at the Dura hotel.

The squad trained for approximately 2 hours with the Kata squad on one mat coached by Jonathan Mottram and the fighters on the other mat being coached by Wayne and Natalie.

After training had completed the squad travelled back to their hotel where the Kata squad are having another training session later in the afternoon.

Just been informed that Russia, Ireland, Estonia and Portugal are also staying in the hotel!!

After some light training at the hotel in the afternoon the squad met for dinner at 7:30pm where at the end of the meal the whole squad sang 'Happy Birthday' to Lauren Crawford. Lauren had turned 16 years old today and she was presented with a candle lit cake and card from the squad. Suffice to say Lauren was very embarrassed. :-)

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